How to Become an ESL Teacher – Guide to Teaching English Abroad

teaching abroadI sat at the front of the classroom with my half-eaten lunch as 28 Japanese 7-year-olds hovered around me peppering me with questions: “How tall are you? Why are your eyes brown? What’s the best place in America?”

Their eyes wide with genuine curiosity and interest, I answered questions in my broken Japanese and signed autographs as they shoved pieces of paper, textbooks, and even hands in front of me to sign. Moments like these are why I came to Japan to teach English.

For the fresh-out-of-college, the unemployed, underemployed, and inexperienced demographic, jobs can be hard to come by. But many people under the age of 25 have one major attribute in their favor: flexibility.

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Vanguard Brokerage Review – Retirement Funds & Investments

Vanguard is one of the most renowned online stock brokerages out there today. Founded by John C. Bogle, the creator of the first index fund, Vanguard’s investing philosophy is low-cost, long-term, and no-hassle.

Vanguard offers the full gauntlet of investing services including IRAs, 401k rollovers, 529 college savings plans, mutual fund accounts, brokerages services, options, and ETFs. However, they are most famous for their low-cost index funds, which are a type of mutual fund that invests broadly across a market with the goal of keeping costs low while maintaining diversification.

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