8 Ways to Volunteer Abroad for Free (or on the Cheap)

volunteersVolunteering overseas can be a great opportunity. It can allow you to do some good in the world, explore a new culture, meet new people, and even beef up your resume. Of course, once you start researching what it involves, it’s easy to become quickly discouraged. Who knew that doing good could cost so much?

But it doesn’t have to. Whether you’re taking a gap year after school, revisiting your days studying abroad, or just want a change of pace, there are lots of ways to avoid paying exorbitant amounts to volunteer abroad. In fact, if you play your cards right, you might even be able to go for free.

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15 Fun & Cheap Things to Do and See in Paris, France

parisParis, France has been called many things: “The City of Light,” “The City of Love”…unfortunately, it may also be called “The City of Potentially Bank-Draining Vacations.”

Millions of tourists visit Paris every year, and many spend far more money than they need to or plan to. Even though Paris consistently ranks as one of the world’s most expensive cities thanks to its unique pedestrian feel, its many parks, and its wonderful public transportation system, there are many ways to get a taste of France’s famous joie de vivre without spending exorbitant sums.

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How to Get Affordable Medical Care Without Health Insurance

affordable medical careAccording to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, almost 50 million Americans are without health insurance. Many of the uninsured use emergency rooms as a last resort for their health needs, since the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) requires that hospitals provide emergency healthcare treatment to whoever needs it. But neglecting routine care is not only unhealthy for your body, it’s unhealthy for your wallet, as a single emergency room visit can cost thousands of dollars.

Even if you’re uninsured, there are ways to get affordable medical care. In fact, there are a multitude of resources that can help you find the care you need.

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How to Learn Spanish for Free – 7 Easy Ways

learn spanishAfter I graduated from college in 2010, I worked an average of 70 hours per week as a janitor and a night clerk at a convenience store. After nine months of hard work, I had saved up enough money to move to Denver. I applied – along with hundreds of others – for a job at a tech start-up company. Shortly thereafter, I learned the great news that I had gotten the job.

I didn’t get the job because I went to an amazing school, or because I am great with computers (I’m not), or because I was exceedingly qualified in comparison to the other applicants. According to my boss, the determining factor in my hiring was that I am fluent in the Spanish language.

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