Personal Finance Round-Up: Give Your Finances a Sporting Chance

are you ready for the football?Sports – whether amateur or professional – occupy a huge part of our nation’s identity. If the United States has been a country for 236 years, then sports have been a part of our national fabric for 235 years and 364 days.

Americans are, by nature, imperviously competitive. Ed over at Five Cent Nickel knows this all too well. His son just wrapped up his high school sports career, one that cost the family a pretty penny. “As a family, we loved attending these events, and I wouldn’t trade the experiences for a fatter 401k,” writes Ed – but that doesn’t mean he isn’t helping the rest of us save a little money as we navigate the waters of amateur sports.

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Festival Of Frugality: It’s Time to Cast Your Vote

ballot cross fingersWell, kids, as you know, this is an election year and the running is pretty tight for the class of 2012!

Campus elections are much more fun than national elections, so let’s meet our candidates and see what issues they think will pique your interest.

Of course, this is not a real election, but feel free to “vote” for your favorite articles in this edition of the Festival of Frugality.

Running for Treasurer

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Happy Mother’s Day

happy mothers dayMothers: We’d be nothing without them. We learned from our Twitter chat this week some of the lessons that participants learned from their mothers, like how to save money and how to live within your financial means. Participants’ ages ranged from late teens to late fifties, and each of them had a lesson or two they learned from their mom.

Mothers deserve our appreciation far more often than once per year. Treat your mother right, and prove that you’ve learned something from her about being financially smart by checking out some of these DIY Mother’s Day gifts from

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Start Making More Money Today

skydiverIt’s not easy to work your way up the corporate ladder and into a big salary. While it’s something to aspire to, it can require a massive amount of time. There’s nothing wrong with working toward that nice payday, but there are numerous ways you can start making more money today.

From consulting, to working more hours, to starting your own side business, your creativity is your only limit when it comes to earning extra cash. For instance, you could become a skydiving instructor and spend your weekends flying high while bringing in a few thousand extra dollars a month. You can get the details in this article from The Penny Hoarder: How to Make a Living Jumping Out of Planes. This is merely one of the many ways you can use your spare time to increase your income.

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Make a Budget and Enjoy Yourself

budget for things you enjoyPersonal finance is ultimately personal. Still, people often judge others on what they buy, as well as what they don’t buy. We examine and interpret the spending habits of others, even if we try not to. And ultimately, it is the earner who should be deciding where money is spent – even if “bad” choices are made.

Furthermore, it is up to each individual to create a budget that dictates where and how money is spent. How each person budgets is up to him or her, and it may include some things that you or I don’t necessarily agree with, be it a lavish vacation or a few lottery tickets every once in a while.

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Is Your Privacy Worth a Paycheck?

is this worth a paycheck?Have you ever been in a position where you wanted something so badly you were willing to sacrifice nearly anything for it? For example, the current job market is tough – it has been that way for years, and people are becoming increasingly desperate. But how desperate would you have to be to forfeit basic privacy for a job?

There is a new trend going through the job market – an epidemic, in my mind – of employers asking potential and current employees for their Facebook passwords to full access to their entire social network. That’s like a potential employer asking for your diary at a job interview!

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Forced Behavior Isn’t All Bad

sometimes, being forced to do things is for our own goodWhen you’re a kid, your parents and teachers tell you what to do. They demand that you to do things that you don’t always want to do – but adults know what’s best, right? Sometimes, no, but in many cases they are encouraging discipline and behavior that will benefit you in the long run.

Is being forced to do something that is good for you really a bad thing? If you’re like me, you have to force yourself to eat healthy, work out, and, some days, go to work. Ultimately, it’s for your own good.

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Carnival of Financial Camaraderie: Now I Know My ABC’s

abcs of financeFinance is not usually taught in school until you reach college, if at all. However, kids should begin learning about money in elementary school.

If young children were to learn the basics of finance and gain a strong foundation to build upon, they would encounter far less confusion when they are thrust from the public education system into the real world, bombarded with credit card applications and huge financial decisions for which they aren’t prepared to face.

ABC’s of Personal Finance

If money management was taught in elementary school, it might go something like this:

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Earning More, Saving More

earn more moneyWhen you think you’ve done everything you can to improve your personal and family finances, you may want to take a closer look. It’s likely that there’s just one more aspect of your financial health that you need to examine: your earning potential.

We all have huge potential to earn more. If you have a day job, you could perhaps take on new projects, or volunteer for paid overtime. You also have the ability to earn more via a different venue. You could start a side business, or you could simply sell things you create, like crafts. Quizzle recently posted an article entitled Don’t Save Money. Make More! which gives examples of things you could do to increase your earnings.

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Preventing Identity Theft While Holiday Shopping

online shopping securityBlack Friday, the biggest retail shopping day of the year has just past. Some of you may have hit the stores and stayed up all night to get the killer deals. Others of you may be planning for the biggest online shopping day, Cyber Monday.

No matter what your plans though, these big shopping days don’t always end well and you need to do what you can to protect yourself.

I’m talking about identity theft – which Cyber Monday and Black Friday are prime targets for. Identity theft is a rampart crime these days and anyone can become a victim. Using these tips published in an infographic on Identity Hawk, you can take measures to protect yourself during the holiday shopping season.

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