How Back Child Support Works – Paying or Collecting

child support checkOften, in the case of divorce, one parent pays child support to the other parent, in order to help with the costs of raising a child. The United States, along with many other countries, insists that children have a right to receive financial support from their parents. As such, the non-custodial parent does his or her duty toward providing financial support for the child by paying child support money to the custodial parent. Joint custody cases involve two custodial parents, but one must still pay child support to the other.

Courts determine child support as part of the divorce proceedings, and they follow state guidelines. This means that the law requires the obligor, the person paying the child support, to make child support payments to the obligee, the person receiving the child support. When the obligor does not make proper payment, he or she is considered to be in arrears. The money is considered a debt, and must be repaid. This is known as paying back child support.

Who Pays Back Child Support?

Anyone who has not made child support payments as ordered must pay back child support. The repayment of this debt might include fees and interest charges, in addition to the back child support. For the most part, states handle back child support, although the federal government can become involved if the obligor is at least two years behind in payments. Parents who owe back child support must pay the debt in full, even if the child is beyond the age of majority.

What Happens If Back Child Support Is Not Paid?

The United States government requires that parents provide for the support of their children. As a result, an obligor who does not meet his or her child support obligations can face serious consequences. Penalties for not paying back child support vary from state to state, and the federal government may become involved.

Some of the penalties imposed by state or federal governments include:

  • Suspension of Licenses. The government may suspend your driver’s license or professional license. The government can also suspend hunting and fishing licenses if you owe back child support.
  • Denial of Passport. If you owe $2,500 or more in back child support, you may not be eligible to apply for a passport or to use your passport.
  • Wage Garnishment. The government may garnish your wages in order to pay your child support debt.
  • Seizure of Tax Refund. The government may seize your tax refund if you owe back child support.
  • Property Seizure. In some cases, an obligor might find his or her property seized to help pay the debt.
  • Jail Time. If you have not made arrangements to try and pay back child support, or if you are found criminally non-compliant, you may serve time in jail.
  • Cross-Border Enforcement. Some people try to flee the U.S. in order to avoid paying back child support. Many countries cooperate with child support enforcement agencies to ensure parents pay child support. More than 100 countries have reciprocal child support arrangements for cross-border enforcement.
boy crying child support

What to Do If You Owe Back Child Support

As with so many issues dealing with family law and child support options, the legal strategies for handling back child support vary depending on the state of residence. If you have suffered a change in financial circumstances and have trouble with child support obligations, go to the court and explain your situation. In many cases, courts can adjust child support payments, or allow you to stop paying them for a period of time. Just ignoring the problem, and allowing back child support to accrue, can cause more issues later.

If you do have back child support payments to make, you have some options. Begin by finding a lawyer that specializes in family law. Do what you can to show that you want to meet the obligation, and the court may help you find a reasonable solution. Some avenues to pursue include:

  • Re-determining Back Child Support. Correct any errors in the amounts owed for back child support. If you can document your child support payments, and show that the court has requested the wrong amount, you can ask to have the amount recalculated.
  • Equitable Forgiveness. If your child lived with you for a period of time during the time you should have paid child support, the court may take this into account and forgive a portion of your back child support debt.
  • Suspension of Interest. You might have your interest requirements waived, as long as you can submit to a plan to pay off your back child support in a specified period of time. Realize that filing for bankruptcy won’t relieve you of your obligation to pay the back child support that you owe. The courts do not reduce back child support if you file for bankruptcy.
  • Reasonable Payment Schedule. Even if you can’t get your interest charges waived, you can still petition for a new payment schedule. If you have trouble making ends meet, and you show a desire to fulfill your back child support obligation, the court might set a new payment schedule that you can afford.
  • Settlement with Your Ex. In some cases, your ex might waive some of what you owe in back child support, reducing what you need to pay. Often this includes the payment of a lump sum to settle the debt you owe. You must organize these negotiations through the court, and the court needs to approve any settlement.
  • Loan to Pay Off the Back Child Support Debt. In some states, you must pay a hefty interest rate for back child support debt. If you can’t get the interest waived, consider getting a low-interest loan to pay your back child support.

What to Do If You Are Owed Back Child Support

If your ex hasn’t paid child support, you can turn to your lawyer, go to your local district attorney, or contact your State Attorney’s office. You should not try to take matters into your own hands, however. Even if you plan to negotiate and accept a smaller amount, go through the proper legal channels.

In some states, you can receive back child support from the state. The state then pursues getting the debt repaid. This allows you to continue to provide for your child, without worrying about whether or not you will receive the back child support you are owed. Check with your state’s laws and policies to find out if this solution might apply to you.

Final Word

If you owe back child support, you should fulfill your obligation as soon as you can. If you are in arrears, you can lose your license, your passport, and even wind up in jail. If you show the court that you want to pay your debt, the court may be able to make affordable payment arrangements. Make sure to communicate with all of the parties involved in your child support agreement, and respond quickly to any official documents related to your back child support.

Have you experienced issues with back child support?

  • Minimum Wage

    The arrearage is intercepted when it reaches a certain amount, which I think is around $2,000.

  • burgundydurango

    I believe it also matters if the state is involved in the support enforcement. If the two parties have a private agreement then there may be some extra work to get them involved. I’m not sure about the $2000 arrears amount but that doesn’t sound inaccurate to me. I do know that if the state is involved and it has been established that back support is owed, then the state can take tax returns, garnish a percentage of wages, etc until the debt is satisfied.


    In Texas the office of the Attorney General automatically flags the Non-Custodial parents SS# once they are $500 in arrears, or $150 in arrears if there was any public assistance. Every state has their own guidelines so your best bet is to contact your state’s enforcement agency!!

  • Donna Freedman

    Up in Alaska they’ll garnish your Permanent Fund Dividend check. This year, due to a clerical error, the state mistakenly sent out a bunch of checks to people who were supposed to have had them garnished. Oops.
    A close relative sometimes had trouble collecting her support. It was $50 a month — pitiful even by the standards of the day, back in 1973. When she asked someone at the court about applying to have it raised, she was told she was lucky to get it at all and she shouldn’t rock the boat.
    Like I said: pitiful.

  • Support_Overpayment

    No one ever addreses the issue of overpayment of child support by the non-custodial parent. When the non-custodial parent has verifiable records that overpayments were made to the custodial parent the enforcement agencies and the courts refuse to address this issue.

  • Carrie Smith

    This is a really informational article, and I am going to forward it to my sister. Her new husband has back child support issues and we have been searching for articles on the topic. Thanks for sharing, this has helped me understand a lot more about the situation.

  • Carrie Smith

    This is a really informational article, and I am going to forward it to my sister. Her new husband has back child support issues and we have been searching for articles on the topic. Thanks for sharing, this has helped me understand a lot more about the situation.

  • Carman Selman

    I have been divorced for almost 4 years. when I left the court told me I had to pay child support up until my youngest daughter graduated, plus on top of that my share of her schooling expenses after that, I have No problem with any of this. The amount only totalled around $10,000
    between. I was also nailed with paying my ex $1700 a mth. but before that the judge only awarded her $750 a mth. And then a year later they did a reassesment on the support and increased it to $1700. Retroactive from the original starting date. So this made a bulk amount between the Spousal support and Child of close to $20,000. Needless to say the courts or FRO garnished 50% of my wages. What I would like to know since the bulk of my arreers are spousal support, For tax purposes what gets paid first out of the arreers, The FRO cannot distinguish between the two. I would think child support would take priority and be paid first. But even now 3 years after the final court order my ex is still claiming child support on her taxes. I have given her well over $50,000 and my daughter has received nothing from her mother for her schooling. Which is what my child support payments were supposed to go to..
    If anybody has any idea what I can do or know where I can call to find out more answers, PLEASE LET ME KNOW,,, either comment on here or send me an email,,, [email protected]

    • Heatherbug265

      You have to pay what the court says to pay. If you don’t agree then you can appeal. The money that you pay goes to the mother of the child and it is hers to do what she wishes. It’s her money!! If she was court ordered to pay half of the child’s schooling, then she must pay for half of it. If she recieved money from you SPECIFICALLY for schooling then She would have to pay for all of the child’s schooling. If the “schooling support” is just part of the regular support payments and does not specify on the court order that the money go to your daughter’s schooling then she doesn’t have to pay a dime for your daughter to go to school and she can keep the money that you paid for support and do whatever she wants with it, even if what she wants is to take her new boyfriend to the Bahamas. It doesn’t matter!!
      I am not sure what you mean by “what gets paid first out of arrears”. Does it really matter? All of the money is your ex-wife’s money. ALL OF IT!! Even the portion that is child support.
      It seems like you just hate paying anything to your ex and you are just bitter. I can understand that if she cheated on you or something, but you still have to pay!! Good Luck!

      • Jnick2113

        Bitter? Pot calling the kettle black?!?!?!

      • Jennifer Mendez

        The reason he needs to know dumbass is because regular child support payments are tax free, spousal support is tax deductible and the receiver must pay taxes on it and child support interest is tax deductible. If you are making payments you need to be able to know what you are legally able to deduct on your taxes (spousal support payments and child support interest payments). Since the county offices don’t bother to send a statement like they are legally required to you have to be able to somehow calculate it yourself. It has nothing to do with being bitter but it has everything to do with this person being able to file his taxes correctly and make his ex responsible for paying the taxes she owes.

  • Robert

    I have a tenant that lives in my building who is unemployed and has not paid child support for years. His ex wife has served him with court papers and looks like he may go to jail soon as a result of non payment. He believes that going to jail will forgive his debt and when he is released he will have no more child support problems. Is this even partial true?
    Thanks for the Help

    • Heatherbug265

      F no!! He’s a big loser!! Even if he flees the country he is responsible and other countries will send him back to US to pay it!! Go to jail…still pay!! Die, k then can get out of it, but any back child support will be deducted from inheritence FIRST!!

  • Noraida

    I live in Dallas, tx and my ex lived in Chicago Ill and child support paperwork started at one point but never resolved. My ex-moved to Florida and never paid child support. My son is now 26 what can I do?

  • Deanna Black

    My ex owes me well over $60,000.00 in back child support. I have done the Child Support through the county and yet he is free and My children have received nothing from him in over 8 years and still there is nothing I can do…..

    • Dd

      Go to the government building and apply for food stamps, in the application it will ask you to check a box if you need help receiving child support. The state pays you, then he will owe the state.. and nobody wants that.

    • CK

      Unfortunately Dd is right…sometimes the states won’t help you but if they’re paying money out to you, you better believe they will go after him then! Mine owes me $20,000 and nothing is being done about that either. I have worked 70 hours a week to support my kids and the state won’t do anything because I don’t qualify for state aid because I have chosen to work instead.

  • [email protected]

    child support was accepted in San Diego California however they could not find the mother so they suspended support and send me back the money paid. 13 years later the mom wants back pay in another state.

    • Heatherbug265

      So pay her!!

      • Pmcnelis67

        Heatherbug265 why don’t become a Family Law Attorney because obviously you are so good at giving legal advice. NOT !

  • shell

    my ex-husband we have been divorced 9 years. and i went to the court in my county. and he was ordered to pay and never did and the court never enforced it. my child is 20 years old now. i worked 3 jobs to raise him. is there anything i can do to make him back-up and pay me. for the years he never paid. which he gave me 150.00 in 18 years. any suggestions

    • Kdjir

      You’re just now worrying about this? If you didn’t need it bad enough to pursue it at that time, then you really don’t need it now either. Greedy bitch.

      • CK

        You are an ass…just because it didn’t get paid to her before the child turned 18 doesn’t mean she isn’t still owed this money!

        • corruptmedia

          Kid is owed the money , she isn’t. Once the kid hit 18, she is no longer in the loop.

        • ES

          So what you’re saying is that if I have a kid and am due child support, it doesn’t matter.
          You’re the only one I’ve seen mention this absurdity.
          If I raise the kid, I’m the one that paid the costs. The other party doesn’t pay their share, I pick up the tab, or the kid goes without.
          So then I pick up the tab. Now let’s say I have to work 2 jobs to afford the other party’s share, incurring additional child care costs, etc.
          So then I’ve worked 2 jobs for 18 years because the other parent didn’t pay, and the kid (Who never went without) is due all those costs?

  • Sully

    Hi is there anyone who can help me? I’m 25 and my father hasn’t paid in years and I was wondering if I could collect it since he never legally did what he should have done. I know a few checks had came randomly after my mother had passed and the were in her name. So I looked in to see what had to be done and I was told they couldn’t be cashed they would go to the property of the recently deceased. I should have looked into this sooner. Any help?

    • angelrose

      From my understanding you can not go after him. Your mother raised you 100% so the money is owed to her no you.

      • Heatherbug265

        Her mother is dead. She gets the support. Sully, call your local Child Services Department in your county and set it up.

        • corruptmedia

          Waste of time, if she was 21 or under she’d have a chance.

      • Lisa Holland

        Wrong! As an adult, the non paying parent can be pursued for arrears.

        • corruptmedia

          Cept you have limited time to file after hitting 18, which was several years ago. You snooze you lose! Seems this kid is in a bind now looking for a easy way out!

    • Kd

      wow you’re a greedy little bitch.

      • Heatherbug265

        What?? How can you call a child who never recieved support from her father greedy??? He is the greedy one for not paying his support! They have a name for people like that!! Deadbeat Dad!! She is owed that money! Just because her mother is deceased doesn’t mean that the father is not obligated to pay his back child support!! YOU ARE NUTS!!

        • anna

          and this is where you are wrong, my dear. the girl’s mother supported this child, the child did nothing to pay her own way. child support is not transferrable. time for the little miss to grow up.

        • corruptmedia

          Fathers obligation stopped when the kid hit 18.

          Kid is just looking for easy money, if it mattered, he would have done it at 18, not 7 years later.

          When Sully hit 18, he had 3 years to collect.

      • cheche

        Why don’t (whomever) you are shut the fuck up. With your comments. If you are so bored get a damn life..

        • cheche

          That is for KD the asshole

  • Cuba Hopson

    Hello I was afraid to pursue the back child support so I told the states attorney to forget pursuing it on record.Does anyone know if I can retract the statement and continue pursuing for back pay

    • corruptmedia

      Set in stone, can’t recall it.

  • Kewana247

    Question can you be ordered to pay back child support if it wasnt ordered to being with?

    • anna

      no. no court order, no money is exchanged except within a private agreement

    • corruptmedia

      I’m going to say yes because it happened to me. Split on 4th of July, Divorced started months later, I was required to back pay from the day I was illegally evicted from the residence I was on the lease for. “She lied and said I wasn’t on the lease”, only way she could get a restraining order on me, because I never violated her in anyway and she obviously wanted me gone. “she never asked me to leave either”.

  • sss

    Question- I am owed approximately 86000.00 in back child support. Obviously support was not paid at all for many years. He always managed to work under the table jobs. He finally returned to his country (Germany) and appartently had to get a real job because for the past two years I have been recieving regular although minimal payments. My daughter is now 19 years old so he doesn’t have support charges any more but he is still having the mininal errerage payment being taken from his paychekcks monthly. What I was wondering is how do I go about getting the debt paid off more quickly than at the rate of 200.00 a month. I will be dead before it is ever paid and now is when I really need it. I still support the child and it is her medical bills and what not that have gotten me so far in the hole. I would even be willing to settle for only half the money if I could just have it now and in one lump some. Suggestions?

    • corruptmedia

      You can’t. You could have done something before your child was 18.
      It’s now up to your child to do all that, you will not see a penny as child support is for kids, not for you and your lifestyle.

