Resolving a Financial Dispute With Your Spouse

There will quickly come a time in your marriage or dating relationship when you disagree about money. The most common argument occurs when two people disagree about how a certain amount of money should be spent. The guy might want to buy a television while the girl wants to put the money away for a vacation. One spouse may want to cut down on eating out while the other may want to cut off the cable or cell phone bill. These and many other financial decisions will often cause a dispute between two spouses. One of three scenarios occurs when a financial dispute arises.

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Look Into Buying Identity Theft Insurance

Last Tuesday, Dateline started a piece about identity theft. They have done segments on identity theft in the past, but this is an ongoing series that is going deep into the life and behind the scenes of identity thieves and the elaborate crime rings going on around the world. I didn’t get to see it, but I am going to try to watch the show this coming tuesday.

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Invest In Anti-Terrorism Mutual Funds

Whether you agree or disagree with the war in Iraq or even the “war on terror”, I think we can all find common ground in the fact that terrorism is a horrible reality in the world and it needs to be stopped. In order for terrorism to take place, it takes resources and these resources have to come from a some kind of funding. The fundamental reaon why the Bush Administration justifies their actions in the Middle East is because they believe that terrorism would not exist if oil-rich countries were not sponsoring terrorists. Terrorists are poor. If you think Osama Bin-Laden is a self made millionare, you are wrong. If you think that terrorists can still pull off acts like 9/11 with limited funding, you are wrong. Many leaders in our country believe that we need to cut off theses sources of funding and many believe that Iran and other Middle Eastern countries are funding terrorist groups. So, what can we do about this?

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How to Deal With Creditors and Collection Agencies

Here’s how to deal with a creditor: Tell them to shut up, give the finger to the phone, and hang up! No, just kidding, but I know we all think about doing that sometimes. If you have fallen behind on some bills or you have some really old bills that you let go and they insist on calling you 5 years later, remember to always keep your composure. Collection agents and creditors thrive on threatening you, scaring you, or backing you into a corner and trying to get you to think in an irrational manner. NEVER stoop to their level. Depending on the company or agency, they WILL be ruthless at some point. This goes mostly for unsecured debt creditors. Auto loan and mortgage creditors are generally more reputable, because they know that they can just take the car or house away if it gets too bad. Here are five steps to dealing with creditors and collection agencies.

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Festival of Under 30 Finance – March 23rd Edition

We had some great submissions over the past two weeks. I categorized them as best that I could so that you can check out the topics that interest you most! Hope you enjoy!

Saving and Investing

The Skilled Investor presents Own investment funds and not individual securities posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog. Owning individual securities is just a big waste of your time and money. Individual investors tend to be terrible investment portfolio managers. Almost everyone can hire an index fund manager to do a much better job for far less time, money, risk, and consternation.

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The Pressure of Rising Housing Costs

You saw it coming, I saw it coming, we all saw it coming! The fallout from the real estate frenzy is in full effect. It started with the realization that home prices are halting and “for sale” signs are sitting in the lawn for a longer period of time. Now, those 2/1 and 3/1 ARMS that so many people bought on their home are starting to adjust, and their adjusting UP, UP AND AWAY! Their adjusting so far up that people don’t know what to do, and they may lose their home. If you are savvy at buying foreclosures and have the liquid capital to do it, you’ll probably get a steal on real estate in the coming year or two.

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13 Tax Deductions Often Overlooked

Tax time is in full effect. Have you done yours yet? I got mine done 2 months ago, because ours are pretty simple. There are SOME advantages to not having a load of assets and income. Here’s five quick tips for doing your taxes:

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  1. Gather together all of your important financial documents that may assist you in doing your taxes correctly. If you realized that you didn’t do a very good job of keeping track of this time, take the time to set up a folder or designated area to keep all of your charitable donation receipts, W-2’s, investment returns, and other important financial records.

Congress Finally Notices that Credit Card Companies Are a Bunch of Crooks

It took a while, but Congress is finally starting to take interest in the unbelievable practices of the cut-throat credit card industry. Senator Carl Levin will be heading up a committee to investigate the practices of credit card companies and come up with legislation that would further regulate the financial practices of credit card companies. I work in the insurance industry, so I definitely understand that it is our responsibility to read the credit card terms and conditions. But let’s be honest, unless you work in the credit card industry, it’s impossible to figure out how they calculate your daily, weekly, monthly, and even your yearly interest rate.

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A Great Article About Paying Off Debt

Free Money Finance posted this article about a guy who chose to be homeless and live out of his truck while trying to pay off his debt! Now that takes dedication. Read the article. It’s a good one, and it might inspire you to make a sacrifice today in order to help pay off your debt.