How to Buy Original Art & Paintings on a Budget

artworkWhen it comes to using art as decor in your home, you have a number of choices. You can hang prints or posters, which are essentially photographs of famous works of art. You can hang reproductions, which are simply paintings that have been reproduced, usually by screen-printing. Or, you can hang original, one-of-a-kind pieces of art on your walls.

Original art can give your walls added depth and character, and can be a far more special choice than any print or reproduction. And fortunately, original art doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Finding Original Art Online

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Cosigning for a Student Loan – Risks to Consider

cosigning a loanIn the United States, it may seem impossible to be a student without student loans. Even state college tuition can costs tens of thousands of dollars, while private college tuition at some top schools has reached $50,000 a year or more. With college costing so much, it should come as no surprise that research indicates as many as one out of every five U.S. households are carrying student debt.

Since student loans have become a fact of life, many parents are now faced with an important question: Should I cosign student loans for my kids? College students often have little credit history, and they turn to parents, relatives, or even friends to cosign so they can get the most favorable loan rates.

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How to Rent Out Your House – Considerations for Potential Landlords

house for rentDo you have a second home or vacant property you’re considering putting up for rent? Renting your house can be a great way to earn income, and can even be an option to help you avoid foreclosure. With a variety of different rental arrangements available, almost any homeowner can find a way to rent their property.

However, becoming a landlord can also be a big risk, and can require a lot of work on your part. You need to understand the steps involved before you decide if renting is the right choice for you.

Making the Choice to Rent Your Home

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6 Reasons Why I Stopped Extreme Couponing

couponsWhen people talk about the practice of extreme couponing, they throw a lot of numbers around about how much you can save on your grocery bill, and how much stuff you can get for free. However, what isn’t stated is how much time they have spent on the practice. You probably also won’t hear about the fact that a lot of the “savings” come from buying products that aren’t needed, wanted, and that probably should not be purchased.

How do I know all of this? Because I was an extreme coupon shopper myself from 2007 to 2010 – but I haven’t cut a coupon since.

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What Is Libor – London Interbank Offered Rate History & Scandal

canary wharfRecently, the term Libor – short for London Interbank Offered Rate – has been brought to the foreground of world news, with a scandal unfolding through an admission of fraudulent banking practices by one of the United Kingdom’s most popular banking institutions. On June 27, 2012, Barclays Bank was fined $200 million by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, $160 million by the United States Department of Justice, and £59.5 million by the Financial Services Authority for alleged manipulation of the Libor rate.

The stir-up may have some people wondering: What exactly is Libor?

The Inception of Libor

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Should I Pay Off My Mortgage or Student Loans First?

pay off debtsStudent loans and mortgage debt are often considered to be “good debt,” as they are forms of debt you take on in order to purchase something that should increase your net worth. “Bad debt,” on the other hand, includes credit card debt, auto loans, and other consumer debt incurred to make purchases that depreciate in value.

Regardless of the classification, debt needs to be paid off at some point. And if you have a little extra money every month, you may ask yourself: Should I accelerate payments on my mortgage or student loans? And, if so, which should I aim to pay off first?

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What Is a Home Construction Loan – Process & How to Qualify

home constructionBuilding your own house can be a wonderful and fun experience – but it can also be a long and expensive process. However, most people cannot afford to pay for the cost of home construction up front, and getting a mortgage can be tricky. After all, you’re asking a bank or a mortgage lender to give you money for something that doesn’t even exist yet.

A standard mortgage loan is not going to cut it – but you may be eligible for a special type of loan known as a construction loan.

What Is a Construction Loan?

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Should I Buy a House Now or Wait? – 6 Factors to Consider

family buy houseOwning a home has long been considered to be part of the American Dream, but as the huge tidal wave of foreclosures has taught us in recent years, it can also be a major disaster if you buy a house you cannot afford – or if you buy a home before you are ready for home ownership.

Purchasing a home is a major investment, and as with any investment, it is important to be educated before you dive in. Once you have a basic understanding of what home ownership entails, you must carefully consider whether you are truly ready to buy.

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