• Jon | Free Money Wisdom

    I drove a 1995 Geo Prizm. Beast of a car but I didn’t get any ladies haha.

  • Jon | Free Money Wisdom

    I drove a 1995 Geo Prizm. Beast of a car but I didn’t get any ladies haha.

  • http://www.savings.com/blog/blog.html Amy Saves

    what about honda civics? that was my first car.

  • Amanda

    Go Ford baby! My car’s got 187000mi and I get 30MPG. It’s a 99 Ford Escort. The ones they made after 2000 arent’ so good. I bought mine used and reconstructed from a mechanic I know. After a year, my check engine light came on and it ended up being something in the EGR system really minor. I would recomend buying a used car out of pocket to minimize monthly expenses. No college student wants to be working just pay their monthly car payment, insurence, and gas.

  • Alexvajiac

    u are just listing the cheapest new cars in america, doesn’t mean that they are the best cars for students. they cost about the same as a used mercedes, which 99% of college students would rather buy instead of these cars.

  • Nissans rule

    Your information on the Versa is incorrect… For 2012 all Versa come standard with ABS, A/C and a AM/FM/CD radio. What a great value story!

  • Pat S

    Thanks for the input, everyone.
    @ Nissans Rule: I made the changes you pointed out. Thanks!
    @ Alex: You are right, I focused on new vehicles. Maybe I’ll consider another article on used.

  • Rsauer_43

    when a country like india can p[roduce a car that gets over 40 niles per gal of gas and sells for around $2,000.00 i wonder why the us auto industry can’t??????

    • Sphillips48

      because the people required to make cars in the U.S. make much more than the people in India. Technically we are paying for labor. Also cars made in India aren’t very reliable.

      • hello123rks

        Cars in India produce More than 50 miles per gallon. It’s not that they r not reliable. It’s because our labour is cheap. Most of the parts are from Germany or other top automobile counties.

  • http://twitter.com/mtewes7 Matt Tewes

    It’s not for everyone, but I’ve had a motorcycle for three years in college and have loved it. Cheap in gas, inexpensive to insure, and everything you need can usually fit in a backpack. The only real issue is getting all your stuff to school at the beginning of the year and home at the end. Overall though I would highly recommend it.

  • Mitch Johnson

    These are perfect college kid cars. Why, they’re so economical, I bought one for each of my six kids! /s

  • Adin Brubaker

    I don’t think whoever compiled this list considered safety. Those smart cars are death traps. Sure the tritium safety cage keeps the CAR together… whilst diverting all the energy from the crash into the DRIVER’s BODY. Whereas if you crash a large sedan, for example, at least there is a lot of car to absorb some of the energy. I am a college student and I drive a used Chevy Impala I got for around 6k. I can comfortably transport people, the gas mileage is pretty good (except when you’re driving in the city), and a good American V6 will last forever! Also, big cars get a bad rap for being “Grandma Cars”. My car doesn’t turn corners very fast but it accelerates just fine and is a BULLET on the highway. Don’t get your college kid a glorified soda can on wheels, get them a strong American car that is comfortable and reasonably fast but doesn’t lend itself to some of the stupid things I see other college students do in their tiny “fun” cars. And if your kid gets into an accident anyway then they are less likely to be hurt.

  • Alan Wake

    These are not affordable cars.

  • neverlikedthepolice

    Worst College Car List i have ever read. You do realize that most college kids are broke using student loans and you want them to buy a 10,000 dollar car???? Not every kid has mommy and daddy buying them a brand new car which i can bet 100 percent is the case for you. Plus the cars you picked have horrible safety ratings. Im pretty sure you should change the name of this list from 10 best affordable cars for college students to, top 10 cars that save gas and can kill your kid while they are off at college. Please whoever reads this list don’t take this persons advice. *Smacks head on desk wondering what is wrong with this guy.*

  • Mao101

    Im getting my first car.although its used is in great conditions and all i had to pay was less than 2,000 ???

    Wtf is wrong with america or whatever prividledge person who wrote this???

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