Using a Cosigner Service for Your Apartment Lease – Benefits & Risks

rental agreementIt seems that money can buy almost anything these days, and one such thing available for struggling renters to purchase is an apartment lease cosigner.

A cosigner service provides consumers who otherwise cannot qualify to rent an apartment or home with a guarantee of rent payment to the landlord. While it is an interesting and intriguing concept, it’s also important to fully understand how cosigner services work so you can weigh the various pros and cons. Be sure to learn more about the background information – including risks and costs – before jumping in.

Who Can Benefit From a Cosigning Service

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How to Build Your Credit History Fast – 8 Best Ways

woman holding credit cardOne of the biggest challenges you will face following college graduation is building your credit history to achieve a good credit score. Your credit score and history are like your financial resume. They can help you land a job, lease an apartment, decrease auto insurance premiums, purchase a house, and more. They can also keep you from doing these things.

You likely know that building good credit is important – but you may have no clue how to do it. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to achieve a great credit score.

How to Go From Having No Credit to Great Credit

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10 Credit Score Myths Debunked – Get the Real Facts

creditYour credit score and credit report can seem like elusive concepts – you know what each one is, but do you truly know how your credit score is calculated, and what your credit report reveals about you?

While it is extremely important to be financially responsible by paying off your bills and not accruing debt, it is also wise to have a full understanding of your credit score and credit report, especially if you are a current and potential borrower. Unfortunately, there are many myths that may cloud your judgment and your self-assessment.

Credit Myths

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