When Does It Make Sense To Use A Credit Card?

In a perfect world you would never have to use a credit card for any purchases. Everything that you want could be paid for quickly and easily with cash from your bank account. Although that is the ideal situation, sometimes it simply is not possible. There are some situations in which using a credit card actually makes sense. At Money Crashers we do not support amassing large amounts of debt using a credit card, but there are some occasions where using a credit card is just easier as long as you remain disclipined and you’re not using it as a tool for “free money” when you don’t actually have the funds to support such purchases.

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What is a Traditional IRA – Restrictions and Benefits

A Traditional IRA is very much like a Roth IRA except for the tax treatment. The Traditional IRA’s key advantage is that it allows an individual to make annual tax-deductible contributions to one’s retirement fund, but unlike the Roth IRA, the traditional IRA does not allow for earnings to grow tax-free. Ultimately, it comes down your personal financial situation when determining which IRA account is better for you.

Let’s go into a bit more detail regarding the Traditional IRA:

Traditional IRA Eligibility

Here are the rules to be eligible to fully contribute to a Traditional IRA:

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Do You Have Enough Money For Retirement?

Not having enough money for retirement is a problem that plagues a lot of older Americans. Baby boomers have been especially affected by the elimination of pension plans and the drop in retirement benefits. According to a study performed by CNN Money, 47% of baby boomers will not have enough cash to meet their retirement needs. These seniors are scrambling to find ways to make ends meet after their working years are over. So, how can you avoid this predicament? Here are 4 ways to ensure that you have enough money for retirement:

Save more money

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How To Save Money During The Hot Summer

The summer has just started and temperatures are already in the triple digits. Everywhere that you go central air conditioning units are blasting outside of homes. This is a clear indication that utility use is going to be extremely high this summer with people trying everything possible to keep cool. While you may have to use the air conditioner, there are some steps that you can take to cut down on your electricity usage. Here are a few helpful tips for saving money during the summer:

1. Skip or cut down on the dishwasher.

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4 Things That Are Always Increasing In Price

Wages, home prices, and the stock market have all been dropping over the past few years. The American consumer is seeing the U.S. dollar buy far less than it did just a decade ago. At a time in our economy when asset prices seem to keep going down, there are a few things that just keep increasing in price. If you want to win with money, you must identify what those items are that constantly increase in price, plan for those upcoming expenses, and continue to work on increasing your income. Here are a few big ticket items that always seem to increase in price:

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5 Great Places To Look For A Job

This past Friday we learned that the United States economy is losing jobs again. The US economy lost 125,000 jobs and the unemployment picture is looking bleaker than ever. Many Americans have grown tired of looking for work. If the current job market has you down in the dumps, cheer up! There are some places that are actually hiring. But, you’ll have some fierce competition for every job you apply for, so you need to take steps to make yourself more attractive to employers while you’re unemployed by volunteering, interning, and studying for extra certifications and certificates in your industry.

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OptionsHouse Review – The Discount Broker For Options Traders

Today, we want to take a look at one of the newer players in the discount brokerage arena. You may be unfamiliar with the relatively new brokerage firm, OptionsHouse, but while the firm is one of the smaller brokers in the online stock trading business, it is one of the largest brokers in the options trading industry.

OptionsHouse was founded in 2005, and has its corporate headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. OptionsHouse is owned and operated by Peak6 Investments L.P. and specializes in options and options trading. The site was designed to make online trading faster and more efficient for traders. OptionsHouse has been voted by Barron’s as the best brokerage house for options traders in 2009 and 2010.

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Watch Out For These Six Airline Fees

Hitting the wallets of customers seems to be contagious in corporate America right now. It’s not just the banks that are hitting customers with fees anymore; now major airlines are charging fees for everything. Airlines are charging fees for simple tasks like making a reservation and booking your seat. Even discount airline Ryanair is looking at charging its passengers to use the lavatory! If you are not careful, you could end up spending an extra $100 to $200 for your airline travel. You must be more informed and aware of how we travel on airline flights, or airline fees will eat you alive. Here are six fees that you should watch out for when traveling this summer:

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5 Ways To Increase Your Financial IQ

Personal finance is an often overlooked area in the American educational system. With so many Americans struggling with money management issues, personal finance should be taught in our school systems at an early age. Since it is not, it is up to every person to make sure that they are properly schooled in the financial arena. If we start educating ourselves about personal finance, we’ll change the generations to come by teaching it to our kids. Financial education is so important to us at Money Crashers, and that’s why we seek to help educate you every day about how to manage your money. Here are 5 great ways for you to increase your financial IQ:

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4 Changes To Make In This New Economy

The current economic environment has forced millions of people to make changes to their financial plans. Lots of people have curbed their spending habits and pushed back their retirement age. Others are returning to college or picking up a new skill to remain employable in a competitive job market. While all of these are wise decisions, there are a few unconventional moves that can increase the amount of cash in your wallet. Here are four changes that you can make to give yourself the best financial start possible:

1. Live home longer

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