How to Find Credit Cards Without Foreign Transaction Fees

credit card foreign eurosThe CARD Act of 2009 eliminated almost all of the traditional tricks and traps that banks used to employ to separate you from your money. However, one of the last remaining fees that banks are still allowed to charge is the foreign transaction fee.

The foreign transaction fee is not a currency exchange commission. In fact, purchases in U.S. dollars made outside the country are usually subject to this fee, meaning you don’t even have to leave home to be ripped off. You’ll also pay the foreign transaction fee on some purchases that are merely processed in other countries.

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Hybrid Cars Pros and Cons – Benefits & Problems

hybrid car mountainsMy wife and I thought we were doing well with our Subaru wagons since we had avoided the purchase of a gas guzzling SUV. Our “Subies” are fun to drive, hold lots of stuff, and usually see about 22 miles to the gallon.

Nevertheless, our Outback was starting to get up there in miles and was generating repair bills that were uncharacteristic for a Subaru. Being fascinated with hybrid technology, we finally decided to take the plunge and replace the old Outback with a newer hybrid.

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How NOT to Use a Credit Card – 10 Uses You Should Avoid at All Costs

credit card debt womanHave you ever heard someone talk about how they use their credit card and just had to shake your head? Though the Internet is filled with good advice on how to use credit cards and rewards wisely, some people are just not getting the message.

Of course, what’s really going on is they’re getting a different message; they’re listening to what credit card companies want them to do. And because credit card companies are out to make a profit – a profit off your hard-earned money – that is generally a very bad idea.

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How to Crack US Airways Dividend Miles Redemption for Rewards Travel

us airways dividend miles logoYou spend years earning frequent flier miles through travel, credit cards, and various promotions. But when the time comes to book your flight, the airline wants to redeem twice the amount of miles you expected. How many times has this happened to you?

It’s happened to many US Airways customers when they’ve tried to redeem their Dividend Miles. US Airways has severely restricted their award seat availability on their own flights, while making it very difficult to find available award seats on their partners’ flights. Fortunately, there is a large community of travelers dedicated to the challenge of finding awards and they’re willing to share their secrets.

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How to Sell Your House by Owner – Without a Realtor

house for sale by ownerOwning a home is one of the biggest investments most people ever make. When it’s time to sell your property, the standard practice is to find a real estate agent.

After the sale, your agent and the buyer’s agent will share about 7% of the sale price as their commission, which amounts to a hefty portion of your equity being lost to the real estate agents.

After buying and selling multiple properties, I eventually realized that I was paying the real estate agents too much money for something I could handle myself. I discovered how to sell a property while retaining significantly more equity than if I had hired an agent.

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5 Revolutionary New Types of Bicycle Parts & Accessories to Look for

bike technologiesNothing is quite as enjoyable as the simple pleasure of riding a bicycle. That pleasure can disappear, however, when you have to deal with a flat tire or a malfunctioning derailleur. Jarring rides, poor brakes, and greasy chain marks on pants and legs are some of the other common inconveniences that cyclists have tolerated for more than a century.

Thankfully, manufacturers are adapting technologies from other industries and applying them to bicycles to reduce or eliminate some of these problems. If you have an old clunker gathering dust in your garage, take a look at the next generation of bicycles and how they have evolved to make cycling even more enjoyable than it has ever been. And if you’ve put off a regular tuneup for a little too long, consider some of these practical innovations.

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Top 3 Online Computer Security Threats Travelers Should Watch for

hacker computer maskIn an incredibly connected world, it’s easy to feel as if the Internet is safe and accessible no matter where you are in the world. To a large extent, you can go online using computers in cyber cafes and hotel lobbies in nearly every country, but there are risks in doing so.

If you understand how your information can be compromised and take steps to counter those threats, however, you can safely log on to your most sensitive accounts from anywhere in the world.

Here are the three most serious threats facing travelers when they go online, and what to do about them.

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Credit Card Chargebacks 101 – Process & Rules for Shoppers

credit card chargeback manWhen credit cards are used wisely, they offer an incredibly convenient way to pay for goods and services. They fit neatly in your wallet, you don’t have to carry loads of cash, and you can easily shop from the privacy of your own home via the Internet – all thanks to a little piece of plastic.

The other bonus? When you pay for things with a credit card, you are guaranteed by law to receive them as promised. If you don’t, federal regulations require that credit card issuing banks reverse transactions in these types of cases in the form of a chargeback.

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What Is Chase Blueprint – Review of Credit Card Payment Program

chase blueprint logoUnder the Credit CARD Act of 2009, credit card companies must allow their users at least 21 days to pay off their credit card bills in any given month free of interest. However, with most credit cards, when you fail to pay your entire balance before the due date, you give up this “grace period” and are retroactively forced to pay interest on the entire month’s worth of purchases, including any portion that you were able to pay off. Under this system, falling short of paying off your entire balance, even by just $25, can result in significant amounts of additional interest on your entire balance.

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