Dollar Store Diaries: 5 Things NOT to Buy at the Discount Store

For anyone living a truly frugal life, the local dollar store is more than just a blip on the radar. For starters, they seem to carry every necessity imaginable. In fact, I recently heard of a dollar store in Texas that now sells beer and wine – a surprising addition for a store known for its off-brands and knickknacks. Still, it’s safe to say that the dollar store is a great place to shop and to save money.

Though I still frequent mine quite a bit, the excitement of thinking I could buy all of my essentials there eventually wore off, and I came to realize that there are, in fact, some things that you simply should not purchase at a discount store.

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What is a Money Market Account and How to Choose the Best with High Yield Rates

bigger piggy banks savingsThe earlier you begin investing, the better your payoff will be, so begin investing as soon as you can afford to do so.

An important piece of advice along these lines is to “pay yourself first, and then invest.” If you contribute, even in small amounts, to a smart savings or investment plan, you’ll see the results add up quickly.

If you’re mired in debt, do your best to get out of debt before worrying about investing. But once you’ve paid off all of your loans, start investing some of your monthly income to build for your future.

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Beware Of Free Trial Offers – 3 Reasons to Stay Away From These Traps

man with free signAs you’ve probably seen, many new products and services come with some sort of “free trial offer.” While I’m sure that there are a lot of these free trial offers on the market that are truly worth it, many (especially ones offered over the Internet for particular services) are traps that you should stay away from.

Why, you ask? Many times, the offers are not truly free. There could be minor purchases required for the free trial to kick in, there could be activation fees, and there could even be return shipping charges if you’ve received a “free” test item that you want to send back.

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Best Home Security Systems Comparison – Do It Yourself (DIY) or Professionally Installed?

home security systemThis year, I’d like to purchase a home security system. I’m interested in a system with an alarm to prevent residential home burglary for a few reasons: I have a young son who is at home with me quite often, I started my own home small business and therefore store a lot of inventory in my house, and I have been aware of increasing crime rates for quite some time now. I don’t live in a bad area, but these days, you just never know.

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Offermatic Review – Get Automatic Deals & Discounts – Win 2 Free Fandango Movie Vouchers

offermatic logoI recently stumbled upon a website called Offermatic, and I’m excited to tell you about it because it has the potential to save you money at places where you’re already shopping.

It’s actually difficult to categorize the site because it’s pretty unique and there isn’t anything else like it out there just yet. It’s not really your typical coupon site, it’s not an online budgeting or money management tool, and it’s not one of those group buying daily deals sites either. In fact, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch calls it the “freak love child” of, Groupon, and Blippy.

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When and How to Teach Kids About Money Management – What’s the Right Age?

kid tire swingA topic that I’ve seen written about quite a bit lately is the proper time to start teaching your children about money. And frankly, some of the advice I’ve read borders on the ridiculous. I have actually heard some people claim that you should start teaching your children about money as early as age 2! That seems to me like overkill. I doubt that a child of that age can even process whatever you might be teaching them, let alone retain it.

Here’s what I’ve learned as parent about kids and money.

Let Kids Be Kids

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Ecosquid Review – Resell or Recycle Your Used Electronics to Prevent E-Waste

ecosquid logoIn the “disposable” society that we live in, we are constantly upgrading or replacing the electronic gadgets that seem to rule our lives. Laptop computers, cell phones, smart phones…the list goes on. Some might say that we’re addicted to consumer electronics. And most of us have no idea what to do with our old or unwanted electronics. Sell them on eBay? It’s not always worth the time. Give them away? Sure, but to whom? Throw them out? Electronic waste (e-waste) disposal is no good for the environment (and, in some places, illegal).

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Lease Trader Review – Take Over or Swap a Short-Term Car Lease

I recently had a chance to take a look at a web site that should be particularly helpful to anyone currently leasing an automobile. It’s called, and it is essentially a full-service online auto lease transfer marketplace.

The site matches people who currently have vehicle leases they wish to get out of, with individuals who are looking for short-term leases with attractive payments and no money down.

How It Works

The way the is set up really couldn’t be any easier. There are only two buttons to click on the site’s homepage. One says “Get In,” for those looking to take over a lease, and the other one says “Get Out,” for people trying to exit their lease.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective & Successful Entrepreneurs

effective habits of successful entrepreneursI have been a small-business owner for approximately two years now. What a ride it’s been! The road to small-business ownership can be a rough and rocky one, but I can tell you that I have learned a great deal along the way. Here, I will share with you the top 7 habits that I have come to believe all new entrepreneurs should cultivate. There are common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, but these tips focus on action and what you need to do to find success.

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Plastic Jungle Review – Discount Gift Cards Exchange to Buy, Sell, Trade & Swap

plastic jungle logoSince their inception, gift cards have become quite popular. Buying a gift card is much easier than shopping for an actual gift and allows the recipient to choose something that he or she really wants. However, if you’re not lucky enough to get a generic-type card that is good anywhere (i.e. best gift cards to give), what are you supposed to do with unwanted gift cards for places where you don’t, or wouldn’t, spend your money?

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