10 Great Career Fields for the Future

Picking the right career field can keep you from experiencing disappointment when job hunting. There is so much competition for jobs right now and little job growth in many industries. That is why it is important to find a career track that is growing and not contracting.

So, what are the best jobs in America? That question can be difficult to answer. You need to consider the best potential for job growth, pay, stress level, job satisfaction, and other factors. I thought it would be most helpful to look at these jobs by their broader career fields.

Let’s take a look at ten of the best career fields to work in over the next 10 years based on all of these factors.

10 Best Career Fields in Demand

1. Medical Field

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants

medical team of nurses

The medical field is ripe with growth potential. As everyone probably knows, nurses are in high demand. The average nurse practitioner makes $85,200 per year, and the demand is expected to increase 23%. Nurse practitioners can perform many of the same functions as doctors such as prescribing medicine and treating illnesses.

Becoming a nurse practitioner requires a master’s degree in nursing and certification. With an aging population, the demand for healthcare is expected to double over the next decade. Physician assistants have climbed up to number 2 in the best jobs in America. They conduct physical exams, prescribe medicine, and treat illnesses. What does a physician assistant make? A physician assistant averages $92,000 per year and job growth is expected to rise a remarkable 39%.

One career that you may not have heard about is a nurse anesthetist. Certified nurse anesthetists (CRNA) are in demand and make more money than many family physicians. According to CNN Money, the average base salary of a CRNA is $189,000, whereas the average salary for a primary care physician is $173,000. So what does it take to become a nursing anesthetist? A CRNA must be a registered nurse and have at least one year of full-time nursing experience. Most CRNA’s obtain a master’s degree in anesthesia and pass a national certification exam.

2. Technology Sector

Software Architects, Systems Engineers, Software Engineers, IT Analysts

it information technology manager career

How would you like to work in the fast-growing tech sector? Information technology is the #1 field in terms of expected job growth over the next decade, which makes systems engineers among the most highly sought after professionals today. The average salary for a systems engineer is $87,100, and the career field is expected to grow 45% over the next 10 years. To become a systems engineer, you need a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Software architects have taken the title as the best job in the country with job growth of 34% and an average annual salary of $119,000 per year. These innovative engineering professionals are responsible for helping to analyze and store data.

The engineering field is not the only IT field experiencing growth. Entry-level information technology analysts make $60,000 and above. Experienced IT analysts make over $82,600 per field, and job growth for the next decade is expected to be about 30%.

3. Financial Services

Accountants, Actuaries, Financial Advisors

financial services career

Are you good with numbers? You could find a rewarding career in the financial services industry. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) make an average of $74,200 and 10-year job growth is expected to be 18%. As more companies are doing away with pension plans, employees will need help with retirement planning. Job growth for financial advisors is expected to be 41% over the next decade. The average financial advisor makes $101,000 per year.

Actuaries measure the statistical probability of certain events occurring. The actuarial field has a projected growth rate of 24% and an average salary of $129,000. Actuaries can make as much as $300,000 per year. All of these finance-related fields typically require an undergraduate business degree.

4. Education Arena

College Professors, Elementary School Teachers, High School Teachers

college professor of architecture

A bad economy means increased enrollment in colleges and universities. As students return to school, there is an increased need for college professors. The average salary for a college professor is $70,400 and the 10-year growth rate is projected at 23%. College professors enjoy great flexibility in their work schedules, freeing them to do a variety of other tasks.

Do you love working with kids? You could become a school teacher. Elementary, middle, and high school teachers make an average of $50,200 annually and future job growth is 18%. Teaching at the collegiate level normally requires a graduate degree in a related field.

5. Technical Jobs

Physical Therapist Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Veterinary Technicians

physical therapist woman with patient

Many technical jobs require certifications but do not require that applicants obtain a college degree. Physical therapist assistants earn approximately $42,000 and the physical therapy field is booming. The 10-year growth rate is 42%. Physical therapist assistants are responsible for developing treatment plans, documenting treatments, and modifying specific treatments to the needs of the patient.

