4 Ways to Identify Fake or Counterfeit Merchandise

real, or counterfeit?If you find an amazing online deal for a Rolex watch or a Fendi bag, there’s a good chance it’s not genuine – that’s the warning Better Business Bureau officials are issuing. Law enforcement says the Internet is overflowing with luxury fakes in categories including clothing, jewelry, perfume, handbags, and sunglasses, and this puts you at risk of paying far more than you should for a shoddy knock-off.

Though there’s nothing wrong with shopping for a good deal, unwittingly supporting counterfeiters can have serious ramifications to your finances and can fund other nefarious activities.

Dangers of Counterfeit Luxury Items

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How Wealthy Am I? – 5 Ways to Feel Wealthier Today

feel like you're wealthyDespite the monthly stack of bills, your dwindling checking account, or your seemingly tiny paycheck, it takes an income of just $34,000 a year after taxes to be categorized as among the world’s richest 1%. According to CNN, that number is for each person living under the same roof, including children, which means a family of four would need to earn $136,000 to be among the world’s wealthiest.

Sometimes, though, it may seem like you’re nowhere near wealthy. It takes a lot of money to live comfortably in the United States, but there are ways to make yourself feel wealthier.

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Top 10 Female CEOs & Influential Business Women of American Companies

indra nooyiMargaret Thatcher once famously said, “If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” Neuroscientists have reported that there are innate differences in the way men and women think, but that doesn’t mean men make better leaders, despite the fact that more men have secured top leadership positions.

Presently, there are roughly 22 female presidents or prime ministers in the world, and about a dozen women executivesat the helm of Fortune 500 companies. Getting to the top hasn’t been easy, especially for these top 10 women CEOs:

1. Irene Rosenfeld

Chairman and CEO of Kraft Foods

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How to Make Money With Twitter Using Sponsored Tweets

sponsored tweets logoTo outsiders, Twitter can seem like a big waste of time; a bunch of egomaniacs telling the world what they ate for lunch or what they think of the latest contestant on “The Bachelor.” But to those who use it and love it, it’s an invaluable resource. I’ve used Twitter to find new jobs, locate sources for articles, and gather information on a variety of topics.

There are many ways to use Twitter for business and personal success. However, until recently, I couldn’t put a dollar amount on Twitter. Then I discovered Sponsored Tweets, an advertising platform that connects companies with tweeters.

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Keep Driving an Old Car or Buy New – What’s Better?

driving a used carAfter my husband and I said our “I do’s,” we walked through a shower of rice and hopped into his black Mini Cooper S. It’s where we shared our first moments alone as a married couple, so when the time came to sell the car, it was a bit difficult. But I think it was one of the best financial moves we ever made – at least, that’s how I feel when our 1998 Audi isn’t in the shop.

I’ve been on both sides of this debate for a while now. I’ve been a poor young professional hovering slightly above bounced checks and ramen noodles who could not handle even the slightest unexpected car repair bill.

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6 Business Success Tips from Jane Wurwand, Founder of Dermalogica

jane wurwandThere’s nothing like a great rags-to-riches story, and Jane Wurwand has a remarkable one. She started Dermalogica, a professional skin care company, in 1983 with $1,400. Her goal was to bridge the gap in skin care between salons and at-home users. Dermalogica products are now sold in 28,000 salons and spas in 86 countries.

Wurwand’s business model is a bit unheard of. For starters, she has never taken a bank loan or an investment, and she doesn’t pay for advertising. But obviously she is doing something right – Dermalogica topped $260 million in sales in 2011. Recently, Jane Wurwand shared her tips for financial success with a group of entrepreneurs at a conference. Her unconventional approach and passion are inspiring, as is her tactful advice.

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How to Start an Online Business & Make Money in a Down Economy

stephanie-storm-robertsonMy sister Stephanie Storm-Robertson may have been fired due to the recession, but she’s definitely not a victim of the economy. In 2009, her 22-year climb up the corporate ladder came to a stop when she was laid off from her position as an executive at Eddie Bauer.

She oversaw $250 million worth of women’s apparel inventory in more than 500 Eddie Bauer retail stores. But when the economy tanked, the company needed to cut costs. Getting rid of Stephanie and her six-figure salary was one way to do that.

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How to Get Your Product on Home Shopping Networks QVC or HSN

qvc and hsn logosAdd Nicole Richie to the list of stars using home shopping networks like QVC to peddle products. She joins celebrities such as Joan Rivers, Rachel Zoe, and the Kardashians who are already raking in millions in sales.

But QVC is not just for celebrities-turned-entrepreneurs. Real small business owners can make big money through outlets like QVC. However, landing your product in front of the camera is an extremely competitive process.

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