Another Reason For Me to Hate Credit Cards

If you read my blog long enough, you’ll soon realize that I hate credit cards, and I strongly dislike the people that work for credit card companies. I know that they are only doing their job, and I’ll never say that I hate someone unless they kill my first-born child or something, but here is a great example about when you play with snakes, you WILL get bitten.

I paid off a credit card 6 months ago, thinking that I had paid it in full, I closed out the account. I moved soon after that, and forgot about the credit card. Usually I check back up to make sure that I “really did” pay it in full, because credit card companies can be weird about that stuff. Needless to say, there was an extra $50 on the card that hadn’t been paid, and I didn’t know about it, so they sent it to collections. Collections company called me and did their little intimidation thing, and I asked them to send me a bill in the mail. They sent me the bill and I paid it like 3 weeks later. Well, tonight they called me and said they new total was $87, not $68, which I originally paid. Although, they hadn’t cashed the check yet for $68.

I call Citibank and they sit on the phone with me for 30 minutes saying they aren’t going to take a $19 dollar late fee off of delinquent debt. The fee was charged like five days ago. Seriously, this is what credit card companies do. THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU! Seriously, stop playing around with these idiots. You may be the best at paying your bill and being on top of things, but the first time that you screw up, they will take full advantage of it. Just wait and see. Screw them. I will never use a credit card for personal use ever again, and I’ll spend every day of my life telling people why I think credit card companies should go down the tubes, where they belong.

Now, shower me with comments about how I am wrong and credit cards are great financial tools.

  • suhail

    Now here is a funny story about my credit card experience
    My father recently couriered me an add on credit card.I am a student studying mbbs in china. This is what happened:
    My father told me about the credit card credentials card number pin number ccv and all that stuf even before the card reached me.
    i decided why not shop something over the internet lets give it a trial.
    i bought a piece of sofware that costed about 29usd well well i decided to do more buying buying and buying stuff suddenly one fine day i saw that my credit card was being rejected and no wonder my father was shocked at seeing the statement fuckin 1500 dollars wow!! i shocked myself when i saw it.
    Now my father sends money by western union
    and everywhere he goes he says

    • Chuckletopia

      howsabout….i hate stupid people….and they shouldn’t post….. “B”….

  • Tom

    I absolutely agree with you. I am not going to use my credit cards on purchases, unless I have to in cases such as car rental or airline ticket. Maybe I could use my debit card with Mastercard logo on it and avoid using a credit card in those cases too? Why? Because the credti card issuing banks are greedy, heartless, and unfair m—-ers. That’s what they are.

    I am not a socialist, not poor. That is not why I am angry at them. I spend money on goods and services, and I am not going to get credit card company involved between me and the merchant I am buying my goods and services. The transaction will be between us and no third party needed. I would rather have small/medium size business owner make that extra money rather than a credit card company.

  • B

    dude, that’s bullshit. If you closed your account then they can’t keep charging you. Cause I’m pretty sure you can’t close your account if you haven’t paid everything off in full.

    • Izzi from Oz

      they obviously didn’t TELL HIM there was still a transaction in process though,
      did they B…?? ah, derrrr !

  • Jeff

    Right on man. B, yes they can keep charging if they don’t actually close it out, which they will fail to do often. You have to STAY ON THEM to make sure it is all taken care of, and when you receive that final bill, you have to hold onto it.
    Credit cards are 100% evil. I have none now, and use debit cards to rent cars/buy tickets. I will never again open up a credit card account for any reason.

  • Izzi from Oz

    no Erik, you are a very very wise person indeed! well done!
    and I hate credit cards & credit companies too! and I live in Sydney Australia
    and do not live on credit cards at all and love telling people how i do not have a credit card!
    I love all the stoopid strange looks I get and the wonderful ‘you are an oddball looks\ and
    feel fantastic when I hear them follow on with complaints about this being charged to their cards,
    late fees, this fee, that fee, interest………pllllleeeeaaassssseeeeee……
    get a life!! LOL

  • Hareiana

    By the time I realized how to play the credit card game to my advantage I was looking at over 6,000 dollars debt on my credit card which I was struggling to just pay the interest on, I made it my first objective to first pay off my credit card debt and never see it again. To do this I started using Out Of The Dark (OOTD) online budgeting which has a very helpful feature built into the budget called Credit Card Debt Terminator, with this I tightened my financial belt, no restaurants, no travel holidays, no extravagant clothing, and within one year I had my credit card debt paid off. Now I continue to use Out Of The Dark budgeting for good monthly budgeting on a regular basis and I am using my credit card for convenience only with every penny on it paid as soon as I get my monthly statement. All this happened 5 years ago and I now have almost enough saved for down payment on my first apartment.

    For me budgeting was the game changer and I now live by my online budgeting.

  • I Hate Credit Cards

    Credit card companies are too slow and never get their balance right.
    It’s been a whole week and my credit still wasn’t paid back to my checking account.
    Credit card companies are crooks and I will never do business with them again.
    I never ever again will have a credit card or apply for any kind of credit.

    From now on, I will either wait to have the money and pay cash or do without.