Dental hygienists clean teeth, take X-rays, and perform routine oral procedures. Hygienists make $68,152, and the field is growing at a rate of 43%. Veterinary techs perform medical tests, prepare vaccines and tissue samples, and take blood samples. The average salary is $30,000, and the 10-year growth rate is 35%.

6. Business Services Jobs

Environment Health Specialist, Construction Estimator

construction blueprint tools

Service jobs are still the lifeblood of the United States economy, accounting for more than 70% of all jobs. Environmental health and safety specialists are expected to be big beneficiaries of this trend with 10-year job growth expected at 28%. Median pay is expected to be a healthy $71,000 per year.

Estimators are important to customers because they help to determine whether a project will make money for a firm or become a money loser. A construction estimator position requires lots of experience and accuracy. The average pay is solid at $68,000 per year and job growth is expected at 25% over the next ten years.

7. Sales Jobs

Sales Director, Sales Executive, Senior Sales Professional

salesman on the phone

Sales are incredibly important to any company from software companies to financial service firms. Sales executives are needed to motivate staff and help companies reach their revenue goals. They have to be outstanding at customer relations and place employees in the best position to close deals.

Sales may be a high stress, high pressure occupation but it pays very well. Sales directors earn an average annual salary of $142,000, and senior sales executives are not far behind with an average salary of $127,000 per year.

8. Consulting Jobs

Management Consultants, Healthcare Consultants

team of business consultants

Companies are looking for ways to save money on employee costs and one of the best ways to do this is by outsourcing projects. This is why consultants are expected to be in incredibly high demand. Companies do not have to provide benefits or pay healthcare costs for consultants.

The consulting industry is expected to see double-digit growth over the next decade. Management and healthcare consultants will see job growth of 24%, making this one of the most lucrative industries for job seekers to get into.

9. Engineering Jobs

Project Engineer, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Biomedical Engineer

civil engineers work site

There is a dearth of math and science majors in universities and the engineering industry is reflecting that. Companies are having an increasingly difficult time finding quality engineers.

Structural, civil, project, and environmental engineers will see job growth ranging from 24% to 31% over the next decade. Biomedical engineers will see job growth at a whopping 72%. The minimum salary is expected to be $76,000 with some engineers easily making more than six figures a year. The work is low stress and the job satisfaction is incredibly high.

10. Middle Management Jobs

Research and Development Manager, Product Manager, Risk Management Manager

business manager and worker

Mid-level management is just as important to a firm as top-level management. They are responsible for supervising many of the day-to-day functions and maintaining smooth interactions with management and staff.

Risk management managers help to mitigate risks and keep firms from potential risks that can cripple them. Job growth for this field is expected at 24% with an average salary of $107,000. R&D managers make sure that new projects and products are developed, tested, and properly brought to market. Product managers oversee the launch and implementation of new products and processes. These are all important job functions in which most current employees see continued job growth in their professions.

Final Word

Technology and business evolve quickly, and new careers come and go just as fast. Because of this, it’s important to choose a career field that will be in high demand for the foreseeable future and sharpen your skills over time.

What do you think are the best jobs to have over the next 10 years? Are you pursuing or currently working in any of these career fields?

  • http://www.howisavemoney.net Lulu

    I am a special education teacher at an alternative school and work with all levels from elementary to high school. I do enjoy the flexibility of the school environment and I am looking to further my career in this field. That is certainly a compelling list of careers to closely follow and I know a few people in most of those fields so I guess we are well on the way to success.

  • http://madsaver.com Mac

    Wow…wish I had gone into the medical field. Wouldn’t mind being a Certified Nurse Anesthetist with the money they’re making. All I have to do is take the pain away from patients. Not bad.

    Surprised that anything in education made the list. My wife couldn’t find a job to save her life last fall and she’s got a master’s in special ed. And there is little money to pay public school teachers these days. And with the aging population, won’t there be less kids rather than more?

    • Mark Riddix


      I had no idea that CRNA’s made that kind of money. I think that less people are expected to go into the education field in the future.

    • John

      It’s harder for someone with above a Bachelor’s degree to find a job in education without at first securing a job before. This is because when you have a Master’s or PhD, employers are obligated to pay you more. They’d rather just pay a newby out of college a lot less.

