Obey Your Traffic Laws (From The Five Minute Money Manager)

save money on drivingA co-worker of mine recently came into work with one of those viral emails that stated that our local law enforcement was going to pull over one driver for every hour they worked for various traffic violations starting in the month of September. The message stated that the government would raise $8 million in revenues based on this project.

I immediately dismissed the whole thing as a bunch of crap, and teased her about it for the next several days.

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How to Choose the Right Toys For Your Children

save money on toysFor those of us that have children, I think it’s pretty common knowledge that the cost of raising a child is by no means cheap. Also, for us first-time parents, we don’t have the luxury of “hindsight” so I am sure there are quite a few things we have “wasted” our money on during a child’s lifetime. Therefore, what I want to do in this post is identify as many ways as I could to save on the expenses of raising a baby.

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4 Tips To Save On International Travel

cheap international travelOne of the biggest benefits that I have ever gained from getting myself out of debt is to have the financial means to travel internationally. Of course it is a matter of personal taste, but if my choices are driving a brand new sports car or taking several trips to foreign countries, it’s an easy decision. Buy the latest flat screen TV or take a sightseeing trip through Europe? It’s a no brainer. There is nothing as fulfilling to me as being able to experience a new part of the world.

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eBay or Amazon Review: The Best Place to Sell Your Unwanted items

In this day and age of trying to deal with the recent economic downturn, more and more people are looking to sell unwanted or unused items that they have in their homes. People that have never before even thought of selling these items on the internet are now exploring the possibility.

There are many options out there, but the two biggest players in the game are eBay and Amazon. For both places, you basically list the item at the price you want to sell it for, and then wait for someone to decide that they want to buy it at your price. However, both sites have their advantages and disadvantages and I want to go over the highlights of each.

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4 Bank ATM Machine Skimmer Fraud and Hacks To Watch For

how to safely use atm machineThe best piece of advice that I can give you when it comes to the use of ATM/debit cards is this: be careful.

Personally, I own a debit card and I do carry it with me, but mainly for emergency purposes and because it’s a debit card that can actually generate rewards. Believe it or not, I would say I use it maybe one time per year because of the huge dangers involved.


Am I sounding paranoid? Am I just spouting off and making a mountain out of a molehill? Here are 4 reasons to help you understand my perspective:

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How To Get The Most For Your Unwanted Gold

get the most for your goldIf you haven’t been exposed recently to at least some form of advertisement regarding what to do with your unwanted gold, you have probably been living under a rock. The “great ideas” range from sending it through the mail, to dropping it off at a “We Buy Gold” place, to attending a gold buying party.

Where To Go To Sell Your Gold?

Little pop-up walk-in gold stores have flooded my town over the past several months. They are literally everywhere.

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The Benefits of Carpooling and How to Incorporate It Into Your Life

should I carpoolWhen I think of carpooling, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s not feasible or convenient, so why bother looking into it? The way my work schedule is, there aren’t too many people that drive into the city when I do and go home when I do. Moreover, while some people live fairly close to me, it’s still a bit of a trek. I think we all know that carpooling can free up our budget a little, but is it really worth it?

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