How to Spot an Up-and-Coming Neighborhood Before It’s Popular

soho new york artHere’s the situation: You want to live downtown, but all the neighborhoods you’ve looked at are way out your price range. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could spot the next “hot” neighborhood before it’s hot? You’d get a great property for cheap, and end up living in one of the most desirable spots in town.

This is exactly what happened to New York City’s SoHo. Back in the 1970s, SoHo was little more than a warehouse district. Then, artists moved in because the rent was so cheap, and they got bargain prices. Now? It’s one of New York’s trendiest neighborhoods.

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Pros & Cons of Buying a Condo – Is It Worth It?

condo interiorIf you’re thinking about purchasing a home, buying a condo might look pretty appealing. After all, you don’t have to worry about exterior maintenance, you get a pool you don’t have to pay for or keep clean, and you get an awesome fitness center (which saves money on your gym membership).

It’s like an apartment that you own. What’s not to love?

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons to buying a condo. Before you sign on the dotted line, it’s important to weigh these important factors, and remember some key questions to ask when buying a condo.

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Pros & Cons of Leasing a Car vs. Buying a Car

girl yellow carYou’ve probably heard more than once that car leasing is a bad deal. And in many cases, it definitely makes more sense to buy a car outright. But this doesn’t mean leasing a car is a bad move for everyone. Like any issue, there are pros and cons to leasing a car.

Around 20% of all new car transactions are leases, so it’s clear that there are definitely people out there who love the thought of always driving around in a new car.

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5 Bedroom Interior Design Ideas on a Budget

bedroom design redWhen you think about your bedroom, what comes to mind? Is it a serene oasis, a place where you can escape and relax after a hectic day? Or is a jumbled mess of clothes, generic posters, and boring furniture?

Of all the areas in the home, the bedroom is usually the room that gets the least amount of attention. After all, guests rarely set foot there and most of your own time there is spent sleeping.

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18 Side Business Ideas You Can Start Today

woman walking dogs businessWhen you’re on the path of frugality, you’ve basically got two options when it comes to padding your bank account: you can either trim expenses to save more money, or you can try to earn more money. Doing both will, of course, greatly increase the chance you’ll achieve your long-term financial goals, whether that’s to pay back your student loans or save up for your dream vacation.

Coming up with a side business is a great way to earn extra money. I’ve started several businesses in the past, from a successful blog to a professional organizing business, and can tell you first hand that not only is becoming an entrepreneur incredibly rewarding, but it can also be very lucrative.

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What to Feed Your Dog – Cheap, Healthy Dog Food Brands & Recipes

dog food puppyDo you have a dog? I have two, and if you’re the proud owner of a canine yourself, then you don’t need me to tell you just how expensive feeding these guys can be (i.e. how much a dog really costs).

This is why it’s so important that you look out for cheap, healthy dog food. You need to make sure your pets don’t break your budget, while at the same time helping your pets stay healthy by eating high quality food.

Comparing Dog Food Brands

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22 Unique First Date Ideas – What to Do on a Budget

guy gives girl flowerWhen I think back to the first date I had with my husband, what surprises me is how ordinary it was. We simply met at his house, and talked from our hearts for an entire rainy afternoon.

If, that is, you could call that a date at all. Some might contest the term. However, some version of that conversation has been going on for 13 years now, and that first date ended up leading to the rest of my life. Who knew?

What Makes a Great First Date?

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Baking Soda Health Benefits & Remedies

This article is part of the Money Crashers Natural Medicine Cabinet Series, outlining 20 of the top natural home remedies and treatment.

baking soda waterI’ve written about the many uses of baking soda, and I’m a huge fan. When I buy it, I get it in the jumbo, 13.5 lb. bag from Costco, and I use the stuff for everything.

Although a lot of people use baking soda for cooking and cleaning, most don’t know that baking soda is a powerful healer as well. In fact, Reader’s Digest classifies baking soda as a Top 20 Household Healer in their book 1,801 Home Remedies: Trustworthy Treatments for Everyday Health Problems. Entire books have been written about baking soda because it’s considered by many to be a miracle product.

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How to Start a Home Vegetable Garden – Benefits & Saving Money

couple vegetable gardeningI love gardening. Every spring I start dreaming of all the veggies I’m going to plant, and I love going to my local farmers’ market and picking out tomatoes, cucumbers, and field peas to plant.

Have you ever thought about starting a home garden?

With food prices rising and more people trying to save money due to the economy, home gardening has taken off in a big way in recent years. Many vegetable seed companies report sales have shot up 30-50%, which is a clear indicator that more people are putting on their gardening gloves and getting to work.

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8 Green Small Business Ideas & Opportunities

green hair small businessIf you’re looking for ways to earn some extra money, you might want to think about starting a green side business.

Not only is having a green business a great way to set yourself apart from your competition, but it also makes you more memorable in the minds of your potential customers.

So what exactly is a green business, you ask? Here are 8 examples you can start with right away.

Go Green Small Business Ideas

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