Interactive Brokers Review

interactive brokers logoThere once was a time when you had to go through a brick-and-mortar broker to invest in the stock market. This broker would charge you exorbitant commissions on simple trades that might not get executed for hours or longer.

But with the advent of online discount brokers, not only have rates become much more competitive, but the trading process has become much simpler and more convenient.

One of the most popularĀ discount brokers out there is Interactive Brokers. Let’s take a look at the features, pros, and cons of thisĀ online trading website in order to decide if it’s the right option for your investing purposes.

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What is Asset Allocation & Stock Investment Diversification – Definition & Strategy

diversification eggs basketWhat is diversification and why should you care about it?

Essentially, diversification is not putting all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to investing. There are several ways to look at it, but the key is that you are investing in different types of assets. That can mean investing in different asset classes as well as having a variety of types of stocks.

So, where should you focus when it comes to diversifying your portfolio and determining your personal investment portfolio asset allocation?

Asset Classes

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Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Review – Worth the Price?

Xbox Kinect ReviewBlack Friday is just around the corner and that means it’s time to think about that Christmas budget again. Who do you have to buy for and how much are you going to spend on each person? With the economy in the shape it is currently in, many budgets are smaller this year than in the past.

One hot item this season is the Xbox Kinect. The big question is whether the Xbox Kinect is worth your hard-earned money for that “gamer” on your gift list. Well, let’s get right to answering that question!

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