What Is a Living Will – Advance Health Care Directive

signing an advance health care directive can save your family a great deal of griefMaking healthcare decisions for yourself can be hard enough, but what if you have to make decisions for a loved one who is unable to speak or communicate their wishes? And what about you? What kind of medical care would you want if you were in a vegetative state?

As unpleasant as it may be, it is important to address issues such as these while you are healthy. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to learn about your options and to take steps to ensure that you receive the care you desire if you’re ever unable to ask for it.

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How to Rebuild & Fix Your Credit Score – 7 Steps to Follow

is your credit history causing poor financial health?It doesn’t take much to damage a good credit score. A missed payment here, a late payment there, and before you know it, your score has dropped below 600 and into dangerous territory. Once your score drops, you’ll find that loans are more difficult to acquire, while your interest rates go up. What’s more, you may have to pay more for insurance – and you might not be able to rent that great apartment you wanted. Plus, many employers check credit scores as part of the vetting process when hiring new employees. In short, a low credit score can really affect your life.

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How to Set Up an IRS Tax Payment Plan – 8 Steps to Consider

pay to irsIt’s always nice to receive a tax refund – it can feel almost like finding free money. Unfortunately, sometimes you end up owing Uncle Sam money, and even if you can’t afford to pay what you owe, you still have to file your tax return by the filing deadline. Sooner or later, you must work out an agreement with the IRS to pay the remainder. You might be tempted to just ignore the whole issue in the hopes that it will just go away, but that would be a major – and costly – mistake.

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How Working After Retirement Can Affect Your Social Security Benefits

senior workingWhether it’s a desire to contribute to society or to increase spendable income, many retirees decide to go back to work. Some have found their savings and investments eroded by the financial crisis, while others seek more substantial medical coverage. A few simply find that retirement isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Whatever your reason, you’re not alone, as many people choose to return to work after retirement. However, you need to carefully consider how resuming an income will affect your finances. While you may think you’ll simply earn more money, in fact, by returning to work, you could jeopardize your Social Security benefits.

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How to Create a Home Filing System for Record Keeping

filing systemEach year, the ordeal of gathering the necessary information to complete and file your tax return seems increasingly difficult, doesn’t it? This problem may be alleviated by implementing an efficient home filing system.

But completing your annual taxes isn’t the only reason to have a good filing system in place. It’s crucial to retain receipts to show how much you paid for property and investments, as well as to prove when the purchases were made. It’s nearly impossible to get a loan without disclosing records of your income and spending.

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How to Choose a Daily Money Manager for Your Finances

dmm meeting with elderly coupleHandling bills, deposits, and payments is a daunting task for most of us, but consider how much more challenging it becomes as we enter our later years. The elderly are more susceptible to diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, which can radically impair their ability to manage their personal finances.

Imagine an older person, perhaps a widow, living far away from her children. Alone and vulnerable, she can easily become victim to unscrupulous con artists who are bent on taking advantage of her financially. If this was your mother or grandmother, what could you do to ensure her security? The answer is to hire a professional daily money manager.

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Top 9 Job Interview Tips You Need to Know

job interviewAfter countless hours of scouring through job listings, filling out application forms, and mailing out cover letters and resumes, you finally get the call: You have a job interview. The hard part is over, right? Not quite.

Have you ever felt that you had a great interview but still didn’t get the job? Just because you hit it off with the interviewer doesn’t mean you convinced him or her that you’re the best candidate. Having a charismatic attitude and engaging in polite conversation is a great start, but there are a number of skills and techniques that you must employ to make a truly great impression.

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Working for Temp Agencies – Pros & Cons of Temping (Temporary Job)

temp office jobIt’s a tough job market out there right now, but you don’t need me to tell you that. Finding work is especially challenging for young people who are just starting their careers, as well as for those who are older and trying to move into a new career.

You can feel as though you’re caught in a catch-22: You need the experience to get the job, but you can’t get experience without a job. However, many people are finding that the answer to their problem is to temp.

How Temping Works

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How to Use Your Social Media Profiles to Find a Job

use social media to get a jobIf you are looking for a job, or have recently, it’s likely that you’ve utilized social media to search and apply for jobs. In addition to keeping in touch with friends, social media is a great way to sift through the various job listings and learn more about the companies you are interested in. In some instances, you can even use social media to submit your job application and resume.

However, has it ever occurred to you that employers are using the web to search for you? It’s true. There are a number of ways you can use this to your advantage and increase your chances of getting hired.

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