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Andrea Blackwell
Andrea Blackwell has spent over a decade writing about personal finance, local features, and health & wellness. A happy locavore residing in Portland, Oregon, she spends most of her time writing about eating seasonally at Meal Plan Rescue, and exploring the city with her husband when he can peel her away from her laptop.

How to Barter for Goods & Services – Tips and Methods to Trade

By Andrea Blackwell

barteringHave you ever had an item sitting in your home that’s just too good to discard, but you know you’ll never use it again? You can turn an old possession into something new by bartering.

Bartering is the process of obtaining goods or services by direct exchange without the use of currency. In times of economic instability or currency devaluation, it can be a great way to ensure the flow of necessary items and services into your household without using precious funds. Historically, face-to-face exchanges between familiar parties were most common, but the Internet has opened up a new medium for bartering opportunities for both person-to-person exchanges and third-party facilitated transactions.

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