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5 Cheap and Tasty Beers For Football Season

By Erik Folgate

good cheap beersFootball season is in full swing, and that means you’re probably consuming a lot more beer than you usually do. I’m definitely a fan of beer, but I don’t throw them back like many of you probably can. I also need to admit that I’m sort of a beer snob. I actually drink it for the taste, not just to get a buzz.

I’ll drink Bud Light and Busch in a can if it’s my only option, but otherwise, get that junk out of my face. So, if you don’t like beer and you just drink it because everyone else is, this post isn’t for you. But, if you do like the taste of beer and you’re into the craft beer scene, then I’m sure you know that beer drinking can get a little pricey.

The average six pack of micro-brewed beer ranges from $9 to $15 per pack. That’s a little pricey considering the average six pack of Bud Light is about $5.50 and the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes. So, if you enjoy your beer but you don’t want to spend the kind of money that Sierra Nevada or Flying Dog requires, here are five cheap and tasty beers that won’t break your bank account and will help you fund your football season expenses:

1. Budweiser American Ale: If you’re a beer snob like me, then you probably shy away from anything with the words “Budweiser” in it, but I’m telling you, they did something right with this one. It’s tasty, it goes down smooth, and it’s a great beer to have with dinner or after work. It’s light bodied with a citrus flavor in it.  Average six pack: $6 to $7

2. Yuengling Lager: This is one of my favorite lagers, and I have a feeling that people who’ve never had it before were turned off by the name. No, it’s not Japanese beer; it’s brewed in Pennsylvania, and it’s considered to be from “America’s Oldest Brewery.” By the way, I don’t suggest the Yuengling Light.  Average six pack: $5.50 to $6.50

3. Pabst Blue Ribbon: Affectionately known as “PBR,” Pabst has the stigma of being the poor man’s beer or a redneck’s beer, but if you like light lagers, seriously, you need to have a stock of PBR in your fridge. It didn’t win a blue ribbon at the Great American Beer Festival for nothing.  Average six pack: $4.50 to $5.50

4. Simpler Times: My brother introduced me to this beer. Simpler Times, in a cheery yellow can, is brewed for Trader Joe’s. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, you’ve probably seen it. It’s light-bodied, sweet, and made for easy drinking.  Average six pack: $3.99 to $4.99

5. Schaefer Lager: I think I’ve only drank Schaefer in a can, much like I refuse to drink PBR in a bottle. Schaefer is a great alternative to drinking Bud Light. It’s easy to drink and has a crisp finish.  Average six pack: $4.99

    Alright beer pros, which beers am I missing? Are there any Rolling Rock fans out there? It’s definitely my favorite, cheap pale ale. What are some other quality beers that are great buys?

    Erik Folgate
    Erik and his wife, Lindzee, live in Orlando, Florida with a baby boy on the way. Erik works as an account manager for a marketing company, and considers counseling friends, family and the readers of Money Crashers his personal ministry to others. Erik became passionate about personal finance and helping others make wise financial decisions after racking up over $20k in credit card and student loan debt within the first two years of college.

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