How I Started A Side Business For Extra Income

I’ve been working on blogs, Facebooking, Tweeting, Linking In, and YouTubing for almost 5 years now. I started writing for this blog in 2006 with a vision about turning a passion of mine, personal finance, into a blog where I could share my thoughts and experiences about personal finance. Four years later, personal finance is one of the hottest blogging communities on the web, and Money Crashers is poised to have its best year yet as a personal finance blog. I still make a nice little side income from writing for Money Crashers, but while I was learning about blogs and social networks, I developed a strong set of skills about how to market a business on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. I also started learning about the power of having an updated company blog and link building strategies to optimize search engine rankings for company websites, and that was the beginning of a career transition and the start of my side business.

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An Overall View Of Dave Ramsey’s Steps to Financial Success

Love him or hate him, Dave Ramsey gives great common sense advice about how to get out of debt and build wealth.  People that hate him often don’t want to make the sacrifices in their lives that he describes you must make if you want to win with money.  Here’s a great video from him that gives you a good synopsis of what he’s all about and his financial success program.

New York Times Will Start Charging For Content in 2011

I came across this article today on CNN Money about the NY Times charging for their content in 2011. It doesn’t surprise me that major news publications are going this route, because their print subscriptions are suffering largely, and they don’t know what to do. As a fairly serious blogger for over 4 years, my beef with the NY Times is not that they are making a business move to generate an extra source of revenue. My beef is that that reason they need to start charging for content online is because they spent the last 5 years thinking this real-time information movement on the internet was just a fad. They laughed at bloggers, and now many print journalists now work for blogs like Politico and the Huffington Post. If they would have spent time learning how to create a sustainable business model on the Internet from the beginning, they would have enough advertisement agreements on their website to subsidize the money they’re losing in reduced print subscriptions. Ok, I’m stepping off the soap box now. So, what does this mean for us?

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Websites and Mobile Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

At Money Crashers, we’re serious about setting goals and accomplishing those goals. If you set goals for your money with regards to eliminating debt, saving money, organizing your finances, and preparing for retirement, you’ll find yourself a much wealthier person in the future. Not only do we want to help you set goals for 2010, we want to help you accomplish those goals, because setting goals doesn’t mean jack if you don’t make progress to accomplishing them. That’s one reason we put together one of the largest giveaways ever in the personal finance blogger community. We’re also committed to pointing you in the right direction to resources that can help you track your progress to accomplish your goals.

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Should You Pay More Money For Quality?

One of the biggest struggles for a frugal shopper is balancing price with quality. The old adage, “You get what you pay for” is definitely true in many instances, but it’s very easy to be tricked into paying more money for something that isn’t worth it. The older I’ve become, the more I realize that paying for quality is important, but you must be careful and do your research to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. I’ve realized that buying the cheapest model or brand of a particular consumer item doesn’t always end up being cheaper.

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Get Financially Fit in 2010: Have The Heart Of A Giver

The final segment of this mini-series is a charge to become a giver. Being a giver doesn’t always come natural, and that doesn’t make you a bad person. Having the heart of a giver takes daily training. Your ultimate goal for becoming wealthy should be to give back to others to help them reach their life goals. Sticking with the analogy of becoming physically fit, the ultimate of goal of losing weight is because you’ll improve your health dramatically and you’ll look and feel better. In the same way, giving back financially is the ultimate reason why we seek to build wealth. It’s therapy for the soul, because having wealth can quickly turn to a bad thing if not used properly.

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Getting Financially Fit in 2010: Save For Retirement and Large Purchases

Have you ever lost a decent amount of weight and then found yourself back at the same weight a year or two later? The reason for that is you work so hard at working out consistently and changing your diet to meet your goal of losing weight, but after you reach your goal, you slowly slip back into your old ways and soon find yourself back at the same weight you started with. When getting financially fit, many people are able to reach their goal of getting out of debt, but then they find themselves slowly slipping back into debt and not increasing their net worth.

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Personal Finance Round-Up Giveaway Bash Style

5 days down, and 21 more to go for our New Year Giveaway Bash! We’ve had a huge response so far, and we appreciate your participation! We’ve been around for a while, but we haven’t done a great job at getting our name out there and giving back to our faithful readers, so this is our way of saying THANKS and Money Crashers is going full steam ahead in 2010!

Here are some of the best personal finance articles from the blogging community:

Wisebread shows you how to make your entire home paperless

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Will The Google Nexus One Change The Way We Buy Cell Phones?

Ever since cell phones became popular and now to the point that you look at someone like they are an alien if they don’t have a cell phone, they have been sold exclusively with cell phone service providers. It was a marketing strategy that gave cell phone carriers an incentive to force customers into signing up for 1 or 2 year contracts. The cell phone is like a printer. The printer manufacturer doesn’t give a crap about the sale of the printer, they want to hook you onto buying ink from them for the rest of your life. So, you could buy the cell phone for really cheap or even free with a contract or if you didn’t want a contract, the phone would still be locked for that specific carrier and you paid a crap load of money for it.

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5 Financial Moves To Make In The Beginning Of The Year

The new year is full of promise and optimism by many of us. I always chuckle when I go to the gym in early January, and I notice that about three times the amount of people are working out than in December. Then by February, the numbers drop again. We tend to focus more on losing weight early in the year, but there are other aspects of your life you should think about early in the year as well. To get ready for tax time and get your finances off to a good start, consider these 5 moves to make to better your finances for 2010.

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