5 Personal Budgeting Tips For Those Who Hate Budgets

Do you love to budget? Do you look forward to planning out your budget for the next month? Do you brag to your friends about your budget?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

But you still want to save money and be frugal, right? It’s a conundrum a lot of people face, since the best way to save money is to have a budget that you stick to. For those of you who don’t have the time, energy or inclination to keep track of every single penny you spend, don’t worry. I’ve compiled a list of budget alternatives that can still help you keep a handle on your finances.

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How to Shop for One-Time Purchases – Buy High-Quality Products That Last a Lifetime

man shopping with credit cardIn this post, I’ll be talking about how you can save money on the various one-time purchases that you’ll need to make throughout your life. So what exactly do I mean by a one-time purchase? This is obviously any item that you’ll likely only have to buy once, but I’m not referring to homes, cars, or other large purchases which you may be thinking of. Instead, I’m referring to smaller, simpler items that usually last you a lifetime for whatever reason.

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6 Factors To Consider Before Buying Real Estate

What To Consider Before Buying Real EstateExperts are always trying to tell us when it’s the right time to take action. There’s always a right time to work out. A right time to eat your food throughout the day. There’s always a right time to shop for certain things. And, of course, there’s also always a right time to invest in real estate and to purchase a home. Let’s take a step back for a minute on that last one. Is there really a “right time” to purchase real estate?

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Are Property Management Companies Worth the Cost? Costs, Pros & Cons

Purchasing a property and renting it out to tenants can provide a healthy income stream to willing investors for a very long time. But no matter what kind of property you purchase – commercial or residential, single-family or multi-unit – hassles and headaches are inevitable. Lots of patience and hard work go into finding the right tenants, maintaining the property, and acting responsibly as a landlord.

Unless owning and managing rental properties is a full-time job for you, or you want it to be, consider a property management firm to streamline your landlord duties. But before you sign with one, be sure to fully consider the pros and cons of managing your own property versus delegating tasks to a dedicated management firm.

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Real Estate Fees That You Need To Know About

Real Estate Fees You Should Know AboutThe euphoria of becoming a homeowner at a young age can be very intoxicating. The approval from your friends followed by the respect of your peers can really blind you. Usually, the shockingly high amount of fees creeps up on you when it’s too late or when you least expect it.

Since there are many fees that go along with real estate that many of us are unaware of, I wanted to take the time to examine these fees that arise by dividing them up into the three different stages of the home ownership process:

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Entrepreneurship Myths That Need To Be Killed!

We need to crush myths on entrepreneurship

Are you too afraid to start your own business? Is common knowledge holding you back from venturing off on your own? Are you working a job you don’t enjoy because you’re afraid of the unknown? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then this article is for you! We need to crush some common axioms that exist about entrepreneurship.

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