  • Ascitech

    I am a guy, a good guy, actually… I was severely injured in a car accident subsequently followed by a work injury ending me nowhere! I have not worked since 2003 and am homeless.. Have been homeless; I met a woman, who is a good friend now believe it or not, no b.s. just true, sincere stuff here! She has actually helped me see what has been entitled to me and how it’s up to me to set things straight.

    I hate dealing with situations and they have gotten the better of me, my mother just passed away and without any knowledge my complete bank account was robbed of ALL of my inheritance!!! NOW this is about the bottom, I actually had the child support debt included with my workman’s comp settlement, and I guess because I did not formally have it documented accurately somehow, I was accused of still owing and the interest and arrears were rising…

    This is absurd. I am not a bad guy.. Your thoughts?

    • corruptmedia

      Welcome to club screwed! A lot of us guys are good guys who pay, or have had something life changing, but still expected to pay no matter what! I hope you are able to see your kids!



    • corruptmedia

      You have just the one kid? That’s pretty rough man, I know how it feels!
      Life is hard when 50% of a little gets taken away :(

  • Mrs. Wilson

    My husband found out in June 2012 that he is the father of a 2 yr old boy. Now he is slapped with 12000 back pay and wage garnishment for current and back support. We were expecting his refund to be offset, but he received it anyway. Would he get in trouble if he kept it since they sent it to him? Thanks!

    • corruptmedia

      Nope! Glad he got it! You can file arrears and have those fees waived till when the mother actually filed a child support claim which i’m assuming wasn’t till a little while ago.

  • Mike Watkins

    wow….heatherbug, you must be one of those wonderful mothers who’s only job is to go to the mailbox every month to get that check! Ive seen a lot of you around the ghetto….

    • corruptmedia

      Gold digga she is, I married one just like this, wish I could go back in time.

  • julie

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  • fenwayfan1

    Paid off back child support 2 weeks ago will the IRS take my tax refund again?Mass.
    I live in my Mass. and I just recently paid off my back child support (arrears)about a week ago. I haven’t filed my taxes yet wasn’t sure if there is a wait period. I would hate to pay it twice. Will they take my refund again this year? How long should I wait before I file my tax returns? Thank you in advance!

    • corruptmedia

      Happened to me twice now, you will get it in a few months without interest? Yea we can’t charge them interest for taking our money but they will charge us for not giving it to them? One way!

  • Rose John

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  • Sally

    My father recently passed and I know he owes his second x wife back child support. I heard that any inheritance goes to her first. But… we need to pay for the funeral. My question is: If she knows he is now deceased, how easy is it for her to get her hands on the money? (she lives in another state)

    • corruptmedia

      Nothing will go to the kids, as child support is a living order.
      If the kids are over 18, she wont get squat anyways!

  • john

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  • Sandra Egbert-Cser

    My x husband owed me over 70,000.00 in back child support. I was granted this by the courts and have been receiving $1040.00 every month since. The monies are funneled through the child support services in Butte County Ca. to my checking account. I am still owed $50,000.00. Yesterday I received no notification from mail or phone, but noticed the monthly payment was not put in my banking account, like it usually is. I called the department of child support services and they said that I will not be receiving any payments for the next 11 months, that they will be keeping the money to pay back assistance that I used many years ago, when I was a single parent of 5 with no help except the assistance and my full time job. My question is can they do that , with no notification and why wait until now after all these years?…

    • uneedtogrowup

      Haha you sound horrible for collecting after your child has grown up. Be a real part and find your own way. It’s lazy to expect the baby day to pay for you for life. If you want that you should have Been a better house wife and not moocher

      • someonesgrumpy

        never did she say that her children are over 18. she just said many years ago used assistance. maybe in her time frame many years is only 5 years. besides, at $1,000 a month and $70,000 in debt that’s about 5 1/2 years worth of back child support. he’s paying $1,000/month because he obviously has a VERY good job and that’s what they are making him pay. besides, if they kids are over 18 or about to be, she can also use that money to pay for her 5 children’s college! that’s a lot of money! $70,000 won’t even make a dent in college for 5 kids. Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge others.

        • I KNOW THE TRUTH, DON’T I !!!!

          They are all over 18 and the only one left is my daughter.
          So uneedtogrowup is absolutely correct who ever it is. They have Ms. Egbert down to the tee.

        • corruptmedia

          I’m sorry man, this chick is a total gold digger, my heart goes out to you bro!

        • corruptmedia

          70,0000 comes from years and years of back pay.
          She wouldn’t see a dime once these kids hit 18 and I bet she cries about it!

          She is the reason non dead beat fathers are so upset.

      • I KNOW THE TRUTH, DON’T I !!!!

        Just to let you know. You are absolutely correct with your post. I wish I could shake your hand. I am another assistance who Ms. Egbert failed to talk about here. One of those children are mine. And have been baby day paying now for for over 11 years. $700 per month. It sounds as if you know her. If you do, you already know then who I am.

      • corruptmedia

        Pure example of a gold digga! Having kids, to collect child support, to pad her materialistic life!

        I love your comment uneedtogrowup!! Nailed it!

    • I KNOW THE TRUTH, DON’T I !!!!

      You raised these 5 children on your own, with only the assistance from the state and your full time job???????? You ought to receive a medal of honor for this. Would you not agree????

      Unfortunately, you forgot to mention here the $700 your other Ex husband was sending you. Was there a reason for this??????It sounds to me you are not very truthful here. Am I wrong???? Now it all comes to LIGHT here.

      • corruptmedia

        She did have assistance, that’s why she is paying it back.
        Why should anyone have to pay for her having 5 kids? That was her choice. Most have a hard time affording 1-2 but 5? cmon now!

    • corruptmedia

      Your first problem, you had 5 kids.

      Sucks when you have to payback something you feel you shouldn’t have too!

      Yes they can do that, State > Child Support > every time.

  • Matt Anner

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  • TiffanyV85

    i am over the age of 18, and my father owes back child support in excess of 10,000. My mother passed away a few years ago, and finally at the beginning of this year 2013, he started receiving money from the government because he was diagnosed with cancer so I started receiving the money. he still owes a lot, in the same amount of excess, and recently passed away. My question is, is there anyways for me to still get the money he owes from him and his still living wife, or am I just screwed and its gone and forgiven now?? please help, thank you… :)

    • corruptmedia

      He’s dead, without any assets, you get nothing :( Sorry.
      Hope your mom actually let him see you thou.

  • kelly boyle

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  • Pink313

    Hello. . My kids have been on the system on and off for a couple of years due to a crazy divorce where I was forced to seek safety and I needed the States assistance. I have just recently removed myself from the States assistant. The children’s father owes the State 40K and owes my children 60K in back owed child support. He recently received 30k in a workmen comp. settlement. The state took 22k of those funds and left him with the remainder. I received nothing that was owed to the children. Is their anything that I can do to get some of those funds back from the State for the children?.

    Your advice is appreciated.

    • spark80

      unfortunately, with any type of settlements, taxes, and such… the state gets paid first. i have had the same issue happen to me, but was lucky enough to get someone who actually knew what they were talking about to explain it to me.

      • Pink313

        Thank you so much for your response.

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      • corruptmedia

        The state will go after you relentlessly for child support, throw you in jail, but they will always prioritize themselves over anyone or anything, but if you need something from the state, better be patient!

    • corruptmedia

      Hope he doesn’t kill himself, as that looks more and more appealing every day.

      If your kids are 18, you will not see a dime.

  • maria

    My daughter is 17 years old and her father is illegal here in California has no documents. He doesn’t pay his child support and never cared for my daughter. I called the Los Angeles County Child Support to try to file for a criminal referral. Since he is getting paid cash they told me they can touch him. What can I do to have him deported or put in jail? He owes be 100,009 in back pay to date.

    • anna

      that’s what happens when illegals live in the US. there is no recourse but they all want to live and work here. you can’t have it both ways.

    • corruptmedia

      Should have thought twice before having a kid with an illegal, all your fault.

      • denwood

        are you always such a jerk corruptmedia?you have been rude the whole time!you seem to think you know every thing.

  • lola

    i have a 16 year that i been supporting on my own and is getting a bit much i have decided to drop my pride and file for child support but the state only stated they will only collect from the date i filed and not collect for back pay should i get a lawyer?

    • corruptmedia

      They told you correct.
      It’s state to state, but that’s the round about of it.



    • corruptmedia

      Umm because you took money that didn’t belong to you, and you knew it was more then what you normaly received.

      You think you can take and take, and if there is an error you don’t have to pay for it? If there was an error in your favor you would be all for it.

      You’sa Gold Digga! You gonna cry if he owes back support and it goes to your kids instead?

  • Nikki

    If I said I didn’t want back pay can I change my mind even if I signed the paper? I said I didn’t want it because my ex was staring me down and he is very verbally abusive.

  • sam

    my father owed 70,000 to my mother for back child support when she finally found him she went to a lawyer and was told that she was no longer intiatled to go after him cause we were over 18 that we had to go after him i just would like to know if that is true and if so is there a time limit to go after him

    • slimjim

      That’s not true I just got off the phone with the same question as you to as well even though you are 18 years old or older during the circumstances and the time that you was not receiving the check they still owe you back regardless of age. Even if the person paying died then they would have to take it the government but I would call attorney General and ask questions.

      • corruptmedia

        I think you mis read OP’s comment. Said that they filed for child support after she was 18. Can’t do that. Has to be pre 18.
        Without an active child support case opened, you can’t be owed money just because you think so!

    • corruptmedia

      Child support must be handled pre 18. If you are 30 then file child support, that’s not gonna fly, Sounds like your Mother is being a gold digger.
      If he was paying before you were 18, then you are entitled to the back payment upon reaching 18, not your mother.

  • slimjim

    ok my situation is that my mother has been sick since day one with an illness of schizophrenia. The system just found my father and he is now paying back child support idk why they still have it down for my mother to be receiving the money? All of my sisters and I are now grown but 2 of us our still in school. My mother is still being able to get our money and idk how she is sick its on papers that she should not be getting our money after the age of 18? Also when I called attorney General they said she has to sign off for us which is not correct cause we are now grown. if anyone can help me out or lead me in the right direction I would highly appreciate.

    • BeenThereDoneThat

      Its because the money is backpay child support for when she was taking care of you…Child support is not made to be given to the kids, its so that the parent could use it to support the kids.. If she supported you(sick or not) and did would she did when she was not getting the money from your father, he still owes HER the money . You will not be able to get any of it unless she gives it to you or signs it over to you.

      • corruptmedia

        You are 100% wrong, It’s all for the kids, it’s not for the parents in any way shape or form. Once a child hits 18 and there is back pay, the child gets it.

        If your kid can prove you are squandering the child support on materialistic items or the person paying, that’s theft.

    • Lisa Holland

      Hi Slim, the DCSE does not have a record of your mother’s mental condition, or that there is a trustee to manage her finances, the court order awarded her the child support to provide for her children until they are 18., But all arrears will be paid to the party that the child support order was entered on the behalf if, your mother. So, she is entitled to be paid the arrears. IF, you can prove that she is not the one that provided for you and your siblings (providing a hime, food, clothing, child care, medical, etc.) then you can petition the courts to receive your support that was awarded, but that would require you suing your mother; did she not provide you with necessities? Her mental illness could also be onset by pregnancy and hormonal imbalance occurred from pregnancy, or genetic. For some that has a predisposition of mental illness pay the horrible price of having children, be kind

    • corruptmedia

      When children are 18 they receive the back child support. If you are under 18, a % of that will be available to your mother, while the rest will be divided among the legal adults that support was collect for while they were pre adults.

  • libertyone

    I was just wondering if my ex husband has to continue to pay his back child support even if my child as of tomorrow lives with him., My child is over the age of 18 and my ex is almost caught up maybe 5 or 6 thousand to go.

    • corruptmedia

      If the child lived with him pre 18, then you are in debt for that child support, but has to be court ordered. Once a child hits 18, the child gets the money, you will not see a dime. Child support is for the kids, not for the parents.

  • Haystack

    Can you request the court for back child support from a mother who hasn’t paid a dime in 11 years? Also, if the child then goes to live with this mother, will the law make ME pay child support?

    • corruptmedia

      IF the child is under 18 you are owed that back money, take her to court, make an example out of her, us non dead beat fathers beg you too!

      The child may not live with the mother unless court ordered “assuming you are saying no”

      Unless court ordered, she can’t be paid. You are the custodial parent. If she had them for a few weeks, they could deduct that from child support.

      Please take this scum bag woman to court!

  • regina

    Can a father get back up child support so here’s the story my fiance has two kids one lives with her mother ( well not really she lives with her bf and she’s 16 but child support says you have to prove that which there’s no way) the other child lives with my fiance he has to pay child support there making him when they each have a child. Would he be able to get back up child support from the time his son has lived with him when he takes her to court for child support

    • corruptmedia

      Yes, any time spent must be accounted for in dollars.

  • Sandra

    I am a single mom of three boys and the father has been paying child support was behind at one time but did catch up. When tax time comes because he is caught up would I still get a lump sum of money. He has been caught up for about a year now so I did get a pretty penny last year when tax time came. So would I still get the tax refund if he is caught up with support…

    • F UK YOU


    • corruptmedia

      Maybe if there was an error, but if you spent that money, you would be in debt for repayment once they find that error.

  • Car

    My ex owhs me a little over 50,000. My Son is now 24 but my ex still owns me over 50,000. I live in California and the ex lives in Arizona. Any ideas how I can make him pay this back pay to me?

    • ronnie

      File with the state of california department of child support services.

      • Frustrated

        My ex owes me close to $200,000.00 in back child support and spousal support. We divorced in CO in 2004, and at the time they did not garnish his wages since he was self employed. He now has a regular paycheck and has remarried. My youngest is now 21 and I now live in Texas. How do I go about getting the money he owes and can I have his and/or his wifes wages garnished or go after tax returns?

        • JB

          Why would you try to go after his wife? Your kids are not hers or her financial responsibility, why would you ever think she would have to pay someone elses debt? Really what is wrong with people these days. Grow up and move on.

        • Lisa Holland

          JB, That’s a horrible reply! In some states the new spouse does assume debts of the DBD they married. Why are DBD starting new families with new financial obligations, having more children, without supporting the ones they have with a previous spouse? ”Grow Up”? that’s a comment that should be directed to those DBDs that leave their children to live in poverty due to their immature attitude towards an ex-spouse, and to you!. Its about the attitude they have and revenge or hate they seek to justify why they are DBDs. You should reframe from posting your ignorance!!

        • MMO

          Sorry there can only be 2 legal parents for a child – That means one legal mom and dad. If dad owes the debt it is HIS debt. New spouse does not assume his debt… WHy should she because she decided to take his last name? Its the same thing if he walks into the marriage with debt from credit cards and walks out of the marriage the next month – he accrued it on his own, its his. Yes in the common sense of things it doesn’t make sense to go making other children if you cant pay for the ones you alreayd have. But life goes on after the split. Unless you are suggesting the mom not go on and make alife with someone else and have another family as well. Bottom line is its his debt legally and financially. Wife just has to understand she will have to deal with the headache of filing an injured spouse claim every year, not buying property with him and keeping her bank accounts seperate.

        • Angelique Cocoa Gozano

          I know for a fact that this is untrue MMO, a friend of mine was ordered to pay her husband’s child support for his kids from a previous relationship.

        • corruptmedia

          You should be banned from posting period.

          I bet you are a dead beat mom who milks your babies daddies. Why stick out the marriage when you know you’re going to get paid. Gold digger.

        • corruptmedia

          She’s not very bright, my wages have been garnished since day one, never got an option to pay, you don’t do the paper work, you don’t get anything.

