What Is the Fair Tax Act Explained – Pros and Cons

fair tax signAfter the first time trying to prepare and file personal taxes, most Americans learn the same lesson: The American tax system is complex and difficult to understand. Many people also feel that corporations, wealthy individuals and families, and special interest groups have unfair access to loopholes and exemptions that help them avoid paying their “fair share.”

One system that has gained a following in recent years is called the Fair Tax Plan. Simply put, this plan would replace the federal income tax system with a flat national sales tax. Proponents believe this initiative would eliminate loopholes, evenly spread the tax burden, and eliminate hassle without diminishing federal tax revenues.

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How Addiction to Electronics Affects the Environment & Our Lives

tv addictedAccording to the Consumer Electronics Association, the average American household spent $1,380 over the past year on consumer electronics (CE), such as HDTVs, cell phones, video game systems, computers, portable music devices, and Blu-ray players. This translates to a $165 billion per year industry that is apparently thriving in spite of a recession.

Already this year, I have purchased a new digital camera, multiple external hard drives, computer peripherals, and a very expensive, high-end printer. It seems like technology is getting smarter, smaller, and cheaper at a faster pace than ever before. According to Moore’s Law, technology doubles its speed and power every two years. But judging by how often new products come out at Best Buy, it seems closer to every two months!

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Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA – Differences in Rules & Limits

save retire lightbulbThe traditional IRA and the Roth IRA are popular savings vehicles for retirement, mainly because each individual retirement account has tax advantages that allow your investments to grow at an accelerated rate when compared to ordinary taxable accounts. This can be a great boon for retirement savings.

But what’s the difference between a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA, and which one is right for you? The answer to that question will depend on how their features help or hinder your unique situation. Which IRA you choose, and how much you can contribute, will depend in large part on the following factors:

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