9 Organizing Ideas for Small Spaces & Apartment Storage

woman closet storageI live in a small duplex with one closet, a tiny pantry, and four cabinets. I’m also a bit of a hoarder, so finding storage solutions has been a challenge. At first, I piled stuff behind doors, in bins, and anywhere else I could hide it. But that isn’t practical long-term, so I had to find better solutions – and cheap ones at that. After all, I’m a renter. I don’t want to buy a bunch of high-priced organizational tools I won’t be able to use once I move.

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Where to Donate Your Old Computers & Electronics to Charity

used electronicsAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 2.37 million tons of e-waste ended up in landfills in 2009. And unfortunately, many of the electronic gadgets dumped in landfills are still usable.

If you’re like me, your old devices end up sitting in a closet or storage space every time you upgrade to a new computer, cellphone, or TV. However, instead of letting the old electronics sit there collecting dust – or tossing them into the trash – consider donating them.

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BiteHunter Review – iPhone App for Dining Deals

bitehunterAs a frugal fanatic, I’m in love with the digital age. Thanks to countless coupon and daily deal websites, I’m not limited to just the coupons and ads in the newspaper. And now that I’ve got a smartphone, I’m not limited to finding deals to solely when I’m at home. Instead, I can find deals on the go with discount apps like BiteHunter.

BiteHunter is an iPhone daily deal app for foodies. Unlike most deal sites that cover everything discount, BiteHunter sticks to restaurants and dining deals which come from several popular deal sites and apps like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Restaurant.com.

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Zillow Review – Your One-Stop Website for Real Estate

zillow logoBuying a home or renting an apartment is a big commitment, and not an easy one to make. There are many choices, and between choosing from available homes, real estate agents, and lenders, it can all become quite overwhelming.

One option to help relieve the stress and help you make wise choices is Zillow. Zillow aims to simplify the house hunting process by giving you all the information you need on one site, a task it excels at – mostly.

How It Works

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5 Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Recipes to Save Time & Money

rotisserie chickenWith New Year’s coming up, I’ve been thinking about my New Year’s resolutions. Last year, one of my resolutions was to stop eating fast food, and I held steadfast for three weeks. Then, in late January, I had a busy day, convinced myself there was no time to cook, and gravitated to the dollar menu.

This year, I’m going to make another resolution to stop eating fast food, and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep it this time. Ever since I found the rotisserie chickens at Costco for about $6, I don’t see any reason to pull up to a drive-thru.

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Where to Donate Used or Old Clothes to Charity

donate clothes to charityI have a bad habit of buying clothes and never wearing them, or buying something specifically for one occasion and never wearing it again. As a result, I always seem to have a closet stuffed with clothing in great condition that I know I’ll never wear.

While I could sell on eBay or sell on Craigslist, I don’t have the patience for everything involved in online sales. I’d rather gather up all of my unwanted clothes and drop them off at a charity once a year. In addition to providing people in need with some very nice, gently used clothing, I also receive tax deductions for donations. So really, I still get something out of my unwanted clothes.

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Where to Donate Used Furniture to Charity

used furnitureA few months ago, I decided that buying furniture online would be an ideal way to refurnish my house. However, when the pieces started to arrive, I quickly realized that much of my older furniture had to go.

At first, I planned to sell on Craigslist or run some eBay auctions, but in the end, I decided to donate the furniture to a local charity. If you donate your unwanted furniture to charity, you can deduct the donation from your taxes at the end of the year. This can add up to a sizable write-off, even if you do not have many pieces to donate.

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What Is Layaway – Pros & Cons and Stores That Offer Layaway Plans

holiday shoppingThe holiday season usually puts retailers in the black, but as the recession drags on, retailers have seen a slump in their holiday sales. With consumers buying fewer and less expensive gifts, creating homemade Christmas decorations, and downsizing their holiday parties, retailers find it difficult to achieve pre-recession sales numbers.

To fight the slump, stores have pulled out all the stops, including reviving their old layaway plans. Layaway is one gift-buying option, but it isn’t always the best option. Every layaway program has pros and cons you must consider before signing on the dotted line.

What Is Layaway?

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Where to Donate Used Books – 10 Places to Start

I love books. I stop at every bookstore I pass and usually pick up at least one new book, if not more. My love of books is no secret, and friends and family always know what to get me for Christmas and for my birthday. The result is that I have an enormous collection!

Though I love hoarding them, I realize I won’t read many of these books ever again. Moreover, my collection now takes up too much space and I can’t stand the clutter. But I hate the idea of throwing anything remotely usable into a landfill. So to strike a balance between my love for books and dislike of clutter, I’ve decided to spread the joy my beloved books have brought me by donating them to worthy causes.

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48+ Best Organic & Eco-Friendly Dog Products and Supplies

beagle puppy dog ballAs an environmentally conscious person (sometimes a little too conscious), I spend a good amount of time trying to lower my carbon footprint. When I adopted my dog, I was a bit disappointed in most of the supplies given to me by the rescue organization.

There were toys made from synthetic materials, dog food and treats full of meat byproduct and filler, shampoos full of chemicals, and a dog bed made from who knows what. Even more disappointing, the cheap materials broke down pretty quickly and needed replacement often.

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