          Her 21 year old would get the 200k if in fact he did owe arrears, THIS WOMAN, is not entitled to anything. Child support is for the kids, not to pad her materialistic lifestyle.

        • Tacrok

          Who do you think paid for this kids food, housing, clothing, transportation, birthday presents, medical bills, education bills??? the kid did not.

        • kendra

          Not true! Child support arrears always goes to the custodial parent no matter how old the child is when it’s collected.

        • corruptmedia

          You are full of it. 200k in 10 years? You’re crazy!

          Unless you have 10 kids, you are nothing but lies.

        • Angelique Cocoa Gozano

          My ex dodged paying support for 7 years, and at 600 a month that ended up being over $50,000 when he was found. So, you should probably learn math before you speak corruptmedia.

        • Lynn

          You can NEVER go after your exs spouse. Even if she’s a millionaire and he has no job. She is not financially responsible for your kids unless she adopted them and then what’s the use of you!get a clue.

    • corruptmedia

      Your son is owed 50k, you are not entitled to any of it once he hit 18.

  • Worried about dad

    My father’s ex just filed for child support, the state claims that he owes 10,000, how could he possibly owe that much if she just filed for it 2 months ago???

    • corruptmedia

      Crooked isn’t it? It actually goes by whatever she says, if she said you were separated on a certain date, they go with it. I had to pay back child support since the day I left, didn’t file for divorce till months later.

      I hire a lawyer to fight for custody of my kids with no assistance, she wins and gets kids with full assistance with a cheap attorney. Gotta love our system. Oh forgot to add in, I have to take drug test just to see my kids and I’ve never been in trouble! Never even raised my voice at this gold digger. Seriously!

  • stacey

    i would like to know how many years can the courts go back for owing child support?? Is it no more then 2 years. Someone told me they do the last 2 yrs.

  • kansask

    If I was on TANF and was sanctioned to where i owe the state money, would the state keep my back child support that was paid to me?

    • corruptmedia


  • lisa

    I hate DBD that get away not paying child support and courts still let him get kids when he actually picks them up and then they don’t pick them up for three months and blames me and files papers for forcing his time..

  • Jennifer Mendez

    My husband has worked the same job for 23 years. During that time he never missed a single child support payment. Back when he and his ex split he paid her support directly to her but unknown to him she was collecting welfare. They took him to court back in 1998 and ordered him to pay $30,000 which was 3 years of arrears retroactively. Since then he has also paid on those paying all but $17.83 back. He was always informed that the money he owed belonged to welfare. In September he was laid off and told he would receive a severance. The minute they find out they immediately go after him for the entire amount yet by law they are only allowed half. When we attempt to get a reduction in the amount owed because he is now laid off and we need the money to relocate out of state he is thrown for a loop when they inform him the money belongs to his vindictive bitch of an ex. They have decided that since he was a good “deadbeat” dad in their eyes and he paid everything back he owed that they will now transfer the interest over to his ex because her child support is ending in March and she doesn’t have a job. The loser has never had a job more than a couple months over the past 17 years that I have known him. Now when he offers her $25,000 cash for a bogus order that never belonged to her because she lived her entire life on public assistance, she refuses it and completely turns it down because she is so mad at me for being married to him. The state of California is sanctioning her harassing me with this order. She would rather collect $50 per month for the rest of her life rather then accept $25,000 cash lump sum now and get out of our life forever. This way she can control us for the rest of our life and constantly harass me making my life miserable. It also gives her the ability to know where we live because the state has our address. She has propositioned him recently and she has tried for 17 years to get me and our son out of the picture. What can I do as his spouse to keep her from knowing where we live when we move out of state? I don’t trust her and I just want her out of my life for good. We don’t have over $50,000 to pay her up front. We offered her up to $25,000 and I can’t understand how someone who complains that she has no money and would get money off him for the “kids” every time he visited could turn down that amount of money. Especially when she knows and admitted that he wasn’t behind in child support and never missed a single payment. Over the years he constantly gave her anywhere from $300-$600 per month extra in cash because he was always told the arrears was the states and they always kept it. He continued to pay for the kids medical ins for the past 6 years at $1000 per month between what he received in payment from his work and what he paid into it after they emancipated because they couldn’t afford it. Had the state told us the money belonged to her we would have gotten it in writing to offset the arrears owed for all the cash over the years and the medical. Now she wants to be an evil worthless “welfare” mom who thinks this is the answer to her money troubles. How long does he have to support this POS? By the time he pays her off his Social Security will kick in to support her. Sad thing is that she will be able to collect his Social Security A year before him because she is a year older. I forgot to mention that the POS has a younger daughter from her now dead drug dealer boyfriend who was married to someone else when he died. The loser never paid her a penny in child support and even in death didn’t claim his daughter. She attempted to get Social Security survivors benefits for her child and they denied her because I guess she couldn’t prove he was the baby daddy. Either that or his wife contested it. It’s amazing how the government is forcing men all the time to pay child support even though they prove they aren’t the father but when the government needs to pay for the child they refuse. Instead they start to go after her other kids dad for bogus arrears so that he can support the dealers child while all along they refuse to give him credit for the son that resides with him and has NEVER been on any form of public assistance. Not even as much as WIC or medical ins because his father supported him by working overtime because the state took the rest. What kind of backwards thinking do these DCSS workers have.

  • tony

    if a person is found to be the parent of a child and that child is now 50 years old can they still be liable for back child support

    • corruptmedia

      Not true, there is a time limit.

      Child support must be filed pre-18 of the child, if not, then parent is not responsible.

  • mr.d

    I am paying $20 arrears on top of my child support can the csp harass me and report me to credit report agency?

    • corruptmedia

      Shouldn’t be able too, I pay 50$ for arrears, apparently if the woman files a restraining order on you, you have to pay child support from that date, even if you don’t get divorced until months later.

      You are still required to pay this woman even though she lives with her parents at home blowing the kids money on materialistic items then coming to you crying that the kids don’t have food to eat or clothes to wear.

    • A Guest

      When my husband had $5,000 in arrears (waiting on a court date, 5 months later they get the date and the arrears built up) and he was on a payment plan, it DOES show up on your credit report. We know because we bought a car and it was right there on his credit report. This is in Massachusetts.

  • jes

    my fiancé has a child with a woman other then me and she did not tell him about the child or take him to court til almost 3 years later now he is almost $5,000.00 in debt and they want to take his license and they expect him to pay $450.00 a month he has no income and we have 2 children of our own I was wondering is there a way to fight the cs due from when he didn’t know the child was his? I mean we are struggling as it is and he tries to pay what we have but its hard he also buys things and hands her money so it don’t count on child support. She is very greedy and every time she talks to my fiancé she throws my kids in the conversation which I don’t think my kids should have anything to do with anything that consists of their issues also…I was just wondering if there was anything we could do about that large sum I mean if she just told him about the child and took him to court in the first place this wouldn’t be like this

    • Sonia

      First don’t talk to her. Neither of you. Start a modification process. Tehn file a court date to see if you can modify how much time he can get to see the kid. Even if you aren’t married he has the right to modify the chold support because he has two more kids to take care of. We modified my husbands from $890 a month when he was only making 1600 a month to $240 which is reasonable. Do not talk to her. Avoid all conversation. He can also just pay $10 to any a month as long as hes paying something. If they are taking it out of his check then I’m sorry but it has to be modified to include the kids he’s got with you

    • MMO

      First off he needs to stop giivng her money on the side. If he wants to get credit for the support it needs to go directly to the child support office. He has to be careful about asking for a modification because additional children that are claimed on a tax return count as deductions that most people get a refund for. Guess what? That is counted as income and can increase the child support. The automatic assumption is that he would get a biologial hardship which will reduce the child support. But those hardships are not automatic and they are at the courts discretion. SO my question is if he isn’t working how is he supporting the children in the home? DO you work as well and contrubute to your children with him?? These are all questions the court will get into when deciding whether to give a bio hardship. They will order him to job contacts and he will eventually be imputed income. WHatever the circumstances were surrounding the revelaing of this child, they are moot now. He has a legal obligation he has to fulfill and unless he can receive credit for what he gives her, I would not hand over one red cent. He has to keep square with the child support office she can wait a few more days for his payment to post through the child support office and be disbursed to her. He may be entitled ot a modification but the court needs something to go off of. In addition. They don’t care how the obligation is paid as long as the whole obligation is met in full – if He has to pay a little every week to make the whole months obligation, he should do that. Its hard to come up with just a lump sum payment all the time. Break it up as long as the full payment is made within the month

  • Shane

    So about a year ago I paid off my back CS for my 3yr and 5yr old. Not to complain but she is manipulative and attacks me through my children as if she’s the victim and I’m the MONSTER. But anyways, as we all know tax season is here and occasions I’ve asked their mother nicely if I could carry at least 1 of them and she says no, I did not make a fuss. I simply replied with the “ok” text aka “have a nice day.” She calls me an hour later to tell me that I still owe back CS and that they will take my money. Doesn’t make any sense because had I still owed the Attorney General of Texas would provide me with the information stating that I owe and the amount I’m paying would shoot up -not reduce like it did when I paid it off. On top of that my employer takes any and all of my deductions out automatically every month. I have medical and dental insurance for my kids and yet she continues to depend on medicaid and now has 4 kids, thats our 2 and then 1 by 2 others so..I don’t know how it will all play out but I refuse to get played for my money ever again.

    • corruptmedia

      Sounds you married a gold digger like I did. You do everything right, and they find someway to milk you more.

    • Will

      It’s the Texas system. Majority of the time the woman files for divorce because they know that they will get the money. I have no problem paying for my share of the kids expenses but I think it is wrong that my ex is able to live off of child support. She lives in a $450,000 home and gets $2000 a month in child support , chooses to work at a $15/hr job when she has a BS degree, asks me to pay half of the kids activities and files for financial aid for the kids activities. I’m at every event my kids have, unless another kid has something going on (I have 4 kids). Unless the mother doesn’t want her kids or is on drugs, the father has limited rights. I know that I married her and had kids with her but she wasn’t like that before. The system allowed her the opportunity and she’s is using the system to her advantage not the kids. That is why I am bitter.

  • Brooke Corish

    I have a question My ex husband has his child support taken from his checks every week but he has $12,000.00 in back due. he did his taxes will I get any of it.? Confused on how this works

    • B Corish

      they jut started taking the money from his checks a year ago he was on the run for 5 years

      • joe

        I wonder if the shoe was one the other foot? I know I had to pay $180.00 a week in child support to my ex. Now that I have custody, she has to pay me $5.00 a month($1.25 a week) and I owe back support, and still have to pay $165.00 a week for that. How is this system fair?

        • Angelique Cocoa Gozano

          Child support is calculated based on earnings, so obviously you make quite a bit more than the mother.

    • Staceyjf

      If he owes more than $500 back child support then the state automatically turns it in to the IRS to be intercepted. It can take up to six months for you to receive the money.

    • kevin

      no he wont get any taxes back

  • Anna

    It is nearly impossible to make the father of your child to pay you any money at all.
    A little of my story: me and him had a baby together, we were never married, he was violent and stuff but I stuck around for a while. I know I am stupid. I was finally in my right mind to leave him. He was court ordered to pay child support since 2011, he started paying some of it, then he stopped, now its the year of 2014 and back child support is over $5000 + $1000 he owns to the state of texas for medical , i was getting medicaid and some food stamps since my son was born, which helped alot, i did work here and there, last child support payment I got on the direct deposit card was $175 with something cents i dont remember, that was back in April 2013, that payment was from his taxes, not like he payed that himself, last time he saw his son was back in 2012, after that nothing, the father of my child does have a long criminal history, i found it all online, drug offences in 2005 got dismissal. another one in 2005 got dimissal in 2006. then another one in 2010 got dismissal. in 2011 was charged revocation in 2012, felony DWI 2012, then terroristic threat in 2011 with a 12 month probation., when he stopped seeing son I was kind of glad because he is trouble. He will not change. but this year 2014 I found out that I was dropped from my medicaid and that my son will not receive medicaid either they said i was earning too much money, i call it bullshit. I found the phone number for dead beat father and called him for last time asking him to please make some payments for his son, he called back (sounded drunk) saying a bunch of crap, that i am prostitute that i dont love my son and all i think about is money. This year my boy will start Pre-K school I thought his father would help pay for school. But no. I get and my son get nothing. I cant really afford a lawyer right now even with my tax return this year because I got to take care of my teeth. I need feelings in the teeth and other. The child support office does nothing because they nor me know where he lives, all I know is the town and state, i dont even know if he work. Him nor his parents havent seen my son for years nor they care about him, i was told i cant do nothing, how is it fair, why?

  • Heather M.Montano

    The noncustodial parent is reporting fraud against,on me for receiving back owed childsupport payments whilei visit in Mexico for 6 months

  • Minerva Rodriguez

    Hi everyone well finally after 13years I finally get some child support back, when I started with my sons father things were good but when I had my son he was not doing anything, so I took him to child support and he paid $200, when my son was like less than a year, but I always took care of my son and almost every 3 years he would come to have me stop the child support and I would tell him no cause if he took care of his other kids why couldn’t he do the same for mines, but I always left it up to god and sure enough last month I received a check and this month and mind u he owes more than 66,000, so far its coming in let’s see for how long.

  • Nanalovey

    My fiancé owes 30,000 in back child support in California his son is 11 and he is currently paying his child support. What happens when the child turns 18 does the child start getting the back support or does his ex continue to get the money? And when we get married is that going to affect my income tax return? I already have two kids and get child support from my ex. He pay 650 for his one kid and I get 600 for my two. Is there anyway he can get his lowered he makes more money now but owes a lot in back support. She seems to think she doesn’t have to work and can live off of him and the state the rest of her life. If we buy a house together can his name be on it or are they gonna take that from us? I work hard for my money and so does he so we can have a life together and support my kids. We shouldn’t have to support her also. I’m so glad we live in Washington and not California I just wish we could have his son live with us so he would learn better morals and values and not look for a free handout from the state.

    • Tacrok

      Do you really think a woman is living off $650/month?

    • Jennifer

      A little advice because I have been in the very situation you are asking questions about. For the first question, no the child doesn’t get a penny and is not entitled to a penny of the child support or the arrears. According to child support that belongs to Mom and she can do with it anyway she wants to. If she doesn’t want to spend it on the kids then according to them, that’s her right. To the question about the house, yes if you buy a house with him they can slap a lien on the home and force the sell. The other problem is that if you are renting versus buying a home you will pay less money to the ex because of the fact that the interest is tax deductible and when they calculate the take home pay they will allow for the tax break but will fail to calculate the fact you have to make the actual mortgage payment and will cause you all sorts of tax problems. My advice to you is if you decide to buy something DO NOT TELL THEM YOU ARE A HOMEOWNER! When you fill out the income and expense declaration you have 2 ways to fill it out. Married filing joint and married filing separate. If you tell them you are filing jointly make sure to add in your income because it causes you to look like you owe more in taxes and have less take home pay. If you can raise the amount of your income it also helps for at least CA because they only consider your income to determine how much you owe in taxes. The more you make the higher your taxes but if the income is yours they can’t use it to calculate his responsibility for child support. This is the reason why there are mothers who have remarried wealthy men and don’t have to pay much in support. Also make sure to claim you are renting. If you fill it out as filing separately or even single, then just put in his income and again don’t put down you are buying. This way he will pay the highest tax and again have less take home pay. When it comes to buying a home what we did is we purchased a home and immediately my husband filed a quick claim deed taking himself off the deed to the property. This was done prior to it ever recording so when it did finally record it has only my name on it. He has no claim to the home now, which is sad. They refuse to allow him to have anything and in doing so it has screwed over their kids. Only our son, will ever inherit anything. The issue with taxes is that I filed a injured spouse claim and although I don’t work I was allowed to split his income and the money already paid in, then I took all the deductions and credits and applied it to my side and I just received 100% of the return refunded to me. Keep in mind we live in a community property state so other states the rules may be different. All of this advice works for the state of California and Arizona. Also California doesn’t have an injured spouse claim so they still steal my state return but that is so low it is inconsequential. Good luck!

