Personal Finance Round-Up: Do Price Increases Really Matter?

price increase business arrowCrisis after crisis seems to be the trend this year in financial news. We’ve had our problems here in the United States, and now the Eurozone and Greece are wading through troubled waters. What all this financial turmoil means for us is that inflation will be taking hold sooner or later.

In fact, there are already signs of inflation in the digital services arena with Netflix raising its prices, and now Redbox. People flipped out over the increased costs and Netflix lost nearly 1 million members in a short span of time.

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Festival of Frugality: It’s Fright Night with Count Skimpula!

count draculaWelcome to the Festival of Frugality! We’ve got an extra scary good edition of the carnival planned for you today, full of spooks who save, creeps on the cheap, and tricks to send you screaming. Now I’ll turn you over to our host, Count Skimpula!

Muahaha, I am Count Skimpula, here to share some good scare and bring your attention to some especially spooky treats. Now, let me begin. As my spooo-kiest pick of the veek, Frightening Fanny from Living Richly on a Budget writes a tale of horror and trickery with a varning to those getting ready to party this Halloween: Don’t Get Tricked – Save Money on Halloween!

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Weathering the Financial Crisis Ahead

financial crisisLiving in the moment is great, and life has a lot to offer. However, as we get older, we have to face reality and start planning for the later years of our lives. The earlier the better in terms of investments and retirement, but there are other things to think about as well.

While some aspects of planning for the future haven’t changed too much in recent years, others argue that this decade will be very different. In fact, some predict that our generation will experience another Great Depression. In case that truly is the case, check out a post by Smart on Money titled, The Great Depression Ahead and What You Can Do to Survive to get an idea of how you can prepare for the future.

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Don’t Burn Your Bridges

businessman bridgeThe phrase “Don’t burn your bridges” can be interpreted in many ways, but in general, it means don’t ruin a relationship you’ve spent time cultivating regardless of what happens. For example, in the career world, don’t quit your job in a bad way such as cooling your feet in the soft-serve machine at the ice cream parlor you work for, or sending mass emails to all your coworkers telling them exactly what you think of them.

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Life Is Not a Coincidence

hands opportunityWhen something unpleasant happens and no one can be pinned as at fault, they call it a coincidence. Coincidences are everywhere – it was just chance that they happened to be there at that place and time. But when something great happens to someone, they call that an opportunity.

In my eyes there is no difference between opportunity and coincidence. You can’t control what will happen next in your life but you have to look at every situation as a way to make your life and the lives of those around you better.

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Being Wrong Is Better Than Not Being Anything

businessman shrugIt sucks to be wrong. It sucks when your idea is shot down or dies after you put a lot of time and effort into it. It sucks when other people prove you wrong by doing the same thing you tried to do right. But regardless of how it feels, being wrong doesn’t have to be the end of the line.

In fact, if handled appropriately, being wrong is just the beginning. With greater risk comes greater reward. The more wrong you might be, the greater the reward if you turn out to be right! And that’s exactly what these entrepreneurs learned first hand in 5 Startup Failure Stories You Won’t Believe from the SohoOS Blog.

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Leverage What You Have

red house leverageThe U.S. government is in trouble – money trouble that is. We as a nation are in trillions of dollars of debt, much of that to foreign countries, which is scary in and of itself. The worst part is that we are going more and more into debt every day.

So what can the U.S. government do? I mean, the budget remains unbalanced, but to balance it would require enormous cuts like never seen before. Plus, we’d lose too much of what the government provides.

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Personal Finance Round-Up: All Work and No Play Is No Good

all work no playAs I’m writing this, I’m actually sitting on a sandy beach during a much needed vacation. Vacations, big or small, are essential to mental health and can help keep you motivated and going strong. But how in the world can anyone afford to travel now with gas prices rising, airlines milking us for every penny they can, and the price of everything else getting just ridiculous?

My family and I plan and budget for our annual vacation each year. It is costly but we make it work by sacrificing in other areas. There’s only so much money and if we don’t balance things out we’ll come up short. That plan doesn’t leave much for the rest of the year though and that can get difficult when stress starts to build up.

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