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Carl Natale
Carl Natale is a recovering journalist in Maine who makes his living in the gig economy. That means he's a freelancer who writes about small business and healthcare issues for several online publications. When he isn't researching and explaining financial advice, he's recharging his batteries in the woods or on the water.

How to Successfully Negotiate Lower Prices in Any Situation

By Carl Natale

negotiating car priceThe idea of negotiating can be intimidating. As consumers, we have been trained to pay the price marked on goods or services without question. If we feel the price is too high, we abandon the sale and look for cheaper options.

It’s an option that seems to work for us. But it could work better.¬†We don’t always realize we have the option to negotiate a lower price. To get the lowest price out of a transaction, you need to follow some rules that aren’t always easy.

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