      • Michelle

        That is not necessarily true, in WA you Must have a M.Ed to teach secondary education. Therefore, a person with a Masters degree would be more likely to get the job over a person holding a bachelors.

        I do not believe that a career in k-12 should be on the list of fields growing in low economic times; education is the first thing cut when the state budget is tight. I have my M.Ed in secondary education and am a highly qualified teacher (I hear constant complaints about a lack of “highly qualified teachers”… here I am) and I can not find a job.

        • Bjaalexan

          It depends on what your specialty or concentration is, in Illinois and Indiana there is a growing increase for math and science teachers, (not so much for English and social studies teachers). There is an extreme need for special education teachers, so much so there are a lot of degree programs dedicated to educating future teachers. So it is a top future career field because of the growing number of special education students and the need for math and science teachers.

        • Bjaalexan

          It depends on what your specialty or concentration is, in Illinois and Indiana there is a growing increase for math and science teachers, (not so much for English and social studies teachers). There is an extreme need for special education teachers, so much so there are a lot of degree programs dedicated to educating future teachers. So it is a top future career field because of the growing number of special education students and the need for math and science teachers.

  • Elizabeth I

    Regarding college professors, it takes awhile to get a Ph.D, especially in science disciplines. Spending 6-8 years on top of your undergraduate degree is not uncommon. The starting salary for an assistant professor can be as low as 40K in smaller schools…this is for a person who is obtaining his first job at say 28. Thus, financially it is not very lucrative in the beginning and turns many people away from teaching at the college level.

    • http://madsaver.com Mac

      Which is terribly sad. Education is such an important field and good teachers are paid quite low in relative to less-important professions. What’s more important than teaching the future workforce valuable skills? Wish the public school sector could better compete with private professions!

      • Mark Riddix

        Very true. Teachers are way underpaid.

        • Hersheydog_rules

          mark and mac i think they should be paid more then they are getting paid now

  • http://www.yourfinances101.com/blog David/Yourfinances101

    The salary numbers I saw in the financial sector make me want to go back to school.

    Never knew those salaries were that high

    • Winston

      I believe some of the numbers are a bit too high. Based on what I had read before, the average salary for a CPA is more like $55,000 rather than $74,000. And the average salary of a financial advisor is no way in the range of $101,000. That number is more likely reserved for the the top 10 percent.

      • Mark Riddix


        These numbers com from a CNN Money study which is based on nationwide averages.

      • Hassan

        Not sure where you heard that the average salary for a CPA is $55K ..maybe right out of school Id say the average salary is more like $90K. If you are talking about Alabama or Mississippi it might be $55K.

      • A22md

        I think the sales jobs are rated a little high too

  • Gina

    Unclear what salaries will be like for the medical field with healthcare reform–I doubt it will be as lucrative in years to come.

    • John Austin

      Health care reform is not about cutting back on the forward edge. Health care reform should be about cutting out the paper pushers. The US has terrific medical services, you spend too much on paperwork and that is why the rest of the industrialized world gets better outcomes for the money they spend.

  • Emily D.

    In the medical field I’ve also heard that male Occupational Therapists are in high demand with good job security and decent salaries.
    I too question most of the education arena paragraph. My roommate just received a pink slip for the third year in a row. At her school everyone with 9 years of experience and less received one- a lot of them will be rehired, but worst case scenario, they’ll all lose their jobs. My other friend teaches high school and two-thirds of his school received pink slips. He’s safe because he’s bilingual and that’s hard to find. Another friend teaches special ed and she’s safe too- though both of them are facing larger classroom sizes and less funding. The health benefits are good though. I can’t see schools hiring new teachers for at least a few years, depending on how the economy goes. It’s also incredibly hard to get tenured academic posts at universities and a lot of JC professors are hired for just one or two classes- so the school doesn’t have to pay benefits.

    • Winston

      Even though there is a shortage of teachers everywhere, they still get laid off because the government is so broke that they have to drastically cut educational fundings. In some cases, they have to close several schools.

      • steve

        Apparently not that broke, every police dept is riding around in Charger, and Tahoes. Start with cutting that, because the old cars was getting the job done.

