Second-Hand Shopping: How to Save at Thrift Stores & Consignment Shops

clothes saleThe strategies of extreme couponing, waiting for sales, and shopping at your local dollar store can save you money on products you need. Don’t overlook the humble second-hand store as a great way to also save a lot of money on brand name items. Effective thrift store shopping takes time, but you can find beautiful, functional items for your home and wardrobe without breaking the bank. In addition, when you shop at charity thrift stores, you can support worthy organizations that help your less fortunate neighbors.

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6 Unforeseen Challenges of Working from Home – How to Avoid Home Business Doom

casual business man work from homeHome business ads consistently emphasize the dream of working from home in your pajamas and not having any boss but yourself. They also promise that you can earn “as much as you want, when you want.” As a self-employed person, I can tell you that this just isn’t the way things work.

I make a decent living, but it’s not because I follow the work protocols promoted by these ads. I’ve learned the hard way that “tiresome” workplace policies like dress codes and standard working hours aren’t in place because managers and executives like to vex their workers. Instead, these policies help employees work efficiently and make companies profitable. Moreover, I now have a greater appreciation than ever for all the administrative tasks I previously could ignore when working for a larger company.

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Help with Landlord Tenant Security Deposits – Laws for Refunds & Deductions

Ah, the joys of moving to a new rental apartment or house! Not only do you have to get packed up and move, but you also have to save up the cash to make a deposit on a new place and wait for your current landlord to return the deposit you paid when you first moved in.

Security deposits can make moving less affordable and may be difficult to get back. But if you understand your rights as a tenant, take good care of your home, and follow up with your landlord after you move, you can keep your security deposit safe.

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Psych Yourself Rich Book Review and Farnoosh Torabi Interview

psych yourself rich book coverHow much personal finance information do people really need? After all, the Internet is chock full of free personal finance advice, ranging from suggestions on consumer rights and how to avoid scams from the Federal Trade Commission, to targeted investment advice over at the The Motley Fool. For many, the problem isn’t ignorance of smart money management, it’s actually taking the initiative to put that knowledge into practice. For example, many people understand that credit card balances need to stay below 30% of the limit to achieve a decent credit score, but they still manage to max out the cards anyway.

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5 Common Problems & Issues of Looking for a Roommate – How to Protect Yourself

roommate argumentWhen money gets tight, taking on a roommate becomes a temptation. Roommates can help pay your rent or mortgage, utility bills, and maybe even your food costs.

But watch out: While many roommate arrangements typically start off with a cordial handshake, once a roommate moves into your home, the arrangement takes on legal significance under state and local landlord and tenant laws. This can make getting rid of a troublesome roommate difficult.

Here are a few of the common dangers of taking in a boarder, and ways to avoid or minimize problems.

Risks of Finding a Roommate

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Style on a Shoestring Book Review By Andy Paige – Develop Your Cents of Style

style on a shoestring bookIt’s a vicious cycle and a catch-22: You’re cash-poor and don’t want to rack up a lot of credit card debt, so you skimp out on buying quality clothes. Unfortunately, your ill-fitting, cheap-looking wardrobe doesn’t earn you respect at work or do much for your self-confidence, so you get passed over for opportunities that could get you a raise. But without career advancement, you won’t get the money you need to afford clothes that can make a good impression on your boss and coworkers. Sound familiar?

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6 Things to Consider Before Going Back to School While On Unemployment

Steps and entrance to schoolWhether you’re recently dealing with unemployment or job loss, or you’ve been sending out resumes for a while, heading back to school can be a great way to update your skills (i.e. make yourself more marketable in the job market), get health insurance, network with others, and start feeling productive again. Be careful, though, because you can also pile up debt, waste your time on unnecessary courses, and even lose your unemployment benefits in the process.

Before rushing back into the schoolyard, educate yourself on your options and the six potential pitfalls of returning to the classroom.

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