Quicken Deluxe 2010 Review

The Quicken Deluxe personal finance software is designed to make it easy to budget and manage your money. In this respect, it sounds very similar to the You Need a Budget (YNAB) software, but it has some additional features that aren’t present in YNAB, such as investment tracking and tax preparation. This review focuses on the Quicken Deluxe 2010 software but you can also buy various other Quicken 2010 software, such as Quicken Premier, Quicken Home & Business and Quicken Home Inventory Manager.

Key Features

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How to Decorate a Baby Room On a Budget

cheap baby room decoration ideasDecorating a baby room may seem like an expensive proposition but don’t panic if your budget doesn’t stretch to creating the baby room of your dreams. Contrary to the messages put out by glossy advertising, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on brand new items when it comes to creating a baby room. If you’re prepared to put in a bit more legwork, you can find some lovely bargains that won’t break the budget. Here are a few ideas for decorating a baby room for less:

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Angie’s List Review – Find Trusted Services in Your Area

angie's list reviewHave you ever had a nightmare with a contractor, mechanic, or dentist? I’m sure we’ve all had a bad experience at some point in our lives, and it’s probably because you picked someone random, rather than from a referral. If you’re planning to spend a sizable amount of money on things like home repairs, home improvements or medical expenses, you’ll want to know that you’re not wasting your hard-earned cash.

Angie’s List was created with this in mind, and features reports and ratings from consumers who have used the service providers that they are reviewing to let others know if they should trust them. Because it’s not a free service, let’s take a more in-depth look at how it works so that you can assess whether it’s worth the expense.

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Weekly Blog Round-Up: Frugality Doesn’t Equal Deprivation

being frugalMany people assume that living a frugal lifestyle means never letting yourself enjoy treats and luxuries. This is a view point that I’ve never personally subscribed to, so I was glad to come across this article on ‘Frugality Doesn’t Mean Depriving Yourself’ on Free From Broke. This post is keen to highlight the fact that being frugal doesn’t mean denying yourself just because you’re on a limited budget. We often focus so much on the little things in our budget, when it’s the big bills and expenses that are killing the budget. As long as you’re sensible, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy little splurges now and again. In fact, it can be more damaging not to because there’s the definite danger that a self-imposed ban on absolutely anything that’s not deemed to be essential can make you miserable and potentially lead to a big spending spree further down the line if you can’t stick to it.

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How to Enjoy a Romantic Weekend Getaway For Less

weekend breakIt can be challenging to find time together as a couple if life keeps getting in the way, but getting away for the weekend might be the solution that you’re looking for. A short weekend break can help you to inject some important romance back into your relationship and give you the chance to spend some quality time together away from the daily grind. But, it’s not always affordable to book a weekend away, even though you’ll only be there for a few days. If you’re worried about how much it’ll cost, you can stop worrying on that front. You really don’t need to spend lots of money to enjoy a romantic short break, because there are plenty of ways to get away on the cheap and still have a good time. Here are just a few ideas for enjoying a cheap weekend break.

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How To Save Money Feeding Treats to Your Pets

a catGiving treats to your cat or dog can become expensive as they’re not always cheap to buy. If you don’t mind spending a bit of extra time and effort, you may consider making your own homemade pet food as “treats” every once in a while in order to save money and reward your pet. This can work out cheaper and at the very least, it allows you to take some control over what your pet is eating. However, make sure you do your research to make sure you are not overfeeding your pet a certain treat (this could be bad for the pet health-wise and might make them unwilling to eat their normal pet food, which contains some very essential nutrients to keep them healthy). Here are some recipes to try:

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Health Insurance Options For the Self-Employed

medical equipmentA good proportion of large debts, especially those that lead to bankruptcy, are at least partially caused by big medical bills that couldn’t be paid. To avoid being placed in this situation, most of us look to take out health insurance for both ourselves and our families, but for the self-employed, the options can be much more expensive. Here are some of the options that you might want to explore:

1. Continue Your COBRA Coverage

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Money Management Tips for Living With Friends

Living with friends might seem like a good idea on paper, but it won’t always work so well in reality. While you may have plenty of things in common with your friends, are you on the same page in terms of your attitude towards money? The last thing you want to do is let money come in the way of something more important, which is your friendship. There’s a right way to handle the situation and a wrong way to handle it. On the TV show, “Friends”, there is a great episode where Chandler knows that Joey is broke and he feels so bad for him that he goes out of his way to try to give Joey some money. Unfortunately, TV shows aren’t real life, and most of us can’t afford to support a roommate. Here are some tips for staying sane while living with friends.

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Why You Should Say No to Retail Store Credit Cards

gold store cardIf you’ve been shopping in a retail store lately, you might have been given the opportunity to sign up for a store card. Having the chance to save 10% (this is just an example figure as the real percentage could be higher or lower depending on the store) on your purchases that day, and in the future it might look good on paper. But, you need to remember that store cards are just another form of credit, and you’ll be getting into debt by signing up for one. If that’s not enough to put you off, here are a few more reasons why you should stay away from store cards.

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Personal Finance Round-up: 5 Secrets to Getting a Better Price on Anything

getting a dealAre you a born negotiator, or do you shy away from trying to haggle prices down? If it’s the latter, take a look at this article from The Dollar Stretcher, which gives some great tips on how to use the art of negotiation to get a better deal for yourself. There are some examples that I didn’t previously think would be open to negotiation. For example, who knew that tuition costs could be negotiated in the right context? Take the plunge, and you might just get what you’re asking for!

Here are some great posts from the personal finance blogging community that you might have not have seen:

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