Tips to Open A Checking Account

There have been numerous posts written about the importance of having a savings account. These articles range from where to open your new savings account to what to look for in a savings account. But one of the most overlooked financial products in personal finance is a checking account. A checking account is a deposit account used primarily to process transactions. Checking accounts are used for everything from bill payments to cashing paychecks. These accounts are important to the daily survival of most banking customers.

Since there is some literature lacking in the area, I want to take a look at a few of the things that you should have in a checking account:

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Membership Cards That Save You Money

There are so many things today that are just not worth what you pay for them. They are advertised as items that will help you save money but end up costing you in the end. Fortunately, there are actually some things in life that are worth a lot more than what you paid for them. Today, I would like to take a look at a few club memberships that may charge a small fee but can really help you save in the long run.

Listed below are a few membership cards that are definitely worth the money:


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The Worst Speculative Investments

Everyone would like to be wealthy. The desire to build wealth can cause some people to invest in speculative ventures that are not very practical investments. Speculative investments can seem like bargains that will yield great returns. The truth is that many of these “investments” are not the gold mines that they are reported to be and can cause many investors to lose their money.

Let’s take a look at a few of the worst speculative investments:

Penny Stocks

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4 Investments That Are Sure To Increase In Value Over The Next Decade

Everyone wants to find the next winning investment. The goal of investing is to protect your capital first and generate a return second. Getting a good investment return can seem a lot like watching a dog chase its own tail. You want to find the next great investment but are not sure where to look. Well I have a few ideas to help you in building your portfolio.

Here are a few assets that are good bets to rise over the next 10 years:

1. Gold

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How To Get a 20% Return On Your Money

The title to this post may make it sound like some get rich quick scheme, but trust me it is not. You can legitimately get a guaranteed 20% return on your money. The answer does not lie in any one investment product. There is no stock, bond, mutual fund, or savings product that will guarantee you this kind of payment. So, how can you get such a high return on your money?

Here’s how to get a double digit return on your money:

Eliminating credit card debt

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How Good Is Your Retirement Fund Planning and Investing?

All 401k plans are not created equally and are not things you can simply put on “cruise control.” It’s important to review your 401k plan to see if it is properly invested in the optimal place for your retirement savings. A good plan can help you reach your investment goals and allow you to retire on time. A bad plan can put you behind the eight ball and make saving your money seem like a pointless endeavor and make retiring very difficult.

Here are a four ways to judge your retirement plan:

1. Investment choices

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How To Get The Best Deal On A New Television

Just last week I had my home television break after years of faithful service. My television and I had a great relationship for many years until one day it just stopped working. The picture became fuzzy and lines ran all across the television. Images were doubled and it was impossible to read anything on the screen. I considered having my television repaired but estimates placed repairs at $300 and upward. I also didn’t have a warranty because TV’s are one of the situations where extended warranties are not worth it. So sadly, I decided to buy a new television.

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The Do Not Do’s Of Finance

Have you ever made a stupid financial decision that you came to regret later? If so, then join the club. We have all made decisions that were stupid and have harmed our financial future. These decisions set us back years and often cost us more than time and money. All financial decisions are not the same. Some hurt a lot more than other. To help you avoid making mistakes that can hurt your finances, here are my “5 Do Not Do’s Of Personal Finance”:

Never sign a contract with double digit interest.

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Best Places To Look For Cheap Stocks

Everybody loves a bargain. This is why so many people flock to department store for sales on Black Friday and President’s Day. The same principle applies to investing. Everybody wants the best deal for their money. Nobody wants to pay full price for an asset unless they have to. So, where can you go to find a discount on investments? There are some great sites online that you can use to find the best value stocks:

52 Week Low List

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OptionsXpress Review – A One Stop Broker For Stocks, Options & Futures

Let’s take a look at a company that has quietly been making a name for itself in the discount brokerage industry. OptionsXpress is a multiple award winning broker that specializes in options trading for beginning and experienced traders. The company has slowly been building its market share over the past few years. Today, OptionsXpress is regarded as one of the best options brokers in the finance industry.

OptionsXpress is a subsidiary of OptionsXpress Holdings, Inc. The company has been operating as an online broker to options traders since 2000. OptionsXpress is based in Chicago, Illinois and offers a wide array of investment products for traders and investors alike. The company has consistently received high ratings from Forbes, Barrons, and Smart Money for its website, trading tools, competitive fees, and research information.

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