Buy Now, Save Later – 5 Upfront Purchases That Save You Money

shopping“Buy Now, Save Later!” It’s one of those slogans a marketing genius once thought up to help push consumers into spending. But as the saying goes, you can’t save money by spending it. So that begs the question: Are preemptive purchases ever truly beneficial?

The answer might actually be yes. While you probably won’t conserve a ton of cash by purchasing shoes simply because they’re on sale this weekend (they’re sure to go on sale again), there may be some purchases that could actually help you hang onto your hard-earned cash in the future. It’s unlikely, however, that these purchases are the ones being advertised with the “Buy Now, Save Later” tagline, so you need to stay sharp and watch for the right opportunities.

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10 Ways to Curb Financial Anxiety When You’re Stressed About Money

financial anxietyWe’ve all been there before: You wake up in the middle of the night, and while you try to get back to sleep, your mind veers to the topic of money. Before you know it, you’re in a full-blown 2am panic during which you lose sleep and accomplish little. What begins as a passing thought to remember to pay the bills can suddenly leave you worried about how you’d pay those bills if you lost your job, how to climb out of debt, or how to make your budget stretch for the month.

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How to Organize Clothes and Clean Out Your Closet

closetWithout regular reorganization, my closet looks like a sample sale after the customers have ransacked the shelves. If your clothes closet is a similar disaster zone, there’s no time like the present to take charge of your wardrobe, and get your space cleaned up.

Organizing your closet isn’t just about cleanliness, though. It’s about categorizing and taking inventory of everything you have, getting rid of the stuff you don’t wear anymore, and essentially rebooting your style for the coming season. After all, it’s hard to work those killer boots into your rotation when you forget you have them in the first place. If you’ve got a few spare hours, I strongly suggest a major closet clean-out to help you reclaim that space and reset your style. Here’s how to get started.

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10 Shopping Tips to Save Money at Outlet Malls & Factory Stores

outlet shoppingWhen it comes to shopping, is there anything better than an outlet mall? Amazing sales, deep discounts, and significant savings abound, all in one place. However, the problem is that what seems like an amazing place to score great deals can actually end up being a spending trap – especially if those so-called “deals” aren’t all that great.

A savvy outlet mall shopper knows that just because something has a sale tag on it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a worthy discount. In fact, some of the secrets behind how outlet malls actually operate could surprise you – and make you think twice before pulling out your wallet the next time you visit one.

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8 Home Buying Tips to Learn from HGTV’s “House Hunters”

house huntersIf there’s one show that I chain-watch the most, it’s “House Hunters.” Seeing hopeful would-be homeowners search for the property of their dreams gets me every time – and because of my obsessive watching, my husband is now hooked too.

In each episode of “House Hunters,” a person or couple looking to purchase a home meets with a real estate agent and offers a budget and a list of must-haves. The agent then takes the hunters to three different properties, where they have the opportunity to explore and discuss each one’s pros and cons. At the end, the hunters pick which house they want, and the audience is treated to a quick post-purchase update.

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10 Cheap & Frugal Celebrities – Lessons You Can Learn About Money

leonard dicaprioAnytime you page through the latest issue of a tabloid magazine, you receive a lesson in excess: celebrities frolicking on expensive vacations, wearing thousands of dollars in designer clothes, and driving the latest must-have $100,000 SUV. Of course, it’s expensive to maintain that Hollywood image, so it’s never too surprising to hear about celebrities going bankrupt after their 15 minutes of fame are up.

But just because the majority of celebs are spending money like the gravy train is in perpetual motion doesn’t mean that all A-listers follow suit. In fact, there is a group of celebs in Hollywood known for their frugal way of life, even when it’s clear that they’re rolling in dough.

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How to Dye Your Hair at Home – 9 Tips to Get Salon-Quality Color

hair coloringIf you’re like me, you just don’t have three hours to sit in a salon chair to get your hair cut and colored. After realizing that a professional-looking treatment isn’t very hard to copy – and in the interest of saving my time, money, and sanity – I set about perfecting my home hair coloring technique. At first, it may seem like a recipe for disaster, but if all you’re doing is covering up grays or making minor changes to shade, you’re a prime candidate for home coloring.

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7 Affordable Spring Clothes & Accessories for Women

springtimeI grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and I can vouch that whatever you’ve heard about Canadian winters is absolutely true. They’re harsh, cold, and can feel never-ending. And of course, there’s always that one gorgeous day in March that makes you uncharacteristically optimistic about the arrival of spring, only to collapse back into winter the very next day.

Whether you need to dress professionally or casually, trying to match your style to the unpredictable mood swings of Mother Nature can leave you feeling frustrated. Learning to transition your wardrobe to warmer weather when the seasons are slow to change is essential.

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9 Financial Lessons to Learn from “Downton Abbey” (Spoiler Alert)

downton abbeyIf you were one of the 8.5 million viewers who sighed when the latest season of “Downton Abbey” came to an end, join the club – I’m a diehard fan. Blame it on my love for all things British and the amazing costumes – and, of course, the juicy storyline and gasp-inducing plot twists as well.

But while “Downton Abbey” might simply be seen as a bit of fun for a Sunday night, I’ve noticed a recurring theme that colors literally every part of the show, characters, and plot: money. After all, the entire premise of the show is to prove that between the “have” and the “have nots,” everyone has their own challenges. With this in mind, I started watching the show with renewed interest in the theme of money and financial security.

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How to Use a 21-Day Financial Fast to Improve Spending Habits

saving moneyIn “The 21-Day Financial Fast: Your Path to Financial Peace and Freedom,”¬†financial advisor and Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary outlines the “financial fast,” a sort of money diet that promises to break bad spending habits, create a plan to become debt free, and set yourself on a better financial course for the future. While on a financial fast, you can’t spend any unnecessary money – at all. Unless it’s food, shelter, or something else essential to survival, you’re committing to making do with what you already have.

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