Another Pathetic Display From Credit Card Companies

pepsi for credit card app

( via The Consumerist )

This picture says it all. Credit card companies think so little of you, that they think they can lure you into applying for a credit card just to get a free two-liter of pepsi. They think all it takes to get you to sign up for their debt machine is to offer you something worth $1.29. Wow. I’m flattered.

If they were really smart, they’d start giving away a free roll of toilet paper. I think they’d get a better response. EVERYONE needs toilet paper. Some people don’t like soda or they’re trying to diet. Come on Mastercard and Visa, get with the program. Offer some Charmin!

  • Scott

    Clearly this picture is from a Wal-Mart store where they’re offering their own card. Maybe the giveaway fits their clientele…

  • SingleGuyMoney

    The sad thing is that some people probably actually signed up for the card just to say they got something “free”.

  • author

    yeah, I know. that’s what saddens me.

    Scott, I approved your comment, but I don’t think you should stereotype the type of “clientele” that shop at wal-mart. I shop at wal-mart, and I’m pretty sure that I don’t fit the clientele that you are referring to.

  • eddy

    At least at Meijer, they give you a 12-pack of soda for applying for their store credit card. Wal-Mart are a bunch of cheapskates.