    • jennmarie2882

      the money would go to the parent has it is money that he owes her for supporting the child before he turned 18 years old. but the current child support will stop and all the money paid will go to paying off the back child support. He can start paying on it now to keep the interest from increasing the amount owed. AGO can set a amount on top of his current child support payment. My husband pays an extra $300 a month towards back child support. When you get married they can take all your income tax refund as well. You can either file married filing separatly or you can file together and include an injured spouse form when you file. This will allow you to get back any part of the refund that came from your income not your husbands. His will still go to the back childsupport. there is a limited amount of times the IRS will allow you to use this so paying the back childsupport off quickly is the cheapest and best choice.

  • melulu

    Okay so me and the father of our children are back togther and I signed ti waive all back support 14000. Well the judge decided to make him still have topay does anyone know how to stop back child support…. cuz we live together

    • Ramen Noodle

      If the Office of Attorney General is involved in handling the finances, then you can simply write out a letter with the case/cause number stating in writing that you no longer want to enforce the arrears. If they are not involved, file a Motion with the Court taking that same letter with all of the appropriate info and entering a plea to the court. OR…the only other way would be for him to file a motion to have the case dismissed and you don’t show up to contest it.

    • Kandi

      write him a receipt that he has paid and turn it in! They cant prove he didn’t if you say he did!

  • need advice

    I live in California, and I owe back child support from when I was in prison. I currently owe $40,000 an I had a good job and was paying it until they left me with 180 dollars for two weeks worth of work, they were taking $1,600 a month, when I only grossed $2,500 a month, last year my father died and a few months later lost my job cause I couldn’t even cover my gas to go back and forth to work, my question is, when my father passed away he left me a house that was completely paid for, if the house is placed in my name can child support force me to sell the house to pay off my balance. im doing everything I can to find another job that will pay me enough and is close enough for me to go to work if they take that much again, but im a felon and no one will give me a chance.

  • joe

    I know I had to pay $180.00 a week in child support to my ex. Now that I have custody, she has to pay me $5.00 a month($1.25 a week) and still have not received a dime in 2 years. I owe back support of $27,000.00, and still have to pay $165.00 a week for that. How is this system fair? I was put in jail on and off for not paying it, cause there are no jobs anywhere.. so while in jail, they stacked up interest and penalty’s that equil more that what is actually owed. The actual support that is owed is $9,200.00. so they tacked on $16,000.00 for themselves, not bad way to commit crime legally…

    • Brad

      The system works for women, very rarely for men.

    • Lynn

      The whole child support system NEEDS to be redone. It should be based on each case not as a whole . Also should be base on circumstances. Custodial parents making a lot more $, also if it’s putting the non custodial parent and his or her family in $ troubles then it shouldn’t be based on a set percentage. There is a need for a lot of custodials NEEDING child support, but NOT all. It favors the mothers big time even if they are drug using,losers.

  • JIM


    • DGRIGGS1

      Ummm have you ever thought that there were extenuating circumstances?? Like my case, I paid child support for 4 years TILL I signed him over to his father in law. They told me that the billing would stop. He was legally adopted and to this day, 12 years later, I am STILL paying. On top of that, the courts have the adoption papers AND they just today raised my child support without telling me. Now they take half of my paycheck for arrears that had accrued for a 3 year period when I thought and was told that I would not be billed. Now, the new “father” is a high ranking Navy Seal. They won’t do anything about it till I go to court. I live on the opposite coast now, miles away from CA. They tell me that I have to go into a court in San Diegowith an attorney and pay them, THEN they will discuss his adoption. They have all the info, I have a copy of the paperwork that says I will not owe anything and they still take it.

      • sandie


    • joanna

      Thank you Jim!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so tired of deadbeat parents! My ex owes me 44,000. We were married 12 years and had 3 children. I worked 2 jobs to give my kids a good life and we suffered greatly. Their father lives in the basement of his sisters house and he thinks he’s got away with it. It will catch up to him some day and he will be in a cell!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas

    Jim, you obviously have never gone through divorce or child custody battles. I just got told I now owe 15 months of child support and this is the first time my ex wife file for support. When my ex lived in california child support can not be back dated, but she moved to new mexico and the judge just ruled that I have to pay from the moment she moved. I sent my ex money all the time to pay day care, dental, after school sports since we couldn’t agree on what was a fair amount.
    Again Jim, you need to read about how the men that get screwed over all the time. And by the way my son mainly lived with me until I had to move because of the military so the court ruled against me because of the military.

  • Dr Brave


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  • Codie

    Question: I’m 21 and in college and my dad is paying back child support to my mother I only get access to that money to help me with things when I’m back home visiting. Is there a way that I can get that switched and put in my name so it comes to me since how I’m of age?

    • Kandi

      You cant get the monies the parent is currently paying, since its owed to the parent that took care of you. That money belongs to the parent who raised you!

    • Angie

      I have one child over 18 and one who just turned 17. I am supposed to receive support for both of them. He currently owes $36,000.00. He is a dead beat dad. We were married, had our children, he turned to drugs and I left. He has not been around unless he felt he could benefit from them or I. When he does pay some child support I split the money between the two and give it to them. I understand the money was from me caring for them all these years. However, I believe at their ages the money is theirs. Gas for their cars, clothes, shoes, hair cuts, whatever their needs. It still goes to them. Bonus for them. I dont need it. It belongs to them!

  • Selina Jackson

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  • Kay

    What if there’s backed up child support but the child turns 18 who does the money go too? The child or parent

    • nicole2827

      my mom passed when my siblings and i were young and my grandmother took us in when she died when i was 18 my 4 siblings remained with me and i still received support in my name for my brother even up into his early 20s

  • Justin Thyme

    Kay, the money goes to the parent. The custodial parent is the one who supported the child when the non custodial parent neglected to help. The money is paid back to the custodial parent. -The child never receives support.


    I left my ex because she refused to work as I had a full time job and a limo biz at nights/weekends. I wanted to take my daughter but her brother wasn’t mine so ripping them apart would be cruel. I paid my support and visited almost every day. I even paid support directly to my ex on four occasions because she had no food for the kids and waiting for the round a bout check through DCS would take too long. This was cleared and allowed by DCS. However, I fell on hard times and was 2 months late on 2 occasions. DCS calculated it as 6 mos late and suspended my license twice. Both times, they acknowledged their mistake and released the suspension. Dept of Licensing didn’t care though and charged me $75 twice ($150) to have another license. DCS also took the last $100 from my bank.

    Even tho my ex received support from two men, it was her refusal to work which made her fail. I was arming myself for two years worth of info to fight to get my kid since mom couldn’t even get my daughter to the school bus. (32 absences / 28 tardies) 6 schools by the 3rd grade. (constantly evicted). I didn’t have to take the ex to court though, she dropped the kid and cats at my door and left for CA. She now owes over $10,000 in arrears to me but I won’t see a dime as she’s filing for disability. I bought a house with a pool and have kept my daughter in the same schools since the 4th grade. She’s a great kid and now a junior in high school.

    Sincerely, DAD!

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  • Krysi

    Does anyone know if a parent owes back child support and opts to do jail time instead of payments,are they still responible to pay the arrears?

    • Angelique Cocoa Gozano

      Yes, they are. Your child support debt doesn’t just evaporate into thin air. It’s your responsibility to care for your child. Jail time is more of a ‘motivating factor’.

  • Joe/Mel

    I have a question… is there any way to be able to leave the country for a short time when owing back child support? my wife is in another country and will be giving birth to my child there and I would do anything to be there? Please help

  • Renae

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  • Justin

    Does back child automatically stop coming out of my check when I have paid it off? Or do I have to call attorney generals office to stop it?

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  • Kelly

    In the state of Texas you can get the back child-support from his disability checks.I fought for 20 years to get the child support owed. I got nowhere with the attorney Generals office I went through. I wrote letters to my state representatives and congressmen. I had one respond and help me to get my case back in front of a Judge as the child support Office I went through had decided to just drop my case. Now I do get the back support and it comes out of his disability checks.

  • PEK

    Wow…you sure know how all situations are don’t you?! This is all BS. I am the woman and have been supporting my son since day one. I do not qualify for any state of federal programs, so I pay my mortgage, utilities, food, clothing, daycare, insurance, everything myself while his dad lays around all day going fishing and not working. So please before you go off on a rampage, be sure you know all the facts. There are pathetic mothers like you state above, just like there are fathers that turn their backs on responsibility (even when they initially were wanting the family), but there are also those that do what is right and the children truly are #1. it seems that you have run into a battle of trying to have time with your kid/s….there are advocates out there that will help with your fight. It’s much easier actually to get visitation (even if it is monitored) than it is to get assistance financially…at least it is that way in my state of Ohio. Good luck to you and please don’t place all woman in the category you have, there are some very good mothers and potential wives/girlfriends.

  • RrrWright

    Does anyone know how much the State would get on $130,000. back child support arrears..the kids are in their 20s now. The State of California charged 10% interest which goes to the spouse but what does the State get in penalties?

  • james

    my ex spouse and i had two biological and four non biological children together. we were married for for seven years and continued to live together after divorcing until death ten months later. she suffered from stage four breast cancer and i continued taking care of our family. while we were till married she pursued the biological father for support and he stayed undercover. now i just got a child support debit card in the mail with her name on it.

    can i go after the DEADBEAT dad to to collect the arrears for eight years we were married?

    i’m raising the two youngest alone.

  • G-lo

    Does anyone know how long does the custodial parent have to file or reopen a child support order in the state of California, is it before the child turns 18 or can you open after they’ve turned 18?

  • SS

    I have a 17 year old child, was never married to her father, and he has never paid any child support. When she goes to college, is there any kind of financial aid for her because of never getting support?

  • Lindsey

    I live in PA. I am dropping child support does my baby’s father still have to pay back support

  • Alexzander

    I’m 21 male my real father stop paying child support when i was 11 I’m in college and work full time what can I do to get back child support for myself?

    • Shanna

      Go to child support enforcement and request your back child support

  • Brian

    Child support is one of the biggest scams known to man.

  • Nathan

    I have paid child support to my daughter for years through court order. Her mother and I tried to make things work and decided to buy a house together. The house is in my name. We have lived there for several months and I have stopped paying child support in order to support my daughter by providing a home. My relationship with her mother is very unstable, so if things fall apart will I be ordered to pay back the time I didn’t pay support because we were all living together in a house that I bought?

    • kevin

      yes you will you should go to the courts to let them know your daughter is living with you so they want make you pay back your support

    • Jessica

      You should have the child support payments stop by the courts. Because if that is not done legally she will show proof that payment swede not made… So be careful

    • Sue

      Everything must be done through the court system. It’s her word against yours.

  • Daniella Brown

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  • Courtney M Barnwell

    I owe back child support and have my wages garnished if I get a second job will they take from that check also?

    • kevin

      no they want,
      unless your first job check wont cover your child support payment

    • Roberta Precious-Robocop Marti

      the payments due will rise tho.

  • Erica Todd-Thomas

    Does anyone know how long it takes for the non custodial parent’s taxes to be garnished if they owe back child support

    • Paul

      In my experience, about 4 months. My ex reported falsely that I owed back child support, and despite my proof that I had made payments as ordered a tax refund was garnished. The good news is that eventually the state realized she was a liar, refunded my money, and took it out of her child support. Heh. I’ll never roll over a refund to next years taxes again, though.

    • Angela Shaw-Smith

      It depends on the court’s or the agency seeking the child support on your behalf. Once perternity is established a notice will be sent to the IRS. Only Federal taxes will be garnished. Not State.

  • Jennifer Perez

    We live in Texas. My husband’s ex owes more than $30,000.00. The child support office says we are suppost to be receiving her tax check, yet we have never seen one. We have also turned in where she is living now and where she says she is working. The child support office says they looked into it and the job says they have a person with that name working there but the socials don’t match. How is this? We also hear of all these men who get locked up for owe very little child support. What about all these DEAD BEAT MOMS? For over a year we have been told we are going back to court and haven’t seen this day. She is suppost to be on probation from the last time. They told her if she missed one more payment she was going to jail and she has missed almost a year. She pays until they drop the case and as soon as they do she quits paying to. They say they cant find her yet she lives in a town of 2000 people. What does a person need to do to get the help to enforce child support since they aren’t doing their job?

  • dl

    The IRS wants to charge me interest on the child support that I received each year from my former husband. Why do I have to pay interest on his support payments.

  • Patricia Smith

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  • Shannon Boyd

    My ex just won the PCH sweepstakes 1 Million … he owes me 44,000. in back child support my case worker said she will investigate … Will I get my money or should I find a lawyer

    • A mother

      I’d get a lawyer u have that right to that money bc the child comes first. He should be paying not gambling.

      • Cheryl

        The Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH) sweepstakes are free to play-there is no purchase necessary and anybody who feels like it can enter each of their sweepstakes up to however many times they say are allowed, so technically he wasn’t “gambling” by entering himself into PCH sweepstakes. Also, as far as I know anyone lucky enough to actually win anything from a PCH sweepstakes is going to be legally responsible for paying taxes on it and the IRS will automatically take out any amount he owes in back child support payments and it will be turned over to the state where the child support order was issued where it will then be used to pay off whatever debt in back payments that he has there… Prize winnings like that are definitely considered taxable income and probably at a much higher rate than other earnings although I am not certain about all of those specifics. I am sure a well-known and established company like PCH reports the names of their winners and any other financial info that they are legally obligated to that is related to their sweepstakes over to the IRS on a regular basis…

  • Jason

    I am an unmarried father of a 4 yr.old. I have lived with and supported both my girlfriend and daughhter since my child was born. Because of depression and anxiety issues I have not been able to stay with one job for long, although I have worked at many temporary jobs. Because my former girlfriend has never worked during this time, we have had to receive help with rent and bills from my parents, which has been a hardship on them. Now that we are not together she claims that I will have to pay back child support from the day my child was born. She say that since we had help from my parents that the courts will not take paying the rent and some bills as support from me, even though she would not have received rent and bill money without my being there. While still in the hospital she said she did not want child support at that time, because we were together. I have every intention of paying child support now, but I am panicking at the thought of paying back 4 and a half years worth of child support. Do I have a chance at all of not paying back support?

    • ishish

      from the day she goes to court to file a petition on u for child support is the day they begin to charge u child support. it doesnt work that way. the mother cant say he needs to pay me from day 1. the judge only enforces from the day she goes to court n on. n it depends on how much u make for one child i think its 10 to 15% of your pay. If u arent working they help u find a job thru a program.

    • Sue

      Best advice to you is to find a reputable family law attorney. Most give free consultations. Is your name on the child’s birth certificate? Write down your questions and be concise. Sometimes a law firm will not take a case unless you pay a large retainer. A $3,5000 fee goes very quickly. $10,000 is not unusual, you pay for every minute you speak to your attorney, so try not to call unless you must. Judges don’t like to hear about verbal agreements. Proof, like pay stubs and receipts will help.

  • A mother

    My child is 4. Father owes 14,000 and never payed a dime. We have an account with the government for him to pay but he will not work so there’s no money while I work to support my child. when will he get jail time? I have to buy a lawyer to send him to jail too?

