What to Wear to Work – Tips for 4 Types of Office Dress Code Policies

dressing professionally for the officeSkirt or slacks? Tights or bare legs? Sandals or pumps? These are the questions you might find yourself asking each morning as you select work attire. And, depending on the dress code your company enforces, you could be spot on – or woefully off-base in your fashion choices.

According to a survey by Salary.com, only 55% of workplaces have a dress code. If your new employee orientation didn’t cover it, contact HR to ask about the official policy. Even if your orientation manual tells you to dress “business casual,” though, what exactly does that mean? What is acceptable – and what isn’t?

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8 Ways to Add Accent to Your Outfit Combinations for $50

wardrobe updateWe’ve all been there: pawing through a perfectly adequate wardrobe and still feeling like there’s nothing to wear. One day, you love your current collection of duds, and the next, you’re completely bored by every single option. Sure, a new wardrobe in this season’s “it” colors, fabrics, and styles would help inject some life into anyone’s closet, but it would also cost a small fortune. So, you have a choice – wear something old, or splurge on something new.

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How to Better Organize Your Makeup – 5 Essential Tips

makeupWhen you’re totally obsessed with beauty products, buying and sampling the latest goods isn’t the problem – it’s trying to store them all. My makeup drawer is overrun with beauty products, from old standby favorites to impulse buys I don’t even like anymore. Sound familiar?

Though it’s just a short, afternoon project, organizing your makeup drawer can result in major benefits. Not only can it help you save time when searching for your favorite lipstick, it can also save you money: When you know what you have on-hand, you can avoid purchasing duplicates.

How to Organize Your Makeup Drawer

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6 Fashion Rules to Ignore to Save Money on Clothes

shoppingIt’s one thing to consider yourself fashionable, but it’s another thing to stubbornly follow so-called “fashion rules” despite a tight personal budget. Sure, “Vogue” might promise that pastels are hot this season, but you don’t need to follow every industry trend and rule to be considered fashionable.

From an industry standpoint, so-called rules are typically put in place to entice you to spend more money. After all, if it was deemed acceptable to wear white after Labor Day, you might not be as anxious to invest in darker colors come September.

Fashion Rules to Break

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7 Bad Clothes Shopping Habits to Break Now

shoppingA love-hate relationship with shopping is all too common. Spending hours at the mall or scooping up deals online can be a fun treat on occasion, but your spending habits can get completely out of control if you’re not careful. For some people, shopping has the same endorphin-inducing effect that comes from exercise or falling in love – some people just can’t say no. Shopping can also become a bit of a crutch, especially if you use those new clothing and accessories as a way to combat negative emotions.

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9 Tips to Save on Women’s Plus-Size Fashion & Clothing

plus size clothesThe plus-size fashion industry raked in more than $16.2 billion in revenue, and if you wear plus-size clothes, you know the cost of fashion all too well. Unfortunately, plus-size fashion is often priced at a premium, making it difficult to stay within your personal budget. According to the CDC, the average American woman has a waist circumference of 37.5 inches and a dress size of 14, which is typically considered plus size. It’s clear that more and more of the population is demanding that plus-size fashion be offered to the masses at a decent price.

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7 Ways to Shop for a Cause This Holiday Season

shopping for a cause‘Tis the season for cooking, baking, laughing, singing, and of course, shopping. After all, what is the holiday season for if not the joy of giving?

Whether you’re picking up a present for your mom or for your significant other, much of November and December is dedicated to finding, purchasing, and giving the perfect present. In fact, the annual Consumer Reports Holiday Poll found that the average person spends $437 over the holidays.

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How to Create a Holiday Budget – 8 Ways to Save More Money During Christmas Season

holiday savingsIs it me, or do the holidays seem to creep up quicker each year? One minute, you’re carving your Halloween pumpkin, and the next, you’re battling crowds for the last video game console for your nine-year-old son. Yes, it’s getting to be that time of year again. And while the holidays might conjure images of juicy turkeys, family time, and carol-singing, they may also bring to mind something less festive: crushing credit card debt.

According to the American Research Group, the average American family plans to spend more than $800 on gifts alone for the holiday season. And 37% of Americans use their credit cards to fund their holiday spending.

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10 Timeless, Fashionable Pieces of Clothing All Women Should Own

clothes shoppingOne of the most common fashion shopping tips for building a great wardrobe is to base it on timeless foundation pieces, and then add trendier clothes each season. Unfortunately, while that advice represents a great place to start, it’s not always clear what those “foundation” pieces actually are. Investing in your wardrobe is great, but it’s crucial to know exactly what to buy.

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