31+ Fun Things to Do on the Big Island of Hawaii

big island hawaii tikisWith its diverse and amazing scenery, the Big Island offers the best of Hawaii and the most variety of all the islands. You have the stark desert-like beauty of Mauna Kea, lush waterfalls, breathtaking beaches, and the power of the Kilauea volcano. There are also simple island pleasures everywhere, like beach walks, Japanese gardens, ancient Hawaiian historical sites, and good food.

With so many attractions, you’ll need these tips and tools to stay on budget while you’re on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Inexpensive and Free Fun for Your Family

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Best Things to Do in Aruba – Vacation Activities & Excursions

arubaAruba is a diverse island, known for its crystal clear water, stark desert views, and sharp volcanic rock formations. It’s an island of warm smiles and friendly greetings of “Bon Bini” (“Welcome”).

Amazing as it is, it can also be pricey, so if you want an affordable, enjoyable trip, you’ll need to do your homework.

Thanks to the island’s natural beauty, you won’t have to work hard to find great, inexpensive activities, like a day at the beach, a picnic in the park, and walks along the coast.

Best Beaches

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The Complete Guide to Traveling with Pets on Airlines

dog pet carrierIn this article, I want to focus on some of the best tips and essential supplies when it comes to air travel with pets. Many of the tips apply to road trips, too.

Using these strategies helps you save money and prepare for trips, whether you’re traveling around the world or just around town. These tried and true tips and strategies really work; I’ve traveled internationally with pets since 1996.

Learn more about animal trip tips, so you can effectively budget for your next trip with your pet.

Pet Travel Supplies

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How to Travel Alone Safely and Love It

asian woman travelGroup rates are a common way for people to save on day travel and major excursions. Traveling with a group, however, can be cumbersome and complicated. Traveling alone, on the other hand, is an adventure that affords you many options and unique experiences. You just need to be comfortable in a strange place on your own, and you must be ready to spend some major time on preparation and planning.

If you’re new to traveling alone, you may find the challenge daunting. Hitting the road without a companion isn’t easy, but it’s exciting. With the right preparation, it’ll also be safe, fun, and efficient. Follow these travel tips and ideas for solo travel.

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Traveling to the Baltic Sea (Germany) on a Budget

baltic sea boatThe Baltic Sea region of Northern Germany is both family friendly and budget-friendly. You can enjoy plenty of low-cost activities thanks to the region’s focus on outdoor fun in destinations like the Boddenlandschaft National Park.

You can rent reasonably priced apartments, camp at nature parks, or stay in a pension. Northern Germany can be an affordable destination for couples, singles, and families alike.

Learn more about traveling to the Baltic Sea below – everything from family activities and cultural attractions to food and cheap accommodations.

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Things to Do in Maui, Hawaii – Activities & Accommodations on a Budget

maui beach flowersIf you look up the word “paradise” in the dictionary, you’ll see a photo of Maui. Thanks to its stunning views, rugged drives, hidden waterfalls, sandy, white beaches, and cool, blue waters, Maui is a vacation destination that’s worth the trip.

But like most tropical hot spots that attract loads of tourists, it’s also a vacation that can easily break the bank.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide for the best places to sleep, eat, and sight see in Maui – without blowing your budget.

Where to Stay in Maui

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Things to Do in Oahu, Hawaii – Activities & Accommodations on a Budget

oahu byodo in templeOne of the best things about Oahu is enjoying the natural beauty of the island. But most people don’t think of “Hawaii” and “budget-friendly” at the same time. While getting to Hawaii can be expensive, enjoying your time on an island as amazing as Oahu doesn’t have to drain your family’s travel budget.

You can afford and enjoy a beautiful vacation, rich with culture and incredible sites. From the best beaches to the highest mountains, and from hidden hikes and temples to popular restaurants, the island is a smart and frugal traveler’s destination. Planning ahead and taking a look at these top ten picks will keep your budget on target.

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Travel to Berlin, Germany on a Budget – Tourism Attractions and Things to Do

brandenburg gateBerlin is a great European city with plenty of free and inexpensive activities. While luxury vacationers can certainly find plenty of ways to spend all of their euros, you can discover the culture of Berlin without emptying your pockets. Berlin, Germany is an outstanding destination for single travelers and families alike.

The diversity of Berlin is staggering. Culture, art, and music are all over the city. If you’re a nature lover, you’re sure to love Berlin. The Grunewald offers miles of biking and walking trails. Castles and gardens are also plentiful throughout the area.

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Travel to Prague on a Budget – Hotels, Castle & Things to Do

prague cityIf you’ve been tightening your vacation budget and putting off travel for a few months or even years, then “European” and “affordable” might not seem like words that go together. Europe’s centuries of architecture and culture make it an attractive destination, but this ornate history makes it seem extremely expensive too.

For some, trying to pull of a trip to Europe on a conservative budget might seem nearly impossible. However, it only takes a little research to find impressive European travel deals, and with some insider advice from people who have already been there, you can easily save up enough to afford and enjoy the best destinations. Your low-cost trip will still be an extravagant success.

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