What Is Preferred Stock vs. Common Stock – Definition, Pros & Cons

Once upon a time, preferred stocks were a popular investment with companies and investors. Combining elements of debt and equity, preferred stock was an ideal issue for businesses that lacked the physical assets to collateralize debt or could not attract common stock buyers.

In order to appeal to new investors, companies sweetened the pot by issuing a new security – preferred stock – that had less risk and a greater certainty of income than common stock. If a company falters and requires liquidation, the debt holders are paid in full first, followed by payment to the preferred stock holders in an amount equal to the liquidation value of the preferred stock (established at the time of the initial offering). Common stock shareholders then receive any cash remaining. Preferred shareholders receive full payment of their investment before common shareholders receive any payment. Similarly, preferred shareholders receive dividends before any common stock dividends are paid.

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4 Air Conditioning Alternatives to Stay Cool This Summer

The first apartment I lived in as an adult was on the second and third floors of a building, above a store. The kitchen and living room were on the second floor, and the bedrooms and bathroom were on the third. As you can imagine, it got pretty hot in my room in the summertime – and to make matters worse, the old building had no air conditioning.

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12 Ways to Buy a Cheap Unique Wedding Dress on a Budget

The average price of a wedding dress in the United States is just over $1,200, though the final cost depends heavily on the geographical areas. According to statistics published in Huffington Post, brides in Manhattan spend an average of $3,027 on their gowns, while those in Alaska spend a comparably affordable $804.

Of course, this major expense has come to be expected, and most brides budget and brace for a pricey gown. But what if you simply don’t have the money to spend a fortune on a dress you’ll wear only once?

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Best Way to Pay Off Debt – Snowball vs. Avalanche vs. Snowflaking

If you’re like most Americans – about 80% of all Americans, according to The Pew Charitable Trusts – you have some form of debt. And chances are, you already know what you need to do to pay off that debt: either cut your expenses, or find some way to earn more money. Then you can just take all that extra cash and use it to make extra payments on your debt, and keep doing it until the debt is gone.

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How to Draft a Freelance Contract Agreement – Template & Clauses

Whether you plan to piece together a full-time-equivalent income through independent contractor gigs, or simply wish to earn side income, working as a