      • A22md

        Seems like the safest aspect of education is special education. If you think about it, well in my city at least, I have never heard of any teachers being let go, or any funding depleted from special schools. It might also be because they do receive not only Federal and State support, but community donations as well.

  • Big Bob

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    • Kellierodmanholley

      You, Bob, seem to have already specialized in that field. You’re now ready to move on to the morgue for dead brains! Dumb ass!

      • Babyju

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    • Sharkbait

      Making the assumption that what you say is true about “easily making 6 figures” (although I have heard from multiple creditable sources such as criminal justice professors, law enforcement officers, and DARE that the average drug dealer makes less than minimum wage) when choosing a career path like the article says multiple factors must be considered other than just pay alone. The article outlines these other factors as stress, job satisfaction, and growth. Dealing falls short in all of these categories.
      I do recognize that your post is made with some degree of sarcasm and for that I tip my hat to you and chuckle Big Bob, but kids these days are so impressionable I had to put in my two cents and keep them from forming these disillusioned ideas that dealing is some easy street game. Becoming a comedian, that is were the easy money’s at and I can see you are already well on your way.

    • Poohcheez

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  • Truth

    Big Bob,

    You can also easliy go to prison or die if you choose to follow your career suggestions. Much ignorance required. *

  • Ruby Johnson CRNA, MS

    I am a certified registered nurse anesthetist and have just retired from the field. I would like to correct some of the requirements for entering a nurse anesthesia program. All registered nurses must have a bachelors degree and a minimum of 1 year and in almost all cases two years practice in critical care nursing (ICU or Cardiac Care). The programs are not the typical length of most masters degrees in that they are longer and require more indepth preparation and clinical practice before taking a national certification examination to practice. In addition continuing education is a requirement to continue practicing following certification. While all programs are masters degree programs, many are now Phd programs.

    • Kim

      Thanks Rudy. My son was actually looking into doing this career. But we weren’t sure how to go about it. This gives us the info we need. He wanted to be a full Anesthesiologist, but not everyone is cut out for that length of schooling. I told him about nurse anesthetist and he seemed intrested in doing that. But of course his concern was being a nurse and being a guy and being teased. I would like for him to see that being a guy and being a nurse has no taboo about it. Can you tell us how many guys you know who do this field? I told him to get into the Med field because if this intrests you, you can get a job in this field. With the way times are now, you need to sit back and really think about what you should go to school for.

      • Jlmcentire

        Your son may being making that excuse in order to avoid doing something because “mom wants him to.” it is difficult to believe anyone still thinks nursing is a “girls job”. I live in Texas where we all carry guns, drive trucks and believe Jack Daniels should be president. But even we believe men who want to drive the best trucks should be nurses! I’m only using the above as an example. I certainly do not know you well enough to know if he’s trying to live his own life and trying to protect your feelings; however, for whatever reason, I do believe that’s an excuse and not a REAL reason. Good luck to both of you.

      • HighlyExplosive

        In New York there is a ton of male nurses. There’s one hospital in queens/long island boarder where 90% of the male nurses are buff and HOT! It’s totally amazing 0_0!

      • Enlightened

        Kim, it used to be that nursing was the kind of job young women went into when they couldn’t afford being a housewife. In the last several decades or so, the nursing field has changed drastically, especially in the U.S. Yes, there are nursing degrees at the associate level, the same way as there are other jobs in the medical sector at that level. On the other hand, there are fields in nursing that are very prestigious and require a lot of schooling, including masters and even Ph.D. degrees in addition to difficult tests that one must pass to become certified.

        In regards to men vs women, yes there is a gender gap –> women outnumber men. But that actually works in male favor for many reasons. Companies seek diversity, and male nurses usually stick out favorably. There, is a kind of glass escalator. On a social level, your son will be surrounded by tons of young, hardworking and very intelligent and educated women, which obviously has its own benefits.


      WRONG. One DOES NOT have to have a bachelors to be an RN.

      • Sharkbait

        But you do have to have a bachelors to even apply to CRNA school which is what Ruby was saying if you ACTUALLY read her post and didn’t just jump down her throat trying to discredit her.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pepper-Spraying-Blackfridayshopper/100003166017759 Pepper Spraying Blackfridaysho

        if you dont have a BSN, but have an AD or diploma. you will nver ever become advanced Nurse or CRNA. you will stay at the bedside forever

    • Demetrius Lester
    • Guest

      Hi, what school do you think is best to earn a registered nursing degree.

