How to Rent or Borrow eBooks Online

books shelfThe Kindle and Nook eReaders have led the attack on a long history of domination by paper books. Readers have thoroughly enjoyed the convenience of eReaders, and have given up a few tactile experiences in order to embrace this new technology.

Despite the growth of eReaders, borrowing and lending eBooks have not experienced the same evolution.

Luckily for bookworms on a budget, a few websites have started to become popular, making it easier for readers to rent, lend, and borrow eBooks.

How Does Renting eBooks Work?

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ING Direct Review – High Interest Online Checking & Savings Accounts

ING logoAfter the failures of numerous financial institutions and the ensuing aftermath and loss of confidence in traditional companies, many individuals and families have sought out – and found – new, reliable banks. Direct online banks are growing in popularity because they provide traditional banking services at lower prices.

ING Direct, the largest FDIC-insured direct bank in the United States, offers a vast array of financial products. Your options with ING Direct include: checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, home loans, investments, retirement services, and business services.

All of these services are available online, by phone, and through the mail. Direct banks have lower operating costs than traditional brick-and-mortar institutions, and they’re often able to pass these savings along to their customers.

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Apple iPhone Data Plan Cost & Pricing – How to Select the Best Plan and Save Money

Soon after the iPhone 4 came out in June, AT&T started offering new tiered data plans for iPhone users. Many people saw this as a huge loss because unlimited data was no longer an option. I decided to give it a try because of the huge potential savings. After six months of use, I am very satisfied with my decision and happy that I now spend $180 less per year on data.

iPhone Data Plan Options

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How to Buy a Diamond Ring

As you know, diamonds are one of the most sought-after gems in the world and are commonly used for engagement rings and other jewelry. When purchasing a diamond, it is important to understand what quality of diamond to look for, how to find it, and how much to pay. Taking a little extra time to plan ahead will make buying a diamond a great success for you and it will make for a very happy recipient.

What To Look For In A Diamond – The Four C’s

1. Carat

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How to Save Money and Time on TV and Internet

Stop Wasting Time on TV to Save MoneyWhen you go into an all you can eat food buffet, you are filled with excitement. Unlimited food! But after stuffing yourself to the seams, you regret your decision to overeat even though it only cost a few dollars more. Ordering buffets encourages us to overconsume and overpay, and this situation occurs in more places than just food.

TV and Internet Buffets

Outside of the ubiquitous food buffet, life is full of buffets asking us to overconsume. Two of the most common in life today are Television and Internet.

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