    • Ashley Hyatt

      Keep calling child support enforcement or file a modification they’ll get him

  • dr ek

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  • mrs.bachelier

    Hi i hope my question isn’t stupid, but this was unfair. Would any of you know if my husband can get child support back that he payed to the mother while the kid lived with us, my step son lived with us for 3 whole years and still was paying child support. My step son went to his nothers i’d say one every 2 months just for the 2 day weekend hardly went to her house he is 22 now but from 15 to 18 can we still take action in court over this even if he’s 22 now.

  • Jason

    I have a question. I was involved with my daughter until she was 2. Do to health complications and couldn’t work and couldn’t go out of the house do to depression and feeling like I was going to die in public. Will my daughters mother took it as me trying to get out of paying child support. Not only did she forbid me from seeing my daughter or be around family functions while she was there.

    I tried going to a public attorney, they all said being I had no job, there was nothing they could do. My life of 20 years of anxiety, depressed and feeling ill, finally came to a hault 5-6 year ago when a doctor finally helped me. I got back in society started working again. A couple years after being to the point of feeling half way normal and enjoying life, I literally dropped dead. My heart stopped and I turned blue. My stepdaughter was walking with me at the time. I was unresponsive for about five minutes or more. It just started beating again before any help arrived. I had open heart surgery and fixed a detective aortic valve, now I take blood thiiner to keep my mechanical valve working.

    Through this time I got behind on all my bills and everyone is wanting a piece of my check. I want to know if there is a way to get my tax return for 1 year instead of it going to child support, so I can get a bankruptcy attorney to get the bill collectors off my back. This way all I have do is pay my child support and try and live a normal life.

  • tiera

    I have a question my friend is 16 her father is in jail I believe and her mom didn’t receive child support when she’s 18 will she get the back child support or will her mother?

    • Ashley Hyatt

      Her mother

  • Markus

    The arrears i owe is about to be paid in full, Will my Ex get the interest owed or will the State of Wisconsin get it?

  • Emilylms

    My step father strangled me when I was nine, and I was sent to England by order of the Attorney general in charge of my case. My mother is still with the man and has not payed any child support for about 10 years. I am coming back to America to sort out my life. I have been been suffering and struggling since. What is owed to me and what will happen to my mother for not paying child support? What will have to happen?

  • davva360

    The whole child support situation is a joke in the USA. I am a father, have custody of my son, and my ex has paid me a total of $200 in child support in 2 years. The court only ordered her to pay $32 a month and she has only paid that about 6 times in 2 years.

    The chances of me seeing another penny are slim to none. Pathetic.

  • Newbiebutyetnot

    It is a flawed system that is a fact. My ex husband and i separated in 2000 divorce final in 2005 judge wanted to set support at $289 a month i agreed to lower it to $200 a month in payments of $50 a week in our divorce. He payed one $50 payment then didn’t pay again went to court in ’06 he made a deal with judge paid $189 after court didn’t pay anymore after that 6 months later they sent a garnishment to his work,they took $74 out of his check and he quit. Later on in the year they found out where he was working and sent another garnishment letter this time they took $52 and guess what surprise he quit again. Went to court in ’08 he again made a deal with the Judge paid $214 didn’t pay again. This continued on going to court EVERY year. In ’09 i wrote off $6000 of his support payments thinking finally he was going to help with his daughter,that was my mistake. They cannot do anything to him basically he works at a sawmill which is a cash paying job and has not filed income taxes since 2000. I received a call from him 2 weeks ago crying wanting me to go with him to see his attorney and write off all but $2000 of his support so he don’t go to jail,seriously!!!!!!! I of course said no and yet again guess what happened? He got to make another payment deal with the Judge and paid $100 before leaving the court house. It feels like a never ending cycle. In total since 2000 he has paid $917.

  • Anette Mellott

    The child support system is a BIG joke. I divorced my ex in 1986 and he was suppose to pay 200.00 a month. Well he never did and now owes me 60,000 in back child support. He told me since I had a new man in my life let him support them. Well 29 yrs later I am with the same man but never married him and yes he did support my 2 kids who are now 36 and 31 and are struggling financially with there own kids. The court system had warrents on him and would arrest him and make him pay 1,000 to get out of jail (which I did get) and put him on probation and if he was working they would garnish his wages but by the time the paperwork would go through he had his boss pay him under the table and would never do what he was ordered to do. This went on for 29 yrs. and I would love to help my kids but I am struggling also. He is living with his 3rd wife in Del Rio, Tx and is on disability. Thanks to facebook he is trying to reconnect with his kids. HELP is there anything I can do to get the back child support so I can give it to my kids and grandkids?

  • David

    my question is can child support garnish my wages even though I’m making my monthly child support payments and interest payments towards my back pay that I owe could child support still garnish my wages for my back pay?

  • Diana

    My question is, what happens when the other parent owed child support but instead of receiving a refund they pay back to the IRS? Does the back pay child support gets added on to that?

  • Charles

    When my ex wife and I divorced, there was no court order for me to pay child support. She now wants to file for child support. Does this mean that I will owe back child support? If so, is there any way avoiding this? Since our divorce, I’ve been paying all of our child’s expenses including day care. The kid lives with me part 3- 4 days a week. I have proof. Please help someone

    • joe

      yea just make sure your your prof is a judge except in court. its all about what state you live in and what the laws are. One more advise is never give her money all was a money order and or a receipt or check all ways all ways

    • Tracy

      Get a lawyer and pay them to fix it…courts lean towards women and if your in Texas its really bad. Dont play nice if you go to court fight for 50/50 since your doing it already. Then you would only pay for the difference in your income and hers. So if you make 50k and she makes 30k you only pay chiild support on the 20K difference if you have 50/50 custody.

    • orlando

      You will only pay up to the time she filed

  • Maureese

    If my back child support was suspended can the irs still take my refund

    • Ashley Hyatt

      If you owe any back child support. Yes.

  • Destinee

    My child’s father hasn’t paid child support in 11 years he has some arrers he keeps having more kids with only a part time job. He now has 5 kids one he isn’t in contact with because the child’s mom gave custody to her parents caince she was a minor, he has a son living with him full time however his sons mother works but he will not file a order with her. His other chikd after my daughter now gets Childsupport also since she gets government help for there child he is paying the state of tc back. He has now finally started paying child support 3 months ago however he only works short hours because he said the more he works the more they take for my case which is now 11 1/2 years old at 85$ a week. He has also now had another baby the sad part is that baby’s mother died when she was 4 weeks old 2 weeks ago. My heart goes out to him and his new child and her mothers family. However my job is to make sure he is responsible for my daughter. He wants to take me to court to drop the entire past due and just let him start the normal payment. I refuse will I be able to fight him from dropping the past due amount? And I seen that he could get lower payments. It’s been 11 years of me working 2 jobs to provide for her. Now I have established a career in these last 11 1/2 years and I make decent money. Will I lose my daughters past due amount? Will I get less money then what he is finally giving me which is 165$ Every 2 weeks

    • Christina Aguilar

      how does it work when they take your taxes????? Does the other parent get that money or does it go somewhere else like the agency??? Sorry im asking for a loved one..

  • LadyLoa

    I have a question, is there a way to take off child support owed in the rears and if so is there a limit on the amount? like if both parties entered into a settlement and a mom said that the dad was helping and wanted to wipe off back owed support for him??

    • Jennifer

      You can fax a letter over to the child support office stating that he doesn’t owe you anything that he paid you directly or that you want to forgive his arrears. Often it’s better for the kids when you do if he is not a deadbeat dad. The longer he remains in the system you do too. This only creates poverty. It prohibits him from creating wealth because his credit is destroyed. Your kids unfortunately end up with nothing when you or him pass away. My husbands kids from his ex have absolutely nothing even though had they wiped the slate clean they would have had a house out in Arizona. We had looked into buying a house for them to live in free of charge because foreclosures were so dirt cheap in Arizona 2 years ago. You could buy a house for around $60,000. Now house prices have gone up $100,000 in a year yet she has nothing to show for their lies. They have gotten $40,000 from us over the past 2 years but without credit or a job you still can’t buy. We just paid them $27,000 and the state won’t even post the payment and won’t send it to her. Even when they get the remaining money it’s not enough to pay cash but we could have bought 3 homes for what one costs now. Now she won’t even be getting another payment from us once this money is used up and when you have no idea how to budget anything, being handed $65,000 over 2 years is the last thing that should be done. Instead we could have bought a house for them that they could have now cashed out for over $150,000 just in 2 years. What an idiot so if you can forgive the father and he is trust worthy to want to benefit his children then do it. I refuse to use the corrupt system and we own 2 houses and have a constant income now. She is broke and no job or future. That’s what happens when you ask the government to take care of you. Problem is they won’t take care of you forever. They had her originally set up to collect $650 per month for 17 years after adding in interest payments. We cut that off by paying her over 2 years however we could. They planned to set her up until retirement and then his Social Security check would begin paying her. Now the government can figure out how to take care of her once her new kid turns 18 in a few years. Otherwise she will have to look for a job when she has never held one her entire 50 years.

  • me

    I have 2 children when state was finally able to find him cause he desided to go down when kids were 6 and 8 go down he had quit working what he had been and said he barely worked and state went off the job he kept. The only would go after 4 yrs of support because he had avoided being found despite my countless attempts for yrs before he is inconsistent but now feels going to jail and pays like $ 265 for 2 kids including arrears. The state finally garnishes his wages and took his IRS and sadly months after no contact is trying to manipulate me into going and signing a paper so he doesn’t owe arrears. How do I safely make sure that doesn’t happen and how do I go after the 4 yrs prior on one kid and 2 yrs on the other where he never supported his children or helped out except when it benifit him. I have obviously caught onto the games but can’t afford to file with Court Every penny i make goes to support my children and am not wasting on custody childsupport issues with an inxonsistant dead beat dad. What should I do because he always place games and lies to the case worker at support and judge and I’m kinda afraid to stand up to him in court

    • orlando

      Sadly to say he knows the system he’s looking up information that’s your best bet to do as well see the pros n cons of this matter and just beat him to the punch in his own game

    • Jennifer

      Depending on where you live there are free services. Look up DCSS in your state and go to there offices and file. My husband has been raped by them so personally I would never use them. However he is one of those that has always paid and his ex wife would rather sit on her butt on not do anything and collect government handouts. She received 50% of his paycheck and lived on section 8 and free government utilities and money because it wasn’t taxable to her. She got the tax write offs and he paid all the taxes and supported her and her new kid(different daddy). She claimed she struggled and couldn’t survive off half his check and yet we were able to use half his half check and buy 2 homes. Now that her kids are grown she has manipulated the system and lied to the courts to get another $65,000 from us over the past 2 years even though all her kids are emancipated. He has probably paid over $500,000 in regular child support over the years directly out of his paycheck. They got half his paycheck and his ex collected welfare and when he went to court he was told he had to pay welfare back. He paid for everything for the kids whenever they needed anything. He would take them clothes shopping. When she was out of food he gave her grocery money. When she got evicted for not paying her rent several times he bailed her out and gave her the down payments they needed to get a new place. All this while still having 50% of his check taken directly and given to her. To her that was spending money and the courts actually told us that she could use it on whatever she wanted. If she wanted to get her nails done she could. She knew that he would still buy the kids their clothes and personal items so she didn’t have to use any of the child support on them if she didn’t feel like it. We paid arrears for 17 years and when it was finally paid back they added 10% per year to it and then transferred it to his ex wife so it can’t be forgiven. We have paid over $40,000 over the past 2 years and they have stopped us every way they could from paying it in full. We finally paid $27,000 a week ago to pay it off to get the case closed and they refuse to post the payment and still are trying to take the money again while stopping us from collecting his pension from work. They are corrupt and they will destroy people but if he is purposely not paying his support then he deserves it. Sad thing is that people like him turn all dad’s into deadbeats even though they aren’t. My husband has been labeled a deadbeat dad by the courts and had his passport seized too so we can’t even go on vacation but she can take our money that is not owed to her and go anywhere she wants. Funny thing is that now the kids are all adults, this so called “child support” isn’t going to actually go to any of his kids. Instead it’s going to support her new child from a dead “deadbeat” dad who she refused to even name on the birth certificate so he wouldn’t have to go through what my husband went through over the years. Because of this she can’t collect the Social Security benefits that her child is legally entitled to from the Feds so instead we are stuck paying for the child of a true deadbeat. How fucking corrupt is that?

  • kkdrr

    my daughters dad hasnt paid child support since last october. he owes now over 2000 in arrears and he is also getting interst fine added. he continues to get new jobs and quitting if he finds something else. im not sure what to do whether or not to take it in to leagle matters because ive hadsuch a bad experiance with the court already. any advice?

    btw he isnt helping out iwht the baby in any way. he thinks that i should deal with it. because according to him im not the only one with financial issues and that since he cant fing a job he wants i need to pay for everythign…

    • orlando

      Best advice is brake off the courts they don’t do much all they concern about is making there profit

  • Lo

    My son is turning 18 next month. His father finally started paying support about 6 months ago. He owes $48,000. Will i ever see this? what happens when my son is 18. I sure hope he is still obligated to pay this. This could help with college and books.

    • L O

      “He owes $48,000. Will i ever see this?”

      “I sure hope he is still obligated to pay this. This could help with college and books.”

      What I really mean is either way, My son will be paying for his own college and books. I’m really Just greedy and want the money.

  • Jennifer

    My husbands ex wife collected every state handout for the entire time she was on child support. My husband went to court and was told that he owed close to $30,000 to the state for welfare reimbursement so for 17 years he paid it back completely. Then he got laid off and they tried to destroy us. He went to DCSS to find out what he owed to the state and was told $17.83 but now they also had close to $65,000 in interest that even though the balance had been owed to the state they were now giving it to his vindictive ex wife. We tried to settle with her and she refused because DCSS told her not to that they would collect 100% from his severance check and they did. Between taking half of the severance check, locking up the pension and 401k for the past 2 years illegally even though he was paying through his new employer which they refused to even allow money for our minor child. They have caused us financial destruction and we had to spend over $10,000 going to court for the past 2 years trying to either get them to take it out of his pension or release it so we could. They finally figured out they never attached the 401k and released it. Once they did we immediately called up and paid it but now they refuse to post the payment. They have had it for now a week and refuse to post it. It’s cleared our bank so we have no access to it and to top it off they are now trying to take it again from his pension. We paid $27,000 a week ago(paying it off completely) and now they sent over an order after we paid it to take out $30,000 plus 20% additional for taxes even though we are going to be hit for 20% for the $27,000 that we already paid them since it came out of a IRA. So we are going to have another $65,000 come out of the retirement over an above the $40,000 they have taken from the severance and his new check over the past 2 years along with $30,000 that we paid back to them over 17 years while still paying 50% of his paycheck to child support. Also if they don’t fix this and post the payment my IRS tax return is about to be taken again next week when it’s set to go out. We will never see any overpayment back and next year we will be so far into debt for this money that we will have the remainder of the pension and IRS going to the IRS for taxes. All this so we don’t have anything in life. Not even in Retirement because all of the retirement money will be used to get his ex wife and the greedy system out of our life and marriage. Even though we live in a community property state where half of everything belongs to me, DCSS has ignored that and taken half of everything already and given it to a wife he was only with a couple years before he even began working at a job that they are taking the money from. We have been together going on 18 years but that doesn’t matter to them. They refuse to acknowledge any of my rights to the money. I guess it pays to play the corrupt system.

  • Madsy Quinn

    my mom now 64, im 27, is still paying child support for the 2 years i did not live with her. i know for a fact that this was settles more then 5 years ago, and closed as it had been paid off completely way before then. Now DCSS is garnishing her wages, and cleaned out her savings account. is there anything she can do to get her money back, and make sure this doesnt happen again? any advice would be appreciated.

