The Best Investments For Right Now

The current economic environment has created some great opportunities for investments. You can use this economic downturn for your benefit to improve your current financial situation. By making the right investments now, you can ensure yourself of a prosperous future. We often shy away from investing when the media or the “experts” tell us to be cautious. Warren Buffet has always said that you should be greedy when everyone else is conservative and conservative when everyone else is being greedy. Here are 4 great investments that you can make right now:

1. Invest in yourself.

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4 Skills That Employers Are Looking For In Any Job Market

Are you currently in the market for a new job? Have you found yourself wondering what skills will clinch that new job for you? In the current competitive job market, you will need to arm yourself with every bit of information possible. According to the Economic Policy Institute, there are 6 job seekers applying for every available job. It is critical to know ways that you can distinguish yourself from the field. The top careers may change from year to year, but the wish list for employers remains the same. Here are 4 great skills to have that will keep you employed in any job market:

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How To Survive a Job That Does Not Pay Benefits

I was reading a post on CNN Money about how employers are scaling back on benefits. With unemployment near double digits and so many people looking for work, employers are forgoing hiring permanent full-time employees and hiring temporary workers and contractual employees. This enables employers to circumvent having to offer employees full scale benefits. The result is that many employees are finding themselves without health insurance, sick leave, vacation pay or a retirement plan. Contractors are also responsible for their own unemployment and Social Security payments. The drawbacks are plenty. So, what can you do if you find yourself in such a situation?

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Starting Your Own Business

The current economic environment is the perfect climate to undertake an entrepreneurial venture. You can place your financial security in your own hands by starting a new business. In keeping with that theme, Penny Jobs takes a look at How Long Does It Take For A New Business or New Product Idea To Take Off? Sometimes new business owners give up an on idea way too quickly. It may take years for your new business venture to generate significant revenue. The key is to be persistent and to hang in there even during the tough times.

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3 Overlooked Mistakes That People Make With 401k Plans

There are a bunch of financial sites that offer lists of the mistakes that individuals make in retirement planning. Common mistakes mentioned are a lack of diversification, waiting too long to start saving, and not saving enough money for retirement. While these mistakes will definitely hurt your portfolio, there are other retirement planning blunders that often go overlooked. These mistakes are just as deadly and can leave you paying unnecessary taxes to the government. Here is a list of 3 often overlooked mistakes that people make with their 401(k):

Investing in Variable Annuities

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Would You Prefer Alternative Taxes To Paying Income Taxes?

April 15th is one of the most dreaded days on the calendar. It is the day when millions of Americans scramble to file their tax returns. You would be hard pressed to find anyone that actually enjoys paying income taxes. It’s not realistic to think that we could entirely abolish taxes and fund many government programs such as defense spending, Social Security, and Medicare. But, could we switch to a system of taxes based on activity and consumption instead of income? There are many other alternatives and ideas out there to abolish the current income tax code, but actually getting Congress to switch to something else will be an ongoing struggle. I just can’t stand the fact that I get taxed more for how successful I am in my career. Doesn’t that seem backwards?

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How Will Financial Reform Affect You?

Congress is currently considering implementing a huge financial reform bill. They have spent well over a year debating all of the aspects of financial reform. We all know that one of the main issues being discussed is getting rid of the “Too Big To Fail” moniker that applies to the big banks. While this is an important issue, there are other issues being discussed that will directly impact consumers. These issues involve lowering the costs associated with borrowing and protecting consumers from predatory lending practices. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways in which financial reform will directly affect you:

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3 Reasons Why You Should Pay The Mortgage Before Your Credit Card

I was reading a disturbing article the other day about people falling into financial trouble. Many individuals are making their credit card payments on time in lieu of paying their mortgage. With the housing market underwater, people are prioritizing their credit card debt and other bills over their mortgage payments. This actually runs contrary to normal behavior. Yet, the trend is increasing, because misinformed consumers are more worried about protecting their credit scores, rather than protecting their shelter. During periods of economic growth and prosperity, people typically pay their bills in the following manner:

  1. Food and Utilities
  2. Mortgage
  3. Car note
  4. Credit cards/student loans/other unsecured debt

Why the change?

What Is Your Opinion About A Value Added Tax?

In the midst of rising unemployment and a surging deficit, the United States government is thinking of ways to increase revenue in order to fund government programs. The government has been considering implementing a fat tax, eliminating capital gains taxes, and raising taxes on higher wage earners. The government is trying everything possible to plug budget shortfalls and raise needed funds. Recently, the federal government has even began considering adopting a value added tax. There has been much debate over whether a value added tax would help or hinder domestic production. Let’s take a look at this controversial proposal known as the value added tax.

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4 Things You Should Always Pay Cash For

Conventional wisdom suggests that whenever financing a major purchase, you should rely on debt. We are taught from a young age that buying cars, education, home furnishings, and vacations is an acceptable practice. Today, I would like you to take a look at the prevailing wisdom and consider making these purchases using cash. I’m challenging you to think outside the box on this one. Don’t scoff when you read the first one, keep an open mind! Here is a list of four things that you should never buy on credit:

1. Your Car

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