Get Ready For the Actively Managed ETF

Check out this article about the newest type of ETF. Exchange Traded Funds have grown exponentially in popularity over the last decade. Investors like them because they can trade them like individual stocks, but they offer the same diversification as a mutual fund. Although, these funds have typically followed an index like the S&P 500 instead of being actively managed by a fund manager.

Now, a new breed of ETF’s is putting in the human element of managing funds. An ETF provided lower fees, because you weren’t paying for a broker’s commission or fees, but now brokers like Vanguard and Fidelity and put their hot hands on an ETF and still charge a lower fee than the traditional mutual fund.

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The Stock Market Closes At Another Record High

The Dow Jones and the Nasdaq closed at record highs today at 13,633 and 2,592, respectively. Now, the question is, when will the Dow hit 14,000 and when will the Nasdaq hit 3,000? Today was a significant one, because we saw the market pull through some early news from China and the release of the Fed’s minutes that could have caused the markets to dip down. Last February, the market saw a 9% drop, one of the largest in history, after bad news from China. Today, the market faultered on reports of a slumping Chinese market, but it quickly rebounded and never turned back.

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Reforming Health Care and How it Affects Your Finances

I came across an article by Pat Regnier at CNN Money whom proposes three different choices for reforming health care in America. Health care is definitely the number two most important issue in America behind the war in Iraq. Once you stop talking about Iraq, the issue of health care comes up. What do we do? Do we allow the government to take full control of it and get taxed out the rear, or do we completely put it in the hands of employers and citizens to buy health care on their own? If you put it in our hands, then we continue to have the problem where people don’t buy it, and then they go to the emergency room to seek free help. Hospitals will do pro bono work and pass the costs off on the people who do pay for insurance. This is the dilemma.

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Making The Transition From One Career To Another

Let me guess, you are completely bored at work, you watch for the clock to strike 5 o’clock, and you can’t stand the people that you work with. If you are nodding your head right now, then you might need a change of scenery. Chances are that it’s not the work place, it’s the career. If you enjoyed the work you were doing, you might be able to get over the fact that you can’t stand the people around you or the occasional downtime when business is slow. You may have thought about switching careers in the past, but you were paralyzed with fear. Here are some excuses that might be holding you back from making the jump to a different career.

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Are You Financially Preparing to Live to be 100 years old?

Check out this article about preparing for retirement assuming you’ll live to be 100 years old.

This is not a far-fetched idea. There’s no doubt that a positive correlation between technological advances and increasing life spans exists. The article describes how 20 to 40 year olds should plan on living a long life of retirement and planning to pursue multiple careers, because we’ll be awfully bored if we retire at 65 and live another 35 years!

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Big Sale on LCD TV’s at

Are you looking for a nice 32″, 37″, or 42″ LCD TV? Vizio and Syntax are two of the best off-brand LCD TVs you can buy, based on the research that I have done. I’m going to buy either a 37″ or 42″ Syntax as soon as I have the money.

Anyway, I like passing off great deals to all of you Money Crashers readers. Check out the deals going on at for LCD televisions. You can get 42″ LCD’s for $650! Some of the deals end today and some end on 5/27. Make sure you look to see which ones are refurbished models and which ones are new.

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Write For a Blog To Make Extra Money Online

Are you in the middle of trying to pay off some debt? Are you having a hard time gaining ground on paying off the debts that you owe? Well, if you are like me, then the 9 to 5 job isn’t cutting it when it comes to helping me reach my goal of getting out of debt. The #6 principle of managing money like a Money Crasher is to find creative ways to generate extra income. The reason this is one of my core principles for winning with money is because sometimes even on a strict budget, it’s tough to scrounge up enough money to gain traction with paying off debt.

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Your Options For Paying Back Your Student Loans

I graduated from my undergraduate degree at the perfect time. Consolidation federal student loans rates were at an all-time low. I locked in a consolidated rate of 2.75% for the life of the loan! It was awesome, because I have already saved thousands in interest with a rate that low. Yeah I know, i’m rubbing it in your face if you graduated this May. The best consolidation rates you’ll find this year are in the 6 to 7% range. More than two-thirds of college students leave with student loan debt, and the average bill they are carrying is $19,200 according to the Department of Education. There’s an obvious need for recent graduates to be counseled about what to do with their student loans. I am only one person, and I’m not an certified financial counselor, but if you want my opinion, that is what I will give you.

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Four Tips For Saving Money On Your Energy Bill this Summer

It’s getting hotter and hotter as the days go by. I live in Florida, so it starts getting hot in March. My air conditioner decided to crap out on me yesterday, so I’m sitting here at my desk sweating to death! It made me think about the different ways that you and I can save money on your energy bills this summer without doing much work.

Here are some tips that I thought would be helpful to you:

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