Wardrobing on the Rise in Tough Economic Times

couple shopping store“Wardrobing” is the act of buying a product from a retailer (most commonly high-end clothing, but it can be other items as well), using it for a while, and then returning it as “unused” to the store for a full refund. For example, people who need a formal dress or suit to wear once (e.g. wedding tuxedo or wedding dress), or even people who need to access technology equipment, sometimes take advantage of liberal return policies in order to “borrow” the items they need free of charge.

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Should I Sell My Car to Get Out of Debt & Pay Off Bills?

car vs cash to get out of debtHow strong is your desire to get out of debt? What are you willing to give up, sell, or live without in order to meet that dream head on? Would you be inclined to sell your beloved car in order to bring your balance sheet back into the black? In many cases, selling your car and going without one, or replacing it with something cheaper, can be a great way to finally pay off your debt.

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Automatic Bill Payment Plans – Advantages & Disadvantages

bills to pay stackMost of us are always on the lookout for ways to cut the amount of time we spend on mundane chores. One of the ways online banking has helped free up our time is through the advent of automatic bill pay. You can set up automatic payment plans for utility, entertainment, household, and other bills. In fact, almost any vendor you purchase goods or services from now offers automatic payment plans.

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How to Stretch Your Paycheck and Make It Last Longer

paycheck jeans pocketWhen I think of different ways to make my paycheck last longer, my mind typically contemplates the little ways to save money like canceling cable TV, going without my daily latte, or cutting coupons. But while it’s true that little things can add up to big savings over time, there are other ways to extend a paycheck that don’t involve cutting back on minutiae. In other words, you could keep the cable and still not feel the pinch.

Let’s take a look at 9 ways to stretch a paycheck that a typical person might not readily consider.

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15 Best Part-Time Jobs for High School Students

Finding and keeping a part-time job while attending high school can be a daunting task. Balancing work with classes, homework, extracurricular activities, and just hanging out with friends can be tough, but millions of teens are able to manage part-time work along with their other responsibilities.

During my first two years of high school I was a paper delivery boy, leaving at 4 am every morning to deliver newspapers. I also went out once or twice a week in the evening to collect money from my customers. For the last two years of school I had a retail job, behind the counter at a mom and pop drugstore. These jobs taught me how to manage money, how to handle responsibility, and how to deal with the general public. They were invaluable experiences and provided me with some much-needed autonomy and spending money, too.

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Where Should I Live? 14 Important Factors When Deciding the Best Place to Live

family mapHome is where the heart is, but what if your heart doesn’t know where it should be?

From low crime rates to a great education system, there are many variables to consider when choosing that perfect place that you and your family can call home.

To help you make this important decision, I’ve provided an analysis of the most important factors to help you find a home that suits the needs of you and your family.

How to Choose a Place to Live

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How to Win the Lottery, Really – A Winning Strategy to Come Out on Top

Believe it or not, to “win” the lottery, the best strategy really is to not play at all. But before you hit the back button, hear me out.

Winning the lottery, while a tempting dream of the get rich quick sect, is not a legitimate way to get rich. In fact, it’s really no different than gambling away your money in a casino, where the house almost always wins. With only a handful of winners versus millions and millions of losers, the lottery is a sucker’s game. If you want to be rich and have plenty of money in the bank in order to live the good life, don’t look to the lottery to make it happen!

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36 Bartering & Swapping Websites – Best Places to Trade Stuff Online

swapping ballsBartering for goods and services is a centuries-old art. Recently, the idea of trading with your neighbors and within your community has received a big boost and taken on a modern spin. Combining our often-materialistic, ownership-based society with the Internet’s ability to bring buyers, sellers, and traders together, online bartering has sparked a wealth of new sites and communities.

With average U.S. household incomes falling 4.8% between 2000 and 2009, people are now starting to look for new methods to get the goods and services that they want and need in an affordable way. Today, you can find many niche and large-scale sharing sites, and it’s difficult to find the right one to meet your needs.

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Top 10 Richard Branson Quotes About Business, Success & Life

richard branson virginInspirational entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Galactic, and over 400 other Virgin-branded enterprises has been successful in business since age 16. Because of this, his improvisatory phrases are oft-quoted in money and lifestyle publications much to the delight of those tired of hearing billionaires give standard answers to standard questions.

Branson’s absolute love of life is apparent in the way he runs his businesses and is in large part responsible for his success. From what I consider his top ten quotes, perhaps you can be inspired to implement some zest into your own business and personal life.

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What to Do with a $100,000 Cash Windfall

man money in handsEveryone dreams of it – receiving a windfall of cash either from a long-lost relative, a winning lottery ticket, or through a will from a grandparent who thought the world of you.

For most of us, that day may never come. But for some, the arrival of a financial windfall can change life in a single moment. There are important fiscal decisions to be made and ways in which a windfall should be managed before it goes to waste.

Managing a large lump sum of money can be a daunting task. It pays to take a strategic, long-term view of how to spend and invest it. Consider the following ten ways to spend and save a financial windfall wisely.

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