• Elizabeth I

    I am a wee bit perplexed. What does all of this translate into per month including taxes? I find it hard to believe that I would only be paying $15 a month total.

    • Ryan Knight

      Good question Elizabeth. The costs in the article are just for the data plan. Phone minutes and texting are additional with the iPhone on AT&T.

      For a single user plan, minutes cost as little as $40 per month. Family plans vary but begin at $60 per month for two phones plus another $10 per phone beyond the second. For taxes and fees add about 10% but this varies by your location.

      A single user with an iPhone on the $15 data plan and $40 for minutes plan will pay about $60 per month. Two users on a family plan will pay about $100 ($60 + $30 + 10%) per month or $50 per user per month. Three users will pay about $126 ($70 + $45 + 10%) per month or $42 per user per month. Texting is extra.

  • Kevin Vesga

    For the low usage plan did you accidentally type 2oo instead of 200?

    Anyways I hope this article will be useful to me if I ever get a smartphone with data plan in the future.

    • Damn

      are u serious? omg!

  • Bobby

    Thanks helped me choose a better plan

  • Jon Quimbly

    How is this not an advertisement for AT&T? Everything points to AT&T, no mention of other phone carriers.


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