      • Babyju


  • Benesha Mitchell

    I am currently pursuing a career in Physical Therapy. It is a very difficult field however i dont really know about the demands for it in the wider world nor hhow much they really pay. Can someone help me with that?

    • Scylocke

      Everybody has a body and stress (or even over stressed) parts, so I would think the need is always going to be steady. I would select a market that you think you could work in happily (Sports, Geriatrics (old folk!!), pediatric (toddler folk!!), physically disabled) and study accordingly.

  • Areebafurrukh

    i am so much confused about ,which field to choose in engineering by which top earning and have gud effect on future plz help me telling about dat wich of the field in ingineering is the best?

  • Areebafurrukh

    i am so much confused about ,which field to choose in engineering by which top earning and have gud effect on future plz help me telling about dat wich of the field in ingineering is the best?

    • http://www.SquarePennies.blogspot.com [email protected]

      Generally the higher paid engineering degress are petroleum engineering and electrical engineering. If you don’t like those, I’d suggest mechanical engineering because it is general enough that you can get jobs in many different fields. So no matter how the economy goes, you have a degree that should help you get a job. It’s a good one for a bachelor’s degree because you can always specialize in a master’s degree program if you want. Bio-tech is a growing field and they use mechnical engineers there too. I’m married to a chemical engineer, have 3 kids who are mechanical engineers, and one who is a civil engineer. So I have a little background in this. Good luck to you!

      • Cheri6906

        Thank you Maggie your a great help for my son.We need all the advice we can get.Sounds like you raised your kids right great job and God Bless. cheri

    • Russ

      If someone who writes as you do came to my company for an engineering job I would probably toss your resumé in the trash. Dat trash can wich was handiest.

    • Russ

      If someone who writes as you do came to my company for an engineering job I would probably toss your resumé in the trash. Dat trash can wich was handiest.

      • Jeff

        I disregarded the statement based on its written merits. Come on… You want a good job but write like a total idiot. Are we to assue, any building of which you assist the engineering staff will be safe because you take that responsibility more seriously than displaying a firm grasp of basic educational skills? Sorry, but you sadly represent a big part of the detrimental affects facing the nation. I hope the best you do life is good positioning in the unemployment line unless you change either your education or yo demo of it!

        • Dayleyls

          Hate to say this, Jeff, but your post has a few grammatical errors also.

        • Duh

          Moreover it is apparent that English may not be this person’s first language.

        • HighlyExplosive

          Jeff your post has a LOT of grammatical errors in it. If you’re going to be a douche to him at least make sure your stuff is clean.

        • BabyGAAP

          I think you meant *effects. Take a lap.

        • A22md

          I am typically not racist by any means, but sounds like another immigrant getting funded to work at one of our companies. Its sad that this country pays for their schooling, to end up still completely uneducated, what a waste when it could have been someone who has put their blood into this country, has the skills to master it, and truly deserves it….man what is this world coming to?

        • Mzkillacar

          Your a f*kn idiot. You need to learn proper sentence structure, spelling, and grammar before you insult anyone with this barbarian comment. White trash!

        • FilthAve

          *You’re an idiot.

          Turns out, you’re one too.

  • http://www.SquarePennies.blogspot.com [email protected]

    The medical/health care field should stay hot for quite a while as the baby boomers work their way though old age. Health care technicians can make a good salary after only a couple of years of training & sometimes just one year. Anyone good at higher math should have great opportunities in engineering and as a statitician for insurance companies and the financial industry.

  • Julia

    As a Structural Engineer (which is simply a subset of Civil Engineering) I can tell you that this job is anything but low stress. With funding continuing to decrease, engineers are expected to produce work faster and more efficiently. While software is helpful, a lot of our work is still done with pencils and paper.

  • Dasdja

    russ be honest..you don’t owned a company and there is nothing wrong in considering our options

  • Gene

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  • Shakil Jamal

    How much job opportunity studying “Graphics and Multimedia” in 2017?

