4 Skills That Employers Are Looking For In Any Job Market

Are you currently in the market for a new job? Have you found yourself wondering what skills will clinch that new job for you? In the current competitive job market, you will need to arm yourself with every bit of information possible. According to the Economic Policy Institute, there are 6 job seekers applying for every available job. It is critical to know ways that you can distinguish yourself from the field. The top careers may change from year to year, but the wish list for employers remains the same. Here are 4 great skills to have that will keep you employed in any job market:

1. Flexibility

The lifeblood of an organization is in how effectively it adapts to change. This is true for employees also. In a job market that favors employers, employees should be flexible to meet employer requests. Be flexible and open to learning new skills. For example, cross training teaches an employee the necessary skills to perform other job duties. Consider a company that may find it useful for a marketing employee to learn about supply and operations management. A versatile employee is a valuable employee. Some people specialize themselves right out of a job by being unwilling to learn about other job functions. An employee resistant to change will soon be an out-of-work employee. The more in demand your particular skill set is, the more leveraging power that you have. Be sure to stress your flexibility during the interview process as well.

2. Problem Solving

Problem solvers will always be in high demand in the job market. Employers are consistently looking for individuals that can come up with dynamic solutions to their problems. How can the company increase its operating efficiency? How can we improve our customer service relations? What can we do to improve our sales? Struggling companies like Blockbuster and mature companies like Microsoft are always looking to add strategic thinkers. Critical thinking skills are a must when problem solving. Problem solvers are able to assess a situation and develop a workable solution. So, next time you have a job interview, be proactive. Show off that positive, can-do attitude and let the company know that you can handle any of the complex challenges that may arise.

3. Multitasking

Multitasking while driving may be a bad thing, but multitasking while working is a critical skill to many employers. With corporate downsizing at an all-time high, employers are looking for employees that can accomplish different tasks with minimal supervision. These individuals are known as multitaskers. Multitasking may be necessary when completing a project, preparing a presentation or meeting a work deadline. Employers are focused on getting the maximum productivity out of each employee. The ability to manage time and priorities is a critical skill to possess in today’s job market. Be sure to give examples of your multitasking abilities during your interview.

4. Creativity

Innovation is appreciated in any job field in America today. Look at the number one job in demand: engineering. There is a huge need for professionals that are creating, designing, and developing new goods or services. This skill is so critical that employers have turned to foreign countries for top talent. You can examine a number of different industries from technology to finance and see the need for creativity. Software engineers have the ability to create and design video computer software. Civil engineers create and design infrastructure projects (e.g., railroads, highways). Financial engineers create financial instruments like derivatives. Highlight your successful creative ideas in you resume. Be sure to talk up how your innovative talents will be a good fit with your prospective employer!

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  • http://www.multipurposewoman.etsy.com/ Gifted63

    All four are very useful. The challenge is constructing your resume and other instruments to “show” these skills. I’ve seen them listed as desirable in many postings and I’ve seen many resume tout them but “proving” that you are flexible and creative is easier said than done.

  • Jobcoachusa

    these are excellent tips ..as a career coach I appreciate as much info as possible for
    my clients..thank you ! jobcoachusa