Festival Of Frugality: Back to School Edition

high school lockersAs the Principal of the Festival Of Frugality School, I’ve elected to award one participant the Festival of Frugality Valedictorian Award.

As the Valedictorian, this student of finance and life has been well-liked by his fellow students and always brings his positive attitude with him wherever he goes. He brings out the good in others and shines as an example of what other students should aspire to be like. In one particular instance, titled Squirreling Gone Wild #22: Drive-Thru Discount, Ray of the Squirrelers class exhibited grace and charity after his resourcefulness led him to a tiny financial discount along his day to day path.

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How To Profit From Product Launches and Big Sales

You heard it folks, Apple broke off its exclusivity with AT&T and released the iPhone to Verizon customers in early February 2011. With such a product release, big lines are sure to follow.

Apple isn’t the only company capable of creating such a buzz, however. The newest products and innovations from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and various other merchants have caused crowds to line up for what seems like miles.

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Personal Finance Roundup: That’s Deductible!

It’s coming! Yes, Christmas, but more importantly, the end of the year, which is quickly followed by tax season! Hopefully, you are all on top of things and will get your tax documents wrapped up and processed early, but realistically, many of us will finish up somewhere around March or even the night before it’s due.

Remember that it takes time to get things together and there can be some unforeseen obstacles, so be prepared. With that said, for those of us that are employees at a company, it’s a good idea to wait to actually file your return until you are completely sure you have received all of your tax related documents from employers and government bodies.

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Is Shopping With Kids Wearing You Out? Try These Tips

As a parent, shopping with your kids can be a frustrating and exhausting experience. When your child is not crying for this thing or that thing, they are sneaking things into the cart or making a big mess in the aisle. Here are some tips to keep things under control and create not just a tolerable experience, but also an enjoyable and fruitful one for both you and your child while doing the shopping:

Create a Game Plan Beforehand

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How To Have A Safe And Practical Halloween

Do you smell that? That’s the smell of fall! And with that smell comes all the fun things you get to do in October like planning Halloween festivities, putting together an intricate and spooky costume that even your own kids won’t recognize you in, and scaring your in-laws with a huge Jack-O-Lantern carved like a creepy ghoul or ghost. And perhaps the best part is all of the goodies floating around offices and in everyone’s homes!

October is a really fun and exciting time of year but if you are unprepared and don’t plan ahead, Halloween can quickly turn into a nightmare (pun intended).

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