    • Sara

      Contact a lawyer and call the child support office to find out what they think she owes? They could have put in her ss# instead of someone else’s and is taking her money, that is awful!! Best of luck

    • andrea

      She would have to ask for a hearing and proof it was paid off and closed and she should get her money back and wage garnishment cancelled .,, if you are receiving the money i would not spend it or u will be liable to pay it back as well. if the state is the one who was owed the money maybe for pay back of assistance that the custodial parent recieved while u were in their care, wich could also happen, then the state is owed it and will keep it. if not the case she should be able to get it all back, again with proper proof.,,,

  • denise

    so i got a question … if 1 parent has 1 child and another parent has their sibling ***** do both parents pay each other?? im in buffalo ny.. please help

    • Carlee

      There is a child support worksheet that is used to determine how much child support is required. Just because one parent has one child and the other has another doesn’t mean one of the parents won’t be required to pay child support. If one parent makes more than the other, they will most likely still be required to pay a portion of the support.

    • Sara

      It should cancel each other out. Your both supporting 1 child full time so neither one of you will have to pay support.

  • Majik

    All they want is your money they don’t give a damn about your kids. I myself have paid 3800 this tax season on top of regular weekly payments I go to pick up my daughter and my ex tells me she has never received a dime not a cent and she calls her card twice a week. Why are they just effing stealing peoples money as if its not hard enough to make ends meet its the gov people we are here slaves to make profit ONLY for them eff us.

    • Sara

      It can take anywhere from 2-6 months for the irs or state to release the money to child support. They do this to make sure no one else is owed money. Last year it took me 4 months to receive the money that they took from his taxes. It is a long wait, as you stated I agree, it’s ridiculous they hold it so long, everyone’s struggling and can’t wait that long for the money. It’s bs

    • davacy

      I know that’s what there doing . they said my my money is on a six Month hold why? I’ve been waiting now four years and still have to wait when I used my money until they do something and we need money now.

      • irememberallthelies

        Sadly the courts only use our money when the govt says “care about your kids” you should know it’s false. Corporation more accurately describes america and its courts.

  • YL

    Have a sibling who has been separated from his wife for well over 4 years. They resided in another state at which point she fled with their son to FL. They both now live in FL. Divorce papers have finally been filed. Is she able to request back child support even though she fled with their child and they have legally been married up to this point? She has allowed my brother to see their son during summer months and school holidays.

    • Sara

      The judge will grant a child support order starting the day they have court. Judge will set a date that the support needs to start being paid. The judge will not and cannot set up back child support. The only date they could go back to on the child support order is the date the paper work was filed for requesting the court date, they normally don’t do that, they normally start the support order the date both parties are in court. Best of luck to your family!!

  • Destiny

    What can be done in cross border enforcement? This article didn’t explain. What countries? Are their additional hoops?

  • Josie

    The person I was supposed to pay child support died, I explained this, but they are still taking my money, even though I have the children, and have had them for the last 8 years. They just keep taking my money.

    • Ashley Hyatt

      You need to contact an attorney

  • marion

    My ex and I divorced in 2008. I was still in college and didn’t have a job. He made a very good income as a nurse. The divorce papers said that the child support amount could be recalculated once I obtained employment. I got a job in 2009, but he never ask the court to recalculate the amount due. Now, 7 years after the initial ruling, he is threatening to asking the court to recalculate the child support amount, not just from the current date, but going all the way back to 2009. Can he do that? Anytime I tried to apply for food stamps or medicaid, I had to include the initial child support amount as income and was denied these services. Is there any kind of stature of limitations on how far back they will recalculated what he owes?

    • Ashley Hyatt

      Not sure he can go all the way back. Its usually from the date he files.

  • Melissa Ann Guilford

    The person I’m paying to us my mother.She refuses to. Get it stoped, Even though I have my child , and have had them for the last 2 years,. They just keep taking my money I’ve tried telling them and they don’t care.Its ridiculous.

    • P.O.

      Look into’getting a lawyer … there is free legal services in all states look’it up in your area .. they can not be like they dont care thats impossible you must not be trying hard enough unless you owe her back child support well then thats a different story it dont matter if u have ur kids now or for two years if she is not paid off for the years they were in her care its going to continue til it is all paid off and u dont need her to stop it u can file your slef to talk to the judge ….

    • Cand

      Get a lawyer and get your money back then put her on child support

  • letty TRAVii ramirez

    I have a question. . The non custodial parent disappeared for 7 years does he owes back child support?

    • andrea

      Only if he had a judgement to pay from the judge , if there was not one i dont think so ..

  • artie

    i was locked up for most of my daughters life,do i have to pay child support for those years

    • Ashley Hyatt

      If theres a child support order in effect, yes.

  • Gladys S.

    Is back child support tax deductile if your children are now adults but you are still paying?

    • Ashley Hyatt


  • Steph

    My children’s father filled for divorce two and a half years ago. He kicked me out of my home with my children and then moved and got his new girlfriend pregnant. I have had custody of my children during all of this. My four children were awarded child support on March 3rd. The judge ordered that he was to start paying on March 1st through wage withholding based on his previous failure to help us. He hasn’t given us anything during that time and still isn’t. His justification of this is that my attorney was asked to draft the final judgment and although all attorneys have signed the judge has not. He is now 2 months almost three in arrears and I really need help. Is this true that he shouldn’t have been paying or should he have been paying me directly until wage withholding could be established? What needs to happen now, how can I get him to understand that the order date doesn’t change just because the final draft hasn’t been signed! Please help, thank you so much!

    • Ashley Hyatt

      He doesn’t realise that what he hasnt been paying you…. is adding up and you’ll still get the back child support (payments hes been missing) and then what happems is his checks get garnished child support PLUS 12 towards arrears…

    • Cand

      Contact you case worker ASAP it should only take up to 45 day I believe

  • Nancy

    My Daughter is 35 her biological Father was court ordered to pay child support he did a couple of times the quit…Dam it he don’t see her never has she knows all about him…Not a bad way either…However I feel like she was cheated ….Can I make him pay now????? She needs to be taken care of I know it’s been a long time but what’s right is right??


      Yes.. You are entitle to that support since you raised and cared for yours and his daughter..

      One thing that most people especially the non-custodial parent forget is, “it takes two to make a baby!”..

    • michelle

      Yes yes yes girl contact your courts or your child support office in your state!!! She’s owed $ but u manly are you have been supporting her on your own.good luck!!!yes yes yes amen!! U and your daughter deserve that money contact your county cort house!!

  • Donna powell

    My child turned 20 and graduated and moved out. Her father was ordered to pay back child support cause he never supported her from the day she was born or beyond the court order. With her being graduated and moved out does he still have to pay me the back support or does it go to her now? I think it should go to me since I supported her by my self bit he says different. I’m in oklahoma

    • Ashley Hyatt

      I believe itd go to you. However, it still needs to go to your daughters expenses not yours. Misuse can lead to you actually having to pay him back.

    • Joe

      Money would go to you. Check your State for statute of limitations on back child support. In California if someone owes back child support it remains in the system until paid. Good Luck.

    • michelle

      Actually my son just turned 19 and he’s father is in the rears of 48,00$ for back suport! We went to court for him being in the rears and its been court ordered for he’s father to pay me 620$ every Mon.on the 4th and no latter or he’s in contempt and will be picked up and in order to get out of jail he’s bond is set at the amount owed in full so,for the past year and a half glad to say its finialy being paid and no latter then the 4 th .:). :). At first he refused and said he wasn’t ganna give the money to me but would only give it to my son,,but like the judge stated me and my husband of 16 years have saported my son with are money!!! Their for I receive it derict deposit into my savings so this way I can still have say on how its spent.keep your head up it will prevail!!!

      • Patricia Harris

        My son turned 25 this year and his father have never paid child support for him. We have been to court but he refuse to pay. We have found out that he owns I business called Hardin electrical in Cleveland Mississippi. But refuse to pay his child support. How can I collect what is owed to me for back child support?

  • mj

    Texas removes bio dad from birth certificate in step-parent adoption. Does bio dad still owe delinquent child support?

    • jelly

      No he is not the father.

    • Felicia

      Yes, back child support is still owed. I was in this situation with my ex. He had to pay what he was in arrears even though my current husband adopted her.

  • Tabia Hurst

    I have a 6 month year old son who was 10 weeks premature of a guy I dated for four years I am not married to him and isnt on the birth certifate because we went together when i went into early labor
    He hasn’t been in the picture since day 1 our son birth even though he said he’d help out financially with a verbal agreement before my son birth
    I’ve tried giving him a chance to start helping out for 6months now but he still hasn’t to this day.
    I’ve now recently decided to just to go ahead and file for child support……
    my question is when I start receiving the support is it going to start from the time he was born , or when its approved also
    What should I expect to happen since my ex receives a monthly payment of $753.00 for ssi/ssd, or if I can even receive child support because he gets a Illinois government check and finally I can how much would my son be receiving monthly or of its even worth trying to file.

    • Ashley Hyatt

      Il child support is based off a scale. For 1 child its 20% of the noncustodial parents net* income. I dont believe youd get child support from the day he was born. However you could try.

      • Emma

        Yes you would get back pay.

    • Jacqueline

      If the father is not on the birth certificate and you were not married the court will order a paternity test and child support will not start until the test proves he is the father. All income including ssi can be garnished for child support but only to a certain percentage.

      • jelly

        Dcss can and will garnish more than 25%. Child support is different from a past bill. In Georgia they can take almost your whole check. Paternity test will be given at court.

      • A

        SSI cannot be garnished. SSDI can. If the father is receiving SSI, then the child may also be entitled to benefits.

    • sal

      What happens is, a.g. will do a dna test and if it comes out that he is the father, then he will be back dated from when the child was born. He will owe all of it. But keep in mind. He doesn’t have to pay it all up front. He can pay monthly and on income tax pay it off slowly.

    • jelly

      Your baby will receive ssi also.

    • R. Cole

      Your child will receive half of what his father gets. Make sure the father applied for auxillary benefits. If he didn’t you need to push for that now, because it takes about 2 months to get an appointment.

  • D

    My ex husband has never paid child support he has not done anything for my son since he was 3 and he is now 9. When our divorce finalized we lived in two different states and he didn’t ask for any visitation or any type of custody but since I got remarried he now wants to have something to do with my son. My current husband has been supporting my son as if he is his and now my ex wants to have joint custody after almost 6 years can I ask for 6 years back child support.

    • rainpebble waters

      That’s strange because in most states where there’s divorce with minor children child support is set up right there in divorce court. But I assume you could ask for it now and yes they will figure out arrears

  • Dawn Manley Boyd

    can I be charged child support from before court papers were filed. the other parent does not work and is receiving cash assistance. I help when asked. but dss is taking it to court. the other parent never paid support and I have never received cash from dss so the other parent was never taken to court and I never did. I just supported my child.

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  • Amy

    My sons father lost his Job 1 month ago I found out he is getting unemployment. I was contacted by the CS agency and was told that I will start receiving my CS payments. Will they deduct what is owed old or how does it work?

    • cinthya lara

      You will probly receive very little amount $ . my brother in law doesn’t work at all. And gets unemployment and has back up child support and they only take $100 a month. So you probly won’t get much

    • brnxtia

      Depends on how much your court ordered amount was for. Mine is getting unemployment and thought he would be off the hook for paying. Nope they took the same amount out of the unemployment as when he was working….

    • vista 9995

      if he is receiving unemployment it is doubtful that is will be enough to cover current much less current plus arrears.

  • Charles

    If I make $500.00 a week can they take all of my money accepted a $100.00 dollars I’m in Texas

    • jelly


  • Charles

    Every week that is

  • sal

    My ex-wife left my girls and i when they were 4 months and 1yr and half old. They are now 7 and 8. She is behind over 10,000.00, when I ask for help i get ignored. Sometimes I feel like i don’t get the help most women get because I am a man. I couldn’t get child care help, food stamps or medicaid help. I have done it on my own but I still don’t know what to do. Any advice?

    • jelly

      I can’t get those same things because I work. I understand your pain. The best thing is to find a lawyer. If you know where she is or might report it. If you know someone we can find her report it.

    • vista 9995

      same as jelly people don’t qualify for those benefits unless they don’t work. maybe that is why you have not received those benefits.

  • Pauline Sam

    my ex BF and I shares our daughter
    ever since she’s 3 , i never filed for child support on him because
    he was helping me out before but since i moved on with my life he
    seems to lack of give me any money and now that my daughter she’s 15
    she stays with him during school week but comes to me on weekend
    because i moved out of town and i don’t feel like switch her to a new
    school. she is still under my responsibility such as buy
    clothes,health insurance and other important stuff. these few months
    he’s been completely ignored and did not wanted to help me out at all
    – my question is can I file child support on him now even though my
    daughter stay with 5 days with him out of a week? Thanks!

    • cinthya lara

      No you can not . if you try doing that he will probly be the one ending up getting child support. And you will be the one paying instead of him because your daughter lives more with him.

      • brnx

        Exactly, and why would you want to take him for child support if he is seemingly doing a lot for her while you run around moving and getting yourself together ??…..

    • rainpebble waters

      Usually the parent that the child lives with more is the custodial parent and if you are the weekend parent you might be ordered to pay child support since the father has her more.

  • Chelsey

    My son’s biological father has avoiding doing the paternity test for 3 years he has finally done it and I have struggled to be a single mom since child care is so expensive. Do they date all the way back to the birth of,the child for back child support. He has blown through cash and adopted his oldest kid out. I want to put the money up for my son. He has a father figure for 2 years now and my ex is pushing his now father to adopt but we feel our son is owed that money. Idk what to do

    • rainpebble waters

      In my state arrears were figured by the date you no longer lived together as a couple or if you never lived together the start from the day the child was born but if either party disagrees and says they did or did not help support financially to the child you will have to go in mediation to try and work out a date that both party’s agree on when you feel the non custodial parent chipped in or not.

  • Allen

    My baby mama wants to take me back to court for CS on my youngest child. She hasn’t worked almost since he was born, I have 2 kids by her. My kids goes to a school district wit her address but I take them to school everyday & pay for all the things they need & pay CS for the oldest. Do you think she should get back pay if I take care of all needs already?

    • Kathryn Paz

      Yes she should only because a father should be willing to give CS and more….the children never asked to be born

      • Allen Williams

        So you saying even though I’m the person taking care of them financially & being a father she is entitled to back pay?

        • Kathryn Paz

          The kids do not her….trust me on that…I on the other hand with my disabilities am working 2 part time jobs…the father who is not working… Don’t want to work.. Because he’s”tired of paying child support”….smhi think it is ridiculous on how it is that no matter what difference are between a couple they should always do for the children… Why is it always a matter of money.
          ..they didn’t ask to be born…we choose to bring them into this world

        • Allen Williams

          I honestly has always told her take the money give me the kids…I just don’t get why the good ones suffer. I can say if I wasn’t doing what I’m suppose to then penalize me but if I am then I shouldn’t be having this conversation.

        • Hannah

          Allen, you are doing the right thing. An u shouldnt be penalized. If you are the one taking care of the kids majority of the time. Taking them to school an buying what you need. Keep all text messages form you baby mom. Keep all reciets of what you buy the kids if anyone knows what you do for the kids that she doesnt when she should have them write out a statestatement (an u can get it notorized) take her back to court. No mother that is capable of working an doesnt for the sake of her kids reep the benifits of the non-custodial parent when he does majority of what she is supposes to do. U can he your support order changed as well as possible some of the back support. Sounds like the kids need to be with you an not her. An she needs to be the one paying child support.

