Best Jobs In America in 2009 by CNN

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CNN has come out with their 2009 list of best jobs in America. Jobs and career opportunities are at a premium in this economic recession, and the unemployment rate is 10% across the United States. It’s even higher than that in some parts of the country. Young people are getting hit the hardest, and they are being forced to take jobs that they don’t want. Many young people sail through college without direction, and they choose majors and career paths with no potential. This list will help you get some ideas of jobs and careers with high potential for future growth. Here are the top ten jobs:

  1. Systems Engineer 45%
  2. Physician Assistant: 27%
  3. College Professor: 23%
  4. Nurse Practitioner: 23%
  5. Information Technology Project Manager: 16%
  6. Certified Public Accountant: 18%
  7. Physical Therapist: 27%
  8. Computer/Network Security Consultant: 27%
  9. Intelligence Analyst: 15%
  10. Sales Director: 10%

Popular industries in the list:

Health Care

Even with all of the proposed legislation to push health care closer to socialized medicine, it will always be an industry in high demand. If you love science and helping people, then seriously consider a career in health care. My recommendation is to get the doctor thing out of your mind and look at physician assistant and nurse practitioner programs. My wife is a physician assistant, and she loves it. She gets to do many of the things a doctor does without the lfull responsibility on her shoulders.


Education will continue to be on the forefront of job growth as college enrollments continue to rise. College professors and higher education professionals get to hang out on college campuses and work decent schedules. Plus, it pays well!

Information and Systems Technology

Do you love tinkering with computers and software? The internet and computer technology changes and grows exponentially, and job growth will continue to grow. Another emerging industry is interactive marketing and search engine optimization management, which requires marketing and technology skills.


If you are good at selling and leading people, you will always be in high demand. These positions require you to pay your dues and work your way up. You need real world experience to be a sales manager or marketing manager, but if you’ve got what it takes, these jobs are always in demand.

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