  • http://www.manhattancalumet.com/ Dennis The Menace

    I do not believe that the recent jobs report is really anything to get very excited about. If you take a deeper look into the data you will find that much of the increase in employment was temporary employment during the last couple of months of the year. I believe that much of the current employment problems stem from a lack of real wealth creating companies. Untill the country gets away from all the jobs in the financial service sector. I believe that the unemployment situation will not improve. Jim Rogers has stated this in many of the interviews that he has given to the news media that the financial services sector is much to large. Jim Rogers also believes that the savings rate must be much higher if we are to sustain any high degree of economic growth. Many retailers can make more money loaning money to their customers at 20% interest than they can make selling product to their customers. What does that tell you about jobs.

  • Burhan778

    wat id the future in quality engineer field? i am a B tech final year student, wnt to go in quality field.

    • Ryan M Christie

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  • Aman Dareboy

    hi i want to kown that if i am good in maths than which field should in take

  • nikhil

    can u please suggest me which field has better future in the upcoming generation!

    • Babyju

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  • Babyju

    am studying front office in FIJI, can you suggest a way for me to get to secure a job in overseas.!!……….

  • CJ

    I do not agree with the education part, at least with kids. I graduated with a degree in art education and know other people that have graduated with degrees in education and it has been very hard finding anything full-time. I would not recommend going into that field, especially if you are specialized.

  • sonu sorout

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  • Kumar

    is electrical field career growth my future..?

  • Salvador Antonacci

    Awesome articles. very informative information thank you for sharing.

  • http://white-blue-collar.blogspot.com/ Mike

    Until nobody ever gets sick anymore, medical fields seem the best.

  • Kimmie

    Correction..yes you do need a college degree for being a PTA (physical therapist assistant), it requires an Associates degree and then you have to take a 4 hour long exam, pass it to become licensed to practice in the state you choose.

  • princess

    which field is best for future upcoming generation meaning 2012- 2020

    • BabyGAAP

      Information/Technology jobs because this is the information age right now. Most engineering careers are going to be promising in the future.

    • BlackLabsrule

      Any career that caters to an aging population such as occupational and physical therapists.

  • Wallison

    Full-time, salaried college professors are not in demmand. Adjuncts are in demmand. Big difference.

  • Twhenrt

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    • Gary

      I don’t know where you live that a starting entry level job in a hotel is 40-60K. I was working at a hotel making just $8 an hour for well over a year. My boss worked at the front desk for around a decade before getting promoted to manager and he only made $30000 afterwards. Not only that but there is no job security. The GM was laid off five time in as many years. A teach of mine who also worked at the hotel informed me that most hotels get bought and sold every two years and the new owners have their own GM in minds when they take over. Hotels are a horrible business to get into and to study for in college.

  • Anonymous

    How about a field like photography or interior designing? Are they good career fields?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000555042000 Katiana Rufino

      no they aren’t.

  • Anatachaj

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    • John Austin

      Join the Air Force. Most of the wars are winding down so the dangers are minor (and you want to be in public safety, so there are risks). You’ll get four years experience in a jiffy and won’t get sea-sick in the other totally safe branch of the armed services.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Omega-X-Ninethousand/509743485 Omega X Ninethousand

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        • RCAF Baby


        • RCAF Baby

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      • Charita J

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        • RCAF Baby

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  • Michael Pomeroy

    I think future growth areas are Statistical Analysis and Data Analysis, because I question the basis of this article. I work in Secondary Education, and it is a very insecure field to work in currently. School funding is on a roller coaster ride, and many Elementary School teachers cannot find work. And this is AFTER spending five years earning a credential!

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    i m IT engineer and no idea what to do :(

  • fhhof

    What a load of rubbish.. This article must of been written at least 30 years ago due to the total lack of foresight and innovative thinking.

  • lindenengineering

    I see no mention of what might be called “blue collar jobs.

    The future is going to be an energy future. Master electricians already well paid will receive more added pay and benefits equaling any white collar job.