        • Marci

          My son eight years and i finally found his dad and i went to file back pay childsupport how much should i be able to get?

        • Vangy

          I don’t think you should pay cs if your taking care of them daily, and working she should pay you child support, take her to court ask for custody on the basis that you work and can afford to take care of them, and ask that she pay cs and pay your lawyer fees keep being a good dad

        • Chris

          I agree Allen. I have payed my support for 15 years now and I have missed a few payments for medical reasons and things sometimes out of my control. They are bringing me back to court for missing just over a month or so. i shoe my head I owe 1700 dollars. Not even multiple thousands. There mother has ran with my boys and hid for 11 years until I saw them on there 11th birthday. Then two weeks later a sheriff shows up and tells me my boys are in foster homes. Mom had an ongoing investigation for 5 years on abuse and neglect towards all the kids. She has 5 and only two are mine. I find my boys don’t have enough cloths but every kid in the house has an iPhone. The ones who try get craped on just like we would if we owe 100000 dollars. Good luck and start bring lube every time you go to court. It won’t hurt so bad when they f%#k you!!!!

      • jay

        No if the father is doing everything right paying support plus absolutely everything for the child then the money hungry mom needs to pay him child support and get off her lazy ads and get a Job I’m sad to say I hate being a women just because of this they are greedy and can care less about their kids.

    • Donna

      I hope you are keeping your receipts. They can be used to show that you are giving support. But it is up to the judge.

      • vista 9995

        Any thing spend on the kid that does not go through the child support payment center is considered a gift and only a gift.

    • Trexington

      I don’t know what State your in, but I got slammed with the max amount in payments for CS. The judge didn’t slam me with arrears. However, I do believe the only thing receipts/bank statements will protect you from is arrears. No matter what youve done in the past for your kid/kids the judge doesn’t see it that way. They are looking at the present. Keep in mind that the judge will side with her. CS is a system designed for woman and woman only.

      PS. If your the honest working man. My best advice would be stop buying or paying for anything. Just go to the courts, you will save yourself a lot of money ahead of time. Good luck

      • vista 9995

        Both parents are financially responsible for the child. I don’t see how the system is set up for women only. If you were married and living with and supporting you family like you should be there would be no need for child support but since you are not. You fork over a little money to support you kid. If you have a problem with that keep it in your pants.

    • Trexington

      I highly doubt she will get back pay/arrears for the youngest child, especially if you’ve already been supporting one(oldest) already. But it really does all depend on the judge too. But what will most likely happen is she will get 25% of your earnings up from 17%.

  • rainpebble waters

    My ex hasn’t paid a dime of court ordered child support in almost 2 years. Our child is 16 and I’ve had the order since 2001 and he’s paid a total of 3 years off and on since my child was 2 he’s only been involved in her life a total of 5 yrs out of the 16. He has a habit for going m.i.a for yrs at a time then we just happen to bump into him on street or my kid sees him on the city bus. He doesn’t show up for court hearings because he refuses to notify courts when he moves or when he changed employers I would have to kiss his butt just to get hints of where he worked or lived so I could report it to dept of revenue child support enforcement. So since he didn’t show up for 3rd hearing and hadn’t paid and arrears are now 20k judge issued a warrant and when she looked him up public records showed he’s been arrested and his address listed transient but judge said that doesn’t excuse him for not showing up because he wasn’t locked up when hearing happened and its responsibility via our court order that he’s suppose to report his current address so he would of received the court hearing in mail. At this point I guess he’s homeless and working under table to support his self so sorry to say arresting him wouldn’t make him pay but I some what feel its better than him thinking he can just go about his life like his child doesn’t matter. Now I just got a letter from child support enforcement stating since they haven’t been able to locate him in over a year they are closing my case but that doesn’t mean the court order is void just means they won’t actively be looking for him just like I know the sheriff dept won’t be out looking for him on the warrant but if he gets stopped for something else they will run his name etc.

    • jessica

      Hello Rainpebble

  • Jada

    Just curious to know if anything can be done with a custodial parent not accepting the child support. Refuses the money I send monthly

  • Denise Schnitzler

    My daughter is now 18 and her father owes over $20,000 in back support can she go after him for the money now that she is 18???

    • jxiong27

      I think depends on the state. In NC I spoke to court system and they said if ur child 18chikd support stops but the money that is owe to still remains until its paid off. But idk if it goes to the parent or child.

      • bobbi

        What about texas?

        • A

          No. That money is owed to the parent because the court order was between the parents.

        • Rachel

          I dont understand how that is the case because when my parents went to court over child support, they gave me a check for what was owed due to the fact i was 18 and legally an adult. so that money should go to the child.

        • Tatum Parker

          I’m in Texas and I sued my own father for back child support. Our laws in Texas allow this to occur until the child is 21. I was 20 at the time and this was in the year 2000.

        • Somebody

          My daughter is 22 now and my daughters father was found January of 2015. I just started receiving back pay after all these years. I get the money not her. They told me it is back pay and I receive it because I took care of her. She didn’t take care of herself.

  • Child support payer

    I’ve been paying back child support of the past 4 years, but the money is not being paid to my child’s mother or to my child. Where is the money going?

    • Kathy Jo

      If they receive state assistant like Medicaid, then that’s where the money is going. They get their money before the children do. Sux but that’s how the government goes…

    • Samantha

      Good question. My dad has been paying for years and still is and I’m 24. They take all his taxes every year but me and my mom never seen any of it. Wth is going on

      • A

        If your mom was ever on any type of benefits (Medicaid/TANF) then the state may be collecting arrears that are owed to the state.

    • Donna

      Is your child on welfare? If so some states are taking reimbursement for supporting the child.

  • child

    i have a son 5 years ago but when i try to get a dna test the mother didnt show up for court and i did but child support contact me and say they took my dna from the lap the i did 2 years ago but it shows his my son , do i have to pay back child support even tho i try to get dna test before and she never shown to court.and i havent been working since he was born ? Heeelppp

  • Shannon Letellier

    My ex owes me over 46,000 in back support and now I’m debating on giving her to him cause she’s totally rebelling and I can’t handle her anymore .Will I continue to receive my back support if I do this

    • gina buffaloe

      Children are not pawns to be used in a twisted parental game. If your child is having behavioral issues why would you send that child to the irresponsible and uncaring parent who cannot even provide financially for her? How about some parenting classes to assist you in managing rebellious behavior that many kids display in dysfunctional family relationships? Be a real mom

      • irememberallthelies

        Who says thats the case. My daughter’s mom is super irresponsible and after 7 years of being civil she wants to go to court because her 3rd live in boyfriend in 4 years insisted. My daughter has issues I have tried to correct. Its not always the men who are scum, im my case the mom isn’t teaching the daughter very good things. She kicked one man out and moved the other one in 48 hours later. This all started because I got upset over her telling my daughter he was too tall to sleep on sofa.

    • gina buffaloe

      If you do decide to send your child to the father that isn’t currently paying, he would still owe you that money however you would then be paying child support because he would be taking care of the child financially for the time being that she would be living with him. Baron mind that does not negate what he currently owes you that remains regardless. Remember that child is a blessing and a gift and whether or not you receive money from him to help raise her that is your child and your responsibility. My recommendation is pretend he’s not even in the picture and forget that even owes you money. If and when that money comes then consider it a gift for your child

      • vista 9995

        Some corrections. First you will be owed the back support. If the order is a judicial order then he will be required to continue paying you current support until you both go back to court and get the order changed. If it is an admin order you can request that current support be terminated but since admin orders do not have anything to do with custody it will depend upon which ever state you are in policies. Just because custody changes does not mean the child support changes. A lot of people fell that just by calling CSE and requesting their case be closed that stops child support it does not. The support will continue to accrue until the termination of the order either by judge or the terms of the order.

    • Samantha

      No you will not continue getting your benefits. If you give up your child then you give up your right to that money. Kids rebel all the time, it’s natural. If you can’t handle her then by all means give her to her daddy but that’s your daughter. I couldn’t imagine giving up because my daughter is rebelling and I can’t handle it. That’s just crazy! All kids go through that. How old is she? How old are you? I’m sorry I’m not trying to be rude I just can’t imagine having kids and then giving up when realizing they aren’t perfect, cause nobody is perfect.
      Anyways yes you will lose the payments. As a matter of fact you will not only lose his payments but also will be made to pay child support yourself. Whichever parent the child doesn’t live with is required by law to pay.

    • Jobeck74

      As much as I think it’s wrong to hand over a kid because she is rebelling, the answer you received was incorrect and incomplete. If you sign over rights you will lose what is owed, if you sign over custody he will still be responsible for the arrears unless you go to court and forgive it with a judges permission.

  • Margarita

    My daughter is 4 years old and her father owes $37,040. We have been going to court every month because the judge asked me if I was seeking for him to go to jail, so I said yes, he hasn’t paid absolutely nothing. He went and got a lawyer. The lawyer hadn’t showed up 4 times to the 7 dates we’ve had. I just wanted to know what can a lawyer do for him if he owes that much money?

    • vista 9995

      The judge has final say. If he feels like it he can up you monthly child support if he likes you or if he like him he can wipe out the arrears.

      • Jobeck74

        Actually he cannot (the judge) wipe out anything over 20k. They have rules as well.

  • Jenny

    My daughter 15 and her father only seen her six times. He owes maybe over 38,000. Child support can’t find him. Everytime they do he runs away. They can’t verify his address to take him to court. It’s miserable… I don’t know what to do anymore. He hasn’t pay child support maybe a little two years. He moves state to state from las Vegas NV, Hawaii, and maybe now California. Who knows…he doesn’t want to get a job because he knows it goes all to child support. So he making money somewhere to travel state to state. So frustrating….

    • Donna

      Does he have Facebook? A warrant or summons, has actually been served using Facebook.

    • Nel

      My children are all grown and doing their own things. My ex own me over 90.000 in child support .he disappeared for many years and couldn’t be found by the state of CT.Very recentely my daughter found him in the state of Maine. Should I go after him? Even when my daughter told me not to? Oh mom leave him alone … We are grown now and poor guy is old!

      • Somebody

        He helped make the babies so yes he should be responsible for helping. They are older now but you still should be reimbursed. I wouldn’t let him off the hook so easily. If you don’t want it put it in a account for the children he helped make. Maybe they could you it later or they could use it to invest.

      • Jobeck74

        It’s not your daughters choice. Failure of every women or man to enforce child support makes it harder on everyone else latter. He needs to pay, they told my ex pay now or we will take it out of your Social Security!!!

      • Joe Russo


      • abbyinokc

        Of course you should. He was ordered by a Judge to pay that child support and is breaking the law by not doing it. There is no statute of limitations on child support. You raised those “grown” children, loved them, fed them, clothed them, paid for their healthcare, dental care, paid years of utility bills and put a roof over their heads, etc., while your ex was skipping across the country evading the authorities. That money belongs to YOU. It doesn’t matter what your grown children think. And I can’t believe they wouldn’t want you to have it. YOU were the one there for them, not daddy. So many grown children don’t get it. What you went through to provide for them. Go after him and get the money that is rightfully yours and besides, it’s none of your children’s business. This is between you and their father ONLY.

  • tsneece

    My EX and her husband make $200K per year and I make $40k per year. I have my Son all summer every summer and every other weekend and half holidays during school year. I am in California. Do any of you know what my child payment should or will be?

    • Jobeck74

      15% in Texas I’m not sure about California.

  • robert l cave jr.

    Does anyone know the facts regarding weather or not the state can take what a person inherits to pay back child support? I have heard in california that they cannot, and i have heard they can so im a bit confused on the matter. Please anyone with personal experience inform me.

    • Joe Russo


  • robert l cave jr.

    your website has not been very much help as i have posted a question and have gotten no reply….as a matter of fact i haven’t seen any replies to any posts since i posted

    • Al

      That’s because the state of California don’t care the DA in Orange County California told my ex wife the file for support as she divorce me I didn’t know I was divorced 3 years later I owe $35,000 in back child support hi Ben this was in 19 94 I’ve been on disability since 1991 making $165 a week my ex wife wanted to courts under penalty of perjury and told him I was making $3,000 working I’m getting one check from the state for 165 in the other part of the state of California was suing me for child support $35,000 have been disabled sense I don’t understand now it’s at $90,000 help taking my drivers license you have done many things to me I’m on Social Security have been on since 1999 they tell me that the money that Social Security pay them every month for each child was not considered child support what is it and what’s incredible to me is that the interest is 333a month how can one part of the state don’t talk to the other part I went to court in the middle 90s with documents showing that I was on disability they could care less it’s wrong how can 1 porters state don’t talk to the other part I went to court in the middle ninety’s the document showing that I was on disability did you kill us it’s wrong you need to be written something needs to happen to this day I’m at 7 is old all my children youngest child 25 mister houston disable and have been since 1991 as men we need to stand up the March as man we need to stand up anatomy of the kids do this to us it’s wrong

      • robert l cave jr.

        ok what you are telling me has nothing to do with my question.ill ask again…..can your inheiritence be taken by the state if you owe back child support? i have heard yes from one person but it was “yes, i would think so”……and no from another friend whos brother owes a lot of arrears but got his inheritence check. Please someone who knows for a fact answer me. thank you

        • Joe Russo


    • Joe Russo


  • Kevin Kelly

    I wish there was some way to hold CSE accountable for their lack of action. There are thousands of children receiving some sort of welfare because state CSE agencies do nothing, despite the fact that the custodial parent all but gift wraps the dead beat parent and presents them as a gift. Since 2007 I have done just that on five separate occasions, yet CSE will not pick up the NCP who owes over $75,000. Most custodial parents have to deal with these agencies because they simply cannot afford to retain a private attorney. Respectively questioning the CSE representative’s actions will result in the representative hanging up on you and your file goes to the bottom of the file. I’ll be the first to admit that CSE representatives have their hands full and most have 30 to 40 cases on their plate, but if you can lead CSE to the front door of the NCP they’ve been looking for for three years, and they don’t take action, it’s inexcusable and there’s not one thing you can do about it.

    • vista 9995

      30 to 40 cases on their plate in my state it is over 1000 cases per worker some counties even more than that. Also you can provide all the information you want. But the CSE then have to verify that info. Like you provide employment info they send a letter to the employer verifying that ncp works there. They can not do anything until they receive verification. Same with addresses a letter is sent to USPS and they are asked to verify that he receives mail at such an address. If they don’t verify it then CSE can take no further action. What state do you live that workers only have 40 cases?

  • brnx

    All I know is that some of the people on here need to take some of that child support money they all complaining about and get hooked on phonics. Smh these poor children.


    I’d like to know if the cp gets the monies paid by np when ever they start to pay in back support ? Like you owed, paying out of ssi , child is grown now. records say balance should be paid off in 12 months.(is cp still get those monies?

  • Dina Johnson

    My exhusband owes child support $35,000 in arrears. All his vehicles are in his girlfriend or baby mother’s name. Everytime they garnish his paychecks he quits his job or he changes digits on his social or just plain works off the books. We have joint custody. I am struggling right now I have cancer so he opted to take my son and not pay anymore child support. I want the $35,000 in arrears to be placed in a bank account for my son that only my mother or an attorney can access on behalf of my son can this be done?

    • irememberallthelies

      So did having cancer not help your case?

  • Robin Smith

    I know someone who owes child support and is getting money without anyone knowing. Know the name and social security number. More than happy to help.

