Apple Introduces Thinnest Laptop Ever and Online Movie Rentals

Steve Jobs introduced the Macbook Air and Online Movie Rentals today, trying to continue their dominance in the “ooohhh” and “ahhhhh” field. I have to give it to Steve Jobs. He has been the godfather of making tech stuff look cool and be the desire of tech-geeks in Seattle and San Francisco, but the rest of us are saying, is this really a practical product?

The laptop is going to sell for $1,799.00, which is VERY hard to swallow and it doesn’t have a DVD player! It doesn’t even have a ROM drive. It’s going to rely on you buying movies from iTunes and installing software wirelessly from other computers. Well, what if it’s your only computer? I guess we are going towards making soft disk drives obsolete, but I’m not ready to let them go just yet. It is supposed to have some touch screen features, which sounds cool, but then the screen will get all smudged up.

The online rental thing is a very good idea. Hopefully, it will be much cheaper than the price to buy a movie on iTunes. I’ve been wanting something like this for when I go on trips and I don’t want to spend $15 bucks for a movie, but I’d like to watch one on my iPod. I think the online movie rental will do much better than the laptop. One thing Jobs needs to work on is bridging the gap between Macs being great multimedia computers to just GREAT computers. Macs are not used in the world of business unless you work for a graphic design company. They need to start working on taking over IBM, and stop appealing to the rich yuppies who think it “looks nice” on their desk.

Read the article that I referenced above for more information. The funny part about this article was that it states at the end that Apple shares still fell 6% today, even after Jobs pulled more rabbits out of his hat.