10 Best Gift Ideas for Men for Under $100

gifts for menEspecially if you’re on a tight budget, it’s tough to shop for gifts for men. Since you’ll be looking for a low-price gift, chances are that if he wants it, he already bought it. The trick? Find something he wouldn’t have gotten on his own.

Here are some one-of-a-kind experiences or high-priced items that you can get for a surprisingly low cost. By focusing on luxury items that you can find for a reasonable price, you can delight someone with an item he normally wouldn’t have even dreamed of purchasing.

Unique Gift Ideas for Men

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Aurora Bank Review – An Online Bank with Competitive Interest Rates

aurora bank logoWhen the age of the commercial Internet dawned in the mid 1990’s, banks were quick to seize on the potential of this new development. Until that time, retail banks required expensive branch offices in each community they hoped to serve. However, an online bank could broaden its customer base by marketing services to all United States residents.

So it happened that consumers benefited from increased competition for their business while banks cut their costs by reducing or eliminating the need for branch locations and staff. Aurora Bank is one such Delaware-based institution that offers certificates of deposit (CDs) and money market accounts in addition to checking and savings accounts and home mortgages.

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Why Most Americans Should Not Use Credit Cards

cut credit cardWhen people fall on hard times, they react to their new reality by taking a far more cautious approach to their personal finances, which includes turning towards other methods of payment for their daily spending. Although many people rely on credit cards, research points to decreased credit card use. The reasons why someone might discontinue using credit cards varies, but prolonged debt, and surplus of information about credit card interest rates can contribute to the decline in credit card usage.

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Does Closing a Credit Card Account Hurt Your Credit Score?

woman cut credit cardWhen I was younger, I tried to close my unused credit card accounts to boost my credit score. I never carried a balance, but I thought if I had too many credit cards, I wouldn’t be eligible for new lines of credit. Years later, I discovered this belief was misguided, and that the truth was far more complicated.

To understand how closing a credit card account can hurt your credit score, it helps to know how the score is calculated. Companies used to review your credit history to determine your creditworthiness, and then decide whether or not to grant you a line of credit. Today, the credit bureaus have boiled your credit history down to a single number, the credit score.

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How to Sell or Trade In Your Old iPhone for a New One

iphone handAs technology continues to improve at increasingly rapid speeds, new phones hit the market on a seemingly daily basis. Smartphones, iPhones in particular, have been dominating the market so strongly, and new releases come out so quickly, that one starts to think about what to do with an “old” iPhone after just three months.

When the new and improved version comes out, do you set it aside in a junk drawer? Give it away? Especially if you still have a relatively new device, selling or trading in your old phone is likely your most appealing option.

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What Is Roku – Review of Streaming Digital Media Player

roku logoIn the 40’s and 50’s, Americans began receiving their television signals over the air. In the 70’s and 80’s, cable and satellite companies largely supplanted the broadcast signal.

One day, we will look back at this decade as the period in time when over the air digital television and content from the Internet replaced cable and satellite television. While the explosion of Internet programming is exciting, watching television on your computer may not feel like progress.

Fortunately, innovative companies have stepped forward to extend your Internet media from your computer’s monitor to your television. Roku offers several models of its Internet video streaming device.

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Citi mtvU Platinum Select Credit Card Review for College Students

This offer is no longer available.

Obtain a student credit card to develop your personal finance skills. Receiving rewards for charging more purchases to a credit card may seem tempting, but students should limit their spending, and pay their balances in full every month.

The Citi mtvU Platinum Select card rewards students for good grades. Students can redeem awards for MTV-branded merchandise and events.

Key Features

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  • Earn ThankYou Points. For each dollar spent, students earn a point in Citi’s proprietary rewards program. Students earn five ThankYou points for spending in categories popular with students including book stores, movie theaters, music stores, restaurants, and video rental stores. Students can earn up to 75,000 ThankYou points each year.

What to Look for When Buying a Laptop Computer – Specs Explained

man holding laptop computerLaptop computers used to come with a prohibitive price tag compared to the cost of mainstream desktop computers. Over the past few years, however, the desktop’s cost advantage has vanished, making a laptop the overwhelming favorite if you have limited desk space or just think you have the slightest chance you might use your computer outside of your home.

At the same time, technological advances have brought about laptops that are smaller, faster, lighter, and easier to use. The only downside to these developments is that now you have a lot of options, and choosing the right laptop is increasingly difficult. Here are the factors that you need to consider:

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6 Reasons to Buy a Car with Cash and Avoid Car Loans

buy car cashDo Americans love their cars too much? Even as a car lover myself, I would argue yes. There is no other explanation for our behavior. Most of us who wouldn’t consider financing furniture or appliance purchases will take out a loan to finance our vehicles without a second thought.

Every time I fill out an application that inquires about my family’s finances, there is always a section that asks how much my car payment is. Ever since I bought my first car, my answer has always been the same: zero. Yet, I invariably see friends and co-workers driving around in new cars bragging about the great terms they got on financing. As you will see, great financing is always an illusion and you actually should never borrow money to buy a car. Cash is still king when it comes to purchasing your car.

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HSBC Advance Online Savings Account Review

In this day and age, online savings accounts have taken the reins in the industry. Online accounts provide the flexibility of anytime banking with a high annual percentage yield (APY).

The main attraction of online banks is that they can provide higher interest rates because they don’t have the added costs of running many traditional brick-and-mortar banks. They also tend to boast no maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements. Online savings accounts have the capability to link to external bank accounts, which makes transferring money easy.

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