37 Fun Things to Do in Chicago, IL – Attractions & Places to Visit (on a Budget)

Chicago means different things to different people. For some, Chicago is a bastion of American culture, whether lowbrow (sketch comedy) or highbrow (jazz music and fine art museums). For others, it’s all about sports – the NFL’s Bears and MLB’s Cubs have outsized reputations that extend well beyond northern Illinois.

For still others, Chicago’s seamy side – its long history of political corruption and Mob activity – hold sway. And for many, Chicago’s massive central business district (the country’s second largest, after Midtown Manhattan) and countless suburban office parks marqueed by a “who’s who” of prominent American corporations means it’s primarily a city for doing business.

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Best 12 Things to Do in Costa Rica – Fun Vacation Activities on a Budget

Are you gearing up for your next spring break trip? If you’re set on taking a vacation that doesn’t require a passport renewal or long international flight, you can find plenty of popular U.S. vacation towns close to home. If your sights are set on a slightly more exotic destination, look south. Not too far south, but just beyond the gleaming waters of the Caribbean. There, straddling the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, lies Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a true diamond in the Central American rough. Situated between Nicaragua and Panama, it’s less than 100 miles wide in places – from the tops of the highest peaks, it’s possible to glimpse both the Atlantic and Pacific basins on a clear day.

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Home Canning 101 – Supplies, Process, Cost & Benefits

Modern grocery stores and food co-ops are testaments to humanity’s dominance of Planet Earth. Regardless of your location or the time of year, you can likely find dozens or hundreds of types of fresh produce at the nearest big store. For example, I’ve lived in the northern United States my whole life, and I’ve never been to a Super Bowl party (usually held the first weekend of February, in the dead of winter) that didn’t have homemade guacamole and salsa made using tomatoes, limes, and avocados from California, Arizona, or Mexico.

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Kaiku® Visa® Prepaid Card Review – A No-Frills Debit Card

kaiku-visa-prepaid-cardNeed a no-frills prepaid debit card that helps you manage your day-to-day spending? The Kaiku® Visa® Prepaid Card is definitely worth a closer look.

The Kaiku Visa Prepaid Card belongs to the Visa Clear Prepaid family of reloadable prepaid debit cards. Like its Visa Clear stablemates, the card has a clearly outlined and super-straightforward fee schedule that eliminates billing surprises and makes it easy to create a monthly budget. Its practical approach is matched by sleek, millennial-friendly branding, complete with six neon-ish card color options and a defiant slogan: “A New Way to Everyday.”

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Cyber Monday Online Shopping Guide 2015 – Best Websites & Deals

Black Friday  is traditionally the best day of the holiday shopping season to find great in-store deals on the year’s hottest consumer products. Retailers and customers have celebrated Black Friday for decades, and the rise of the Internet has brought much Black Friday shopping online.

Cyber Monday (which falls on the Monday after Black Friday) like Small Business Saturday is a newer tradition. It’s exclusively tailored to online shoppers, and has quickly become the biggest online shopping day of the holiday season.

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Black Friday Shopping Guide 2015 – Best Deals & Sales

Black Friday is the most popular retail holiday of the year. According to the National Retail Federation, 55.1% of all holiday shoppers – 133 million people – visited retail stores on Thanksgiving weekend 2014, many of them on Black Friday itself. Collectively, they spent about $51 billion, or more than $380 per person.

Why do so many people get up early and brave the Black Friday crowds? Because most retailers offer exceptional shopping deals that are difficult or impossible to find any other day of the year. Thanks to extended open hours and Thanksgiving evening blitzes at many retailers, it’s easier than ever to score great Black Friday deals without encountering crippling crowds or stress.

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What Is Concierge Medicine (Direct Primary Care) – Pros & Cons

American healthcare is expensive, inefficient, and often doesn’t produce optimal outcomes. Concierge medicine, also known as direct primary care, helps address all three problems. Direct primary care is a fee-based care model that forges closer connections between patients and providers, encourages preventive and proactive care, reduces bureaucracy and overhead for physicians and health systems, and provides an alternative to increasingly expensive health insurance coverage.

An Imperfect Healthcare Status Quo

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How to Find the Best Place to Start a Business – 12 Factors to Consider

Starting a small business is hard work anywhere. Business owners have to juggle dozens of important considerations, some of which directly conflict with one another – for instance, it’s hard to have a gold-plated advertising budget when you’re operating on a shoestring. Any entrepreneur who can keep it together for long enough to get a company off the ground and turn a profit deserves the utmost respect.

That said, getting a business off the ground is simpler and less costly in certain locales. Cities and states with fewer barriers to entry for new companies, regardless of industry, are said to be business-friendly or possessing a favorable business climate.

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Discover it® Miles Credit Card Review – 1.5 Miles + 2X Bonus

The Discover “it” family of credit cards has a new member: the Discover it® Miles card. It’s a travel rewards credit card that offers a slew of travel-related perks, including no travel blackout dates, no airline restrictions, and free in-flight Wi-Fi up to $30 per year.

The card accrues miles at a rate of 1.5 per $1 spent, with one mile always equivalent to $0.01. Accrued miles never expire and can be redeemed in any amount, either as a statement credit for travel-related purchases or a cash deposit to a linked bank account. And, the Discover it Miles card comes with generally reasonable fees and rates – particularly, the lack of an annual fee and penalty APR set this card apart from many competitors.

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12 Issues That Can Reduce Your Rental Security Deposit Refund

If you’ve ever lived in rental housing, you’ve almost certainly put down a security deposit. Every U.S. state permits landlords to collect security deposits from new tenants. Deposits typically range from one to two months’ rent, and about half of all states impose an upper cap (usually expressed in rent-months) on deposit size. Some states require landlords to keep deposits in a separate escrow account, while others permit landlords to deposit them into regular accounts, commingling their funds with rent and other monies.

Reasons Landlords Seize Security Deposits

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