    The same goes for what is regarded as grease monkey work today., Yes the loved or hated mechanic. Following trends by auto makers the car is fast becoming a high tech device on wheels. No longer can you rely on an “ear” to diagnose and fix your car of the future. Sophisticated tools and people will be needed to repair your favorite ride.
    Expect to pay about double what you pay now as auto techs demand more as remuneration for the skills needed in tomorrow’s auto world.

    Being an HVAC tech will also provide the living for tomorrow houses/apartments/offices become more efficient and computer controlled .

    One thing is certain these types of job cannot be exported any time soon!

  • RR Teacher

    College Professors? Are you kidding? So many colleges are avoiding making people professors by having tons of adjunct teachers. Often in community colleges the teachers must hold jobs at 2 or more locations, because the colleges won’t make them full-time employees.
    Because this is a goal so few people can achieve, it makes me question the rest of your list.
    For example, I used to be a computer programmer, and saw my entire department moved to India.
    I do agree that engineering is a good career choice.

  • John Austin

    Hint: Don’t fall for the picture of two people mesmerized by the backside of a personal computer tower. The side of the machine is wide open exposing the interesting bits but the male ‘teacher’ and the stunned student are focused on checking whether the tower is plugged in.

    The article is pretty lame. Find something you love tom do and go from there.

    • Syrinx

      Funny comment, but the teacher and student are definitely looking at the SIDE of the the tower not the back. If you look closely the tip of the teacher’s finger is in the foreground, not behind the computer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/LinhLoveJoanJett Nga Linh

    I’m always haunted by doing stuff like: consulting, sales o.0

  • vishal

    I am Diploma in mechanical engineer. i am so…confuse about my job selection related to my field.

    plz….sugges me, Which field brightness for my future? like Design Engineer, Project Engineer, QC inspector sugges about these field.

  • monrodge57

    I have been out of a job since December 2009 and as hard as I try I cannot get my feet in the door of any company. I have a Master’s degree in Pub Ad with a GPA of 3.9. Is there any help/hope. I was looking into going back to school but is scared seeing I already have a student loan and not knowing how successful I will be in getting a job after studying nor do I know what course is best to take. Suggestions please.

    • nyst

      See what jobs in your area are hiring. If you see a position open that you are interested in call the employer. Tell the employer that you are interested in the position and would like to see what their highest interest is in hiring an individual employee and what they like to see in an employee. Based on what that employer says, see what school classes or courses are available to make you a more attractive hire. Sometimes just taking a course or acquiring a certificate is just as beneficial to add to your degrees that you already have. Why take on more school debts for degrees that may not get you the result that you are wanting. Good luck in your search for employment.

    • Sacstudent

      monrodge57, cant be possible that you have those credentials and cannot find a job. You need to apply for jobs in other cities, even states. There is a job out there for you, you just need to go find it.

  • SuNny KhAn

    I love IT but i’m doing engineering…

    • Charita J

      I love it too, but I’m not the greatest at it no matter how much I try to study. =(

  • iAmTheDanger

    In this age you’re blessed in terms of a career if you’re good with (and have interest in) computers/science/math.

  • steve

    id just like to say i didnt finish school and didnt go to uni im 23 now and have my own buisness making and repairing wooden windows i make 70k a year and the technology never changes ill always be able to do it even if i went off and did something else i could come back and would still be the same its also a niche market as not many people can do it (or can but not very well) so i wouldnt just discount the building sector like that as if your good you can make a great career that will always keep you in work.

  • chikbones

    I am a graduating high school student, and I’m so confious what course should I take in college and where? pls. help me! Thank you in advance :)))

  • dammy

    i am a high school student,am so confused about my career option.I have interest in aeronautical engineering or medecine. pls help me i want the best. but medecine career take a long time and am really scared not to find it too hard at the middle

    • Krunal Rindani

      In my opinion, Medicine would be better for the future. This is because the demand for aeronautical engineers is likely to fall, and jobs are already too difficult to find in that industry. A better option would be to take Medicine and something related to computers. This is because even if the tasks that Medicine grads do becomes automated, you will have knowledge of computers which will greatly expand your job opportunities. Just my two cents…

  • Godleadme

    I am a Registered Medical Technologist (or a Clinical Laboratory Scientist), AND YET I am confused about my career. When I was in high school I wasn’t really decisive as to what career I was going to take up. But here I am now, a full-fledged lab scientist but I am not happy with my job. Just to tell you the truth, no matter how great or appealing a profession may seem to majority of us, in the end the question that’ll be left is this: Are you happy? If you’re gonna pursue something just for the sake of money itself, be careful cos what you’re about to risk is the “rest of your life” and your happiness. After all, life is meant to be lived with contentment, peace, and fulfillment. And be sure that what you’re going to travel through is worth living for.

    I could say those words cos I am going through it myself. Now the consequence is that I am so confused on what to do with my life. Since I was young, I have been passionate about writing. You know, as a youngster you gotta discover yourself as early as that, seeing your hobbies and interests would certainly tell much about your passion in life. But I wasn’t able to realize that firsthand. Now I am stuck in the middle of crossroads not knowing if I have to apply for another job (a different one that’s far off from a job in the laboratory or hospital) or go back to the University and study again and take up B.S. Journalism. I know it’s a matter of spending time (too much time) again but I don’t know… The rest of what might happen is in God’s hands.

    • D.M. Allen

      Dear Godleadme,

      You are right about finding your passion – contentment is key and it is the rest of your life you are wagering. However, know that finding your passion costs too. Very bravely I left my job to pursue my love for writing and I have found a great career in starvation and unpaid bills. It is a difficult career because the world is not heading in that direction. Writers work hard to perfect styles and techniques but readers for the most part, are not even trained to see and recognize, let alone appreciate, the art of it. Sadly, the world is content with bad writing and those who know the difference are a dying breed.

      Unfortunately, in an express world, people are reading and caring less about anything beyond thirty syllables. Social media and the internet has taken their toll in diminishing the use and value of language – full stop. So writing that great novel or article will take effort ( a little piece of your soul actually) that will never be truly appreciated in this day and age. I have had to settle for editing (when rarely it comes) and tutoring students in the art and craft of writing. I still love it more than anything else – all writers at heart would rather do nothing else, but passion (in this world with its stifling economies) must find a happy middle with pragmatism. Don’t, ever, leave your job to become a professional in the hunger games – its a cold cold world out there. Good luck.

  • Jandre

    so what the fuck? chef’s aren’t needed any more?

  • jay

    The military is not honorable

  • Confused College Sophomore

    Not sure if anybody still checks this but I am interested in entering education and teaching either at the middle school level or high school level. As of now, I’m thinking of majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. I put some thought into graduate school since my current GPA is 3.93, but the cheapest programs I’ve seen for OT and PT hover around $60-65k. I have always thought teaching would be great for me, I am just concerned about the job outlook.

  • Marie

    I’m an upcoming college student, which is actually better and has a higher job opportunity? IT or Business Ad, major in Marketing? My talent is actually drawing, but I need security of job. :( Please help me. I only got 3 days left, I’m going to take the entrance exam soon.

  • vijay

    I am now finish +12(bio-maths) am confused about my career option . Which feild i get easy job in my futher but i want more salary in my life .so,pls help me i want the best

  • elambus1

    A warning to young people searching for and reading these kind of articles. Almost 20 years ago I sold out to high-tech because it pays. Yes, I’ve made good money, have quite a bit in my 401k, have had health insurance, bought a house, raising two kids, etc. But I’ve come to hate the job and am totally unfulfilled. To make matters worse, I knew years ago it was coming, but I wanted the paychecks. And now at my age and with all my responsibilities, you cannot just switch careers without taking big pay cuts and risks. Find what makes you happy. Money is nice, but having it without career satisfaction is no fun.

  • Mike Melenich

    Need a new career? Nondestructive Testing might work for you. On average a level I tech makes about $65,927 per year at $20.97 per hour. And that’s something you can achieve in months, not years. You do not need a degree to do this job. In fact you can get your entire education for around $7,000.00-$9,000.00 dollars and in less than 8 months. NDT Technicians do inspections on the vital infrastructure of our country; from Bridges and railways to oil/gas pipeline, brake pads, landing gear and plane wings. Our daily safety is dependent on these technicians. If you want to learn more about how to become a Non-Destructive Technician try googling “NDT online school” and check out what’s available. We need high quality people in this high demand high paying career field.