  • tina

    my husband is in arrears in child support but 4 years ago went to court with his ex and they are now taking 540 a month out for child support, never missed a payment. Last month, there was a levy on our bank account and they took 3K and gave it to his ex wife. Can they do that even though he is paying? Also, he just got life insurance from his passing father and they are giving that to his ex as well. I dont understand how they can do that if he is paying his arrear child support as agreed in court

    • Robert1111111

      I feel for you. DCS is a horrible institution. We give them all sorts of mechanisms to go after “dead beat” parents who don’t pay. But they use them on people who are standing up to their responsibilities. I pay almost 6000 a month in support. (75% of my after tax income) I paid that for 6 years before I had an ER visit that cost over $30000 and missed one month. I made all subsequent payments and began paying an extra $500 each month beyond that towards arrears from that one missed month. Apparently that wasn’t fast enough for them and they instituted garnishments. Only problem is that legally they can only take 50% of my income. And as my pay is variable I had no way to figure out how much more I should pay. Hence by definition I became delinquent every month until the right amount to pay could be computed. They’ve been messing with me on this every month for the last 3 years. Long since I got current on my payments. Garnishments still in place. Absolutely absurd.

    • Jackson Shredder


      They do this because the system is broken and they are Thieves !!!! Plain and Simple !

  • gbry63

    Paying back child support to the mother of my daughter who is now 27 years old and married. Both her mother and I were drug addicts and my daughter lived with her grandmother who is now deceased. The mother of my daughter received child welfare, foods stamps while she was on drugs and the grandmother raised my daughter and her siblings (not my children). That’s was 27years ago. I had been paying back child support for the past 5 years Ive been sober however the mother of my daughter is still using drugs and lives off the back child support. She has no children at home and doesn’t financially contribute to our daughters life. My daughter is a college graduate and doesn’t need the money but its wrong to see her mother collect back child support from myself and other fathers and uses the money on drugs. The grandmother never reported that she was raising the kids when she was alive. I stop paying 3 months ago and now she wants to put me in jail and take my drivers license. Can a judge over turn the back child support order???

    • Ellen Alicia Jordan Scusa

      No, you have to pay back the child support. Because the grandmother is now deceased she can’t back up what your saying. So there is no way to prove what you are saying. If that’s how it went down it seems very unfair but that is how the law goes. And if you have a job and a way of paying back this support and don’t than she could or rather the state could legally put you in jail and/or take away your license. However, that is pretty drastic for such an old case. I was abandoned by the father of my child when I was 16. I had a job half of the time and the other half because of medical reasons I had to be on welfare. Not that would matter because he would have to pay no matter what my situation since he abandoned us. But the point I am making is that he didn’t pay a single dime until they found him when our kid was 14 years old. And then he had to start paying. He had the rears to me and the welfare dept., current child support and the interest to pay. He did mange to cheat them by saying he was minimum wage which maybe at that moment he was but he made triple that of minimum wage most of my son’s life and yet still paid the least amount. He got away with it. At the time I just didn’t care I guess. Well, they never took his license or put him in jail or anything like that. And there was a time that they found him when my son was 7 years old( that’s when they actually set up the child support order) and he didn’t show up for court and then right after they were to garnish his wages he left the job. He ran and found another job somewhere else where they couldn’t find him again. So, even after that when they found him again when my son was 13 they didn’t even care really. So that and others I have heard It actually seems to rarely happen that way with going to jail and all that. As long as whenever they find you, you then start paying again with some excuse. I have read also that you could go to court and ask the judge to waive the interest on it. If this could be done for you it would make a huge difference. Because it just keeps accumulating as you make small payments. Unless it’s all paid off in one step it will seem like your not getting anywhere. And the judge can also change the amount you pay monthly, making a payment plan with you, trying to help you out. But if you still have interest you don’t really want to do that. You want to pay it off as soon as possible. Some things like that can be done but just taking it away, no. It will never happen. Sorry. I have been on both ends believe it or not and I think the whole thing is crummy. I do know though that the amount you are paying doesn’t all go to her if that makes you feel any better. If you are going off like minimum wage when the order was done and she was on welfare the whole time and this is rears then she is only getting about $200.00, to 300.00 of it.The rest is going back to the state to pay off the welfare she got and the interest on it. Good luck to you.

  • Jennifer Erle

    Here is a good one for you….My husband owes back child support. We got custody of both kids 3 years ago and the court lowered his back payments by half in order for the mom to avoid paying support to us. She passed away 4 months ago. We have submitted proof to the AGs office here in Texas (she was in Texas, too) but they can’t tell us anything. Each time we call they ask again “so who has custody?” …we do. And they continue to not show that the mother is deceased.
    After trying to read the confusing leagalease on the AGs site it looks like we will have to pay support to ourselves….that’s crazy…please tell me I misread this.
    BTW we are not only raising one of the girls still, but are paying in full for her college–mom wasn’t helping even when she was alive.

  • Cletus

    If my wife elected to NOT receive back pay child support, can she reconsider now? She was 16 when she gave birth. After years of tracking down the father’s whereabouts, they went to court when the boy was 11. Due to her generosity, she waived back pay but agreed upon a monthly payment. Fast forward to her son being 16 years old and he is now going to move and live with his dad until he graduates high school. My wife fears the father may request to be taken off current support, or even request that she pay!!! He only started paying barely 5 years ago and got away without owing tens of thousands of dollars!!!

  • HD

    You have a severe mental condition.

  • Maria

    Where do you go to see if you have unclaimed child support..And if there is a gov.web site you can go to..Thanks in advance

  • Mike

    I’m 41, my father never saw me after the age of 6 nor paid child support. I now know where is lives. Can I go after him for the child support he never provided?

    • Mother of 2

      No. Only your mother can. Cone on…forget him! You’re a grown man. Be happy to do it on your own and be done with the deadbeat!

  • Jobeck74


  • Kallee Jackson

    My mother still gets child support for my sister. My sister is 19yrs old and in college, but my mother makes her split $97 a week with her. My mother is selfish and feels as if that child support is her money. Once the child is 18yrs old shouldn’t they personally get the child support card since they are the child the money is for anyways?

    • Mother of 2

      First, your father owed that money from before she was 18. Your mother paid the money up front that took care of your sister and now she’s basically getting paid back for what he should’ve been helping her with the whole time. That money belongs to your mother now to pay her back, all of it. Your sister is lucky she’s giving her some. Now that being said, if I were that mother and making really good money and my grown child was struggling, I’d give it all to her personally. Actually, I do give my grown child (23 years old) money all the time…I mean on a monthly basis to help her and my grandbaby who is 1 year old. She is married but they struggle financially so I probably help tgem with at least a couple hundred of my own money ever month. But that’s me. Technically though that money does belong to your mother.

      • Kallee Jackson

        Ok, thank you for that because I had no idea that’s how it worked.

    • R.Cole

      That could be considered welfare fraud.

      • Kallee Jackson

        This is fraud? So the money should be going to my sister?

    • Screw you

      The money belongs to the mother, not the child, because the mother went without to provide for the child when deadbeat wasn’t doing it. Entitlement is disgusting I tell ya! Just bc you were born you feel like u are entitled to that money when your mom did without to cover what your deadbeat dad didn’t. Get over yourself.

  • Joe Russo


  • Mckayla

    If the father of my child tax return was held to be given to me for child support, will they give it to me in payments or the full amount?

    • T Brown

      Full amount

  • Ashley

    My ex owes me over $20k in back child support for our 2 kids. we have been to court several times. the last time they gave him 3 months to show he can pay or its jail time. we now have to go back to court because the 3 months is up. he has paid me nothing except they took his taxes to pay the state. our court is the same day as my sons 5th grade graduation. how bad would it be if I didn’t go to court? I never did anything in the past but sit there and listen. Im stressing out so bad heeeelp!!!!!

    • T Brown

      Ask for a postponment

  • disqus_jp6DFD7c0Z

    My fiance is 26 his father has owed backed child support for years and is now finally paying up due to ssi now the money goes to his mother who did not raise him who left him multiple times to take care of himself even left him in another state he was not familiar with. He was just a kid he was raised by his grandmother who couldn’t do that great of a job due to health condition and age. Now we have two kids and of course in today’s society are struggling to make ends meet while his mother splurges on houses and new cars all the while not giving my fiance any of that to help him with his family issues. The bitch didn’t even remember he played sports as a kid who is she to tell him no when he needs help with money that is his or if anything belongs to his grandmother. Both mother and father we’re never there yet the mother reaps it all. What if anything can we do.

    • Marie who’s it to you

      Sounds to me like you’re looking for a handout. The money is owed to the parent, not the child! The parent, not the child, went without to cover deadbeats share. How about you get a job and make some money or your lame excuse of a fiancee, playing the victom.. Gtfo, make something of yourselves and quit living in the past. Your generation is so disgusting with your entitlement mind frame. Quit griping and make it happen.

  • Sylinda Tyson Baker

    my son in law was married before and now divorce and his ex-wife was ordered to pay child support but she kinda started paying but then stopped and has not paid since then. Most of the time they call this type of person a deat beat parent, anyway, the ex-wife stopped working and took care of her parents until they passed on. But she refuses to pay anything toward her son. She has been hiding from the process server and everything. After they divorce, she declared that these are not her kids but my son in law has a copy of the order child support but still nothing. This woman needs to spend some time in jail because it fhe order was the opposite way and my son in law was the one who had to pay and did not pay he would have been in jail..I am in the process of wriing a letter of the Attorney General of Texas and see hearing this story from another point of view will help the situation.

  • William gentry

    Marion county took my license for back child support I payed to get my license back and they took them again is that legal my child is over the age of 21 and I’m doing my best just to stay alive and I’m not sure that my child lived with the parent from 18 to 21 but she still collected child support I know that’s not legal what can I do about this situation

    • R Cole

      Don’t construe this as legal advice, because I am no shyster barcard carrying Esquire. If you need the advice of a barcard carrying shyster attorney, then please be advised. If you are in a position to file bankruptcy, I would do it. If they take your license, they are taking away your ability to purge the alleged contempt of court! That is cruel and unusual punishment. When you file bankruptcy, you are now in federal jurisdiction. You cannot get out of your child support debt, but the federal government can decide how much you can pay, and they will also order the state to reinstate your drivers license/ business license. The feds inform the states if they want their money, they had better give you back your ability to pay it. If the feds find any fraud on the part of the state, they can actually order the state to terminate the C/S order. Just remember the supremecy clause to the US Constitution. quote, “Whenever there is a clash between state law and federal law, federal law trumps state law every time, and judges and courts in every part of the USA and it’s territories are bound there by” unquote

  • Sara

    Well my ex owes 75,484.56 and he trying to get credit for has parents give me checks and thay never said child support and now we are going to court because thay got a lawyer and my ex was to make child support payments and he went has driver license back but he is not cooperate with child support and fill out paper out he avoid it so wondering can he get credit for parents paying and there was child support case open and thay never try work with child support and all the paper work is sent to there house and still turn in any thing ??

    • Tracy. M.

      Yes he can get credit for that. I, myself went to cse court and did state that I was given checks and money order for monthly child support payments. The courtstone did credit him for those payments.

    • Even

      No, a gift is not child support don’t miss court

  • Omar Akbar

    The court order to pay my child support is $1000. My ex filed the divorce and Court order for child support in 2009 without my presence. I have been paying child support since then and we have agreed to increase or decrease the amount over the years based on my income and mutual trust and agreement. I have been on the road in other states or over seas working for US military and never bothered to go to the court and we have been working things out between ourselves. I have some of the records showing my payments as well as email, skype communication between us discussing and resolving our child support. As of lately it is getting a little ugly and she keeps threatening me to go to the child support services to collect all the arrears. I have not even seen the notice the court had sent initially back in 2009 because I was overseas and have pretty much gone along with things based on our mutual communication. Can I use my communication with her over the years as evidence that even though we did not do it through the court but we had a mutual understanding between us and we increased and decreased the amount based on that.


    my friend just found out he may have a 9 year old son he knew nothing about.. the girl just contacted him via facebook after all this time saying she doesnt think her son is her ex’s. she’s acting all weird and going back and forth about child support. if it turns out the child is his will he have to pay back support even though she kept the information from him?

    • Erin DeLani

      Did you ever find out an answer?

    • Even

      He would have to be served with a summons they legally can’t retro back only from service and he should answer to complaint if he wants a DNA test

  • darnekka davila

    it took me a year to have the Texas and GA to carry out the child support process to enforce my daughter father after all the court dates and DNA testing this month is his first payment but he skipped out on making a payment and after the attorney general called him and me letting him know what will happen if you refuse to pay he rather dipped out, so it is like im out of options and need extremely help raising my daughter. I called the state of TX where he reside and they keep telling me if he doesnt pay for this month all they gona do is send him a letter in the mail for being 30days late and thats it. That set me off, and I cant even afford a lawyer. I think with someone like my daughter father there need to be something in the justice system done.

  • Sierra

    My ex owe me $8000, i sign him off paying current support , when he didnt have job for couple month. I never put him back to pay current support till now even he have a job and the same job he use to have before. Each month he pay $92 for my two kid for his past due amount, . I dnt understand how can someone paying over $800 month before now dnt even have to pay current. My question is…. is there any way i can get a bigger payment frm.his past owe amount than $92. That do me nothing to help with my kids expenses.i buy my kids health insurance.and i.have full custody. And he never see my kids.

  • kareylane

    Im 25 years old was born in the philippines but came in the united states 6 years ago, my U.S NAVY father abandoned me and my mom in the philippines, I’m an american citizen now am i still able to file a child support?because he didn’t help us anything at all and my mom is the one who struggle for it.. i know who he is and were friends on Facebook just that tho.

  • Shanna

    My husband filed his taxes and his taxes paid his arrears,so now he’s got a balance of 0,his child’s 19 and will be 20 Jan. Of next year,my question is does my husband have to wait a 180 days before they stop taking it out of his check? And his taxes was a 150.00 more than what he owed,so will they refund him? He hasn’t saw his child since he was 13 and he just text for the 1st time since he was 13 and he’s now 19 yrs old,this Monday and asked if his dad would get him 4 new tires and he’s never worked,his mom wouldn’t let him get a job and we just got our refund of 201.00 and they got 5,626.00,but if anyone could help me with my ? It would be appreciated

    • Even

      Your husband should call the department they can send a termination of the wage assignment now since he’s done paying or he will continue to get refunds of all payments


    hi, i went to court to fight for my daughter wound up having primary joint custody, i don’t pay child support any longer but i had childsupport backpay, so my question is this, Medicaid is still required but it is still under her moms address, so if i do not pay for the Medicaid it still adds up to me, even though i have court papers saying that we should pay 50/50 she has not giving me since 2012 leaving me to pay the full Medicaid payment so that it won’t add up. what can i do? i mean i have my daughter more day out of the year, she goes to school in our district since i have primary joint custody, addresses are under my household, i do not know what to do. Can anybody help me out with this question?

  • Britney Miller

    My ex owes over 26k in child support arrears. You mention that some states will pay that and then go after him to pay up. What states do this and how do I get the information? I can’t find information about it anywhere.

  • Sylvia.G

    I’d like to know how to collect back child support for my 3 son’s I never received a dime.We now both have remarried.Back in 1993/94 I tried to collect some assistance from him and I did not receive any help he stayed in the State of Illinois as I moved with my 3 boys to the State of Ga. When I arrived there and applied for child support I was told I could not file and that the only ones who could actually apply for child support would be my boys once they turned 18yrs., needless to say my oldest is now 29, then the middle child is 26 and the youngest is 23 they never fought for child support recovery and I till this day now in 2016 have never gotten anything after raising 3 boys on my own , so I ask I’am I entitled to anything or did my ex get away with not owing anything ever to me or to them ?

  • Krista Danielle Reed

    If there was a child support order for my father to pay while I was a minor but he never did when I became of age, who should have gotten the money when he finally paid, me or my mom?