3 Controversial Ways to Improve the Economy & Drive Economic Growth

growthSince the Great Recession between 2007 and 2009, the global economy has struggled to sustain reliable and long-term growth. This is largely due to the fluctuating fortunes of individual economies and market sectors. Considerable peaks and troughs in real estate and a prevailing lack of permanent job opportunities create unsustainable booms and sudden, unexpected busts.

The need to create a buoyant financial landscape with long-term prospects has never been more pressing. With this in mind, now is the ideal opportunity for government and economic leaders from around the world to consider innovative and unusual methods to drive long-term growth. While some of these ideas may be controversial, it is important to weigh concerns relative to the benefits offered by these methods for developed and developing economies alike.

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5 Best Side Business Ideas for College Students – Things to Consider

studentsIn the wake of the global recession, the American employment market has undergone a significant transition. This is part of an international trend, as individuals turn toward self-employment, contracting, and entrepreneurship as ways of earning a living. In fact, according to Quartz, it is estimated that more than 40% of the U.S. workforce will be working independently by the year 2020, equating to more than 60 million citizens. This entrepreneurial spirit was evident throughout the recession, as the Small Business Association (SBA) reports that approximately 27.5 million independent ventures were operating in America during 2009.

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3 Lessons the Social Gaming Model Can Offer Small Business Owners

online gamingWhile the global economy has been blighted by prolonged periods of recession and sluggish growth since 2008, not all industries have suffered adversely. Take the social gaming industry, which has showcased considerable growth and has even threatened to supersede the popularity of traditional video gaming.

As a result of this vast and disproportionate expansion, the social gaming user base has swelled considerably, with a staggering 81 million global citizens playing at least one social game each day. This creates a compelling opportunity for small business owners across a range of industries to incorporate social gaming into their business model.

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Can Small Businesses Lead the U.S. Economic Recovery?

small business ownersDuring the 2012 presidential election campaign, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney highlighted the importance of small businesses in regards to the long-term economic recovery of the United States. Governor Romney even won support in Missouri by announcing a new coalition of local business owners, while pledging to reform the nation’s corporate tax structure and remove barriers to entry for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Despite these bold election promises, the question that remains is whether small and independent ventures can genuinely be relied upon to drive economic growth. While it is a common theory that has also been supported by the UK’s own coalition government, there is uncertainty as to whether it has a basis in fact or is merely a flight of political fancy.

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