• http://sirjorge.com/blogx sir jorge

    Wow, that’s a great price, 400 is not that bad.

  • author

    Yeah, it’s not “free”, but nothing is these days. THe point is that if you know what you’re doing with these sites, and you were already in the market to buy a certain product that they are “giving away” you can probably get it for much cheaper by completing their advertising offers.

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    Check out referralswapper.com, anything4free.com, freeipodguide.com, all good sites to talk to others and trade referrals, read reviews on other sites, learn about the companies that run each site(ideal, and others own numerous sites) join conga lines, get paid to do sites, pay others, etc…

  • Jim

    Can you send or post the website for the MBP offer, or other offers?

    Thanks, Jim

  • http://freemacbookpro.com/index.php?referral=651069 Curt Kirkhoff

    Hey guys. I’ve done several of these offers and have been successful every time. So far, I’ve gotten a 42 plasma tv, iPhone, video iPod, and a Razr phone. Now I’m doing the macbook pro offer. Below is the link:



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    I went here and did all the stuff it took about a month but igot my freemacbookpro

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  • Gerrard

    That was odd… I signed up for this randomly about 2 months ago and signed up on getref.com for the whole referral thing and posted a few other places. I didn’t know people were using my referral link. I got the “Wii” that I chose originally on my doorstep yesterday evening. Over time, I guess my referrals just accumulated until they friggin shipped the thing to me. Now I’m going for the mac book pro. – You hella dont have to pay 400 bucks for the laptop, just sign up, post your referral link in a handful of places, and people will click it. Here’s my new referral link. I’m gonna post it everywhere lol.


  • http://www.virtualoutsourcingphilippines.com Jefferson Faudan

    this is really cool… i am actually eyeing for a mac…same as your story… it’s quite costly and it’s quite a big amount to waste…

  • http://moneymike.site11.com pat

    not sure if this has much “actual value” … can i joint venture with you ?

    and, no, i’m not hoping to get you to promo and /or sell for me ! like 1000’s of others constantly beg for.

    plus, is this page win-abled yet ?

    no, win-abled is NOT the same ol thingy of using,

    “you could win” … as the bait.

  • Elizabeth I

    I wish I had found this before I ordered my computer! I will google Josh though, I don’t own a wii, yet.

  • http://madsaver.com Mac

    Arrghh…every time I hear a story like this, I have to chase it down the rabbit hole. You know the saying, if it seems too good to be true…but still. I’ll maybe peruse the sites NextLevel mentioned on post #3 (Erik – can you add comment #’s to each comment?) to find a good offer and see if I can stomach it.

  • Jacob Tarr

    Where should I do this to get one for $90? Anyone feel like telling?

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