DIRECTV vs. Dish Network Review

Have you been considering making the switch to satellite TV? The two major satellite companies are begging for your business. They are trashing each other’s reputations to win you as a customer. If you watch a DIRECTV commercial, then you will come away believing that Dish Network is a terrible value. Tune into a Dish Network commercial and you will believe that DIRECTV has horrible service. Who is really telling the truth? Which is the better value? Let’s size up both competitors and see who comes out standing:

DIRECTV vs. Dish Network


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The Simplest Way To Diversify Your Retirement Plan

I can tell you from experience that diversifying your portfolio can be a real headache if you aren’t sure of the proper way to do it. You could end up owning a large number of stock funds and bond funds. It can get even more complicated trying to diversify using equities. You could find yourself holding 20 or 30 different stocks. Trying to keep up with that many different investments could drive you insane.

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Best Ways To Stimulate The United States Economy And Create Jobs

What is the number one topic on the mind of American citizens? The answer is Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (and not Steve Jobs of Apple)! High unemployment and a slow recovery have everyone worried about the current job market. Policymakers, business owners, and individual citizens all have different ideas about the best way to stimulate job growth. The ideas being proposed vary from spending more money to cutting taxes. Let’s take a look at a few of the best job creation ideas being discussed:

A Second Stimulus

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Debate: Should The Bush Tax Cuts Be Extended?

One of the most heavily debated topics in Congress right now is whether or not to extend the Bush tax cuts. The Bush tax cuts were a lowering of income and capital gains taxes for all Americans. These tax cuts contained a sunset provision which would allow them to expire at the end of this year. Both parties agree that 98% of Americans should continue receiving tax cuts. Tax cuts will be renewed for individuals making under $200,000 a year and couples making under $250,000. The debate is over extending tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans and large corporations. When you read the headlines, it makes sense to oppose tax cuts for the people who can afford taxes and will never notice it, but it’s a little more complicated than what the headlines depict. Let’s take a look at both sides of the argument for and against tax cuts and then feel free to chime in with your thoughts at the end:

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7 Best Movies For Learning About Personal Finance

Blogs, financial news channels, Wikipedia, magazines – there’s a long list of resources out there for learning about personal finance. And while information can instruct, it doesn’t always inspire.

One of the best ways to get a handle on a subject, or to begin to understand how a complicated system works, is by watching other people go through the process of learning about it. Understanding their motivations and emotions, the mistakes they make, and the truths they realize can put a personal touch on the most mundane of topics – and can inspire you to do likewise.

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5 Chores You Can Do Yourself To Save Money

In these tight economic times, everyone is looking for ways to cut back. Cutting back may mean eliminating a few services that you are paying outside contractors for and instead do them for yourself. You could free up at least $100 or more every week by taking a more active role in the following duties. Eliminating large, fixed expenses that you pay on a monthly basis will usually result in a larger savings over the long term rather than focusing on the small little luxuries in life that we spend money on sporadically. Here are 5 tasks that you can do yourself:

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Negotiating A Gym Membership Contract

Has anyone else gone through the perils of joining a fitness center? Joining a gym can be an incredibly agonizing experience. I am speaking from experience. I went to a join a local fitness center and the entire process was a hassle. The salesman did not want to tell me the price of a gym membership without first locking me into an expensive long term contract. I was assured that if I left I would never be able to get this price again. It was a “special” for today only and would expire after I left. After spending three hours negotiating my gym contract, I left with a reasonable deal. The most important thing that I learned that day is to be prepared.

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When Does It Make Sense To Use A Credit Card?

In a perfect world you would never have to use a credit card for any purchases. Everything that you want could be paid for quickly and easily with cash from your bank account. Although that is the ideal situation, sometimes it simply is not possible. There are some situations in which using a credit card actually makes sense. At Money Crashers we do not support amassing large amounts of debt using a credit card, but there are some occasions where using a credit card is just easier as long as you remain disclipined and you’re not using it as a tool for “free money” when you don’t actually have the funds to support such purchases.

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What is a Traditional IRA – Restrictions and Benefits

A Traditional IRA is very much like a Roth IRA except for the tax treatment. The Traditional IRA’s key advantage is that it allows an individual to make annual tax-deductible contributions to one’s retirement fund, but unlike the Roth IRA, the traditional IRA does not allow for earnings to grow tax-free. Ultimately, it comes down your personal financial situation when determining which IRA account is better for you.

Let’s go into a bit more detail regarding the Traditional IRA:

Traditional IRA Eligibility

Here are the rules to be eligible to fully contribute to a Traditional IRA:

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Do You Have Enough Money For Retirement?

Not having enough money for retirement is a problem that plagues a lot of older Americans. Baby boomers have been especially affected by the elimination of pension plans and the drop in retirement benefits. According to a study performed by CNN Money, 47% of baby boomers will not have enough cash to meet their retirement needs. These seniors are scrambling to find ways to make ends meet after their working years are over. So, how can you avoid this predicament? Here are 4 ways to ensure that you have enough money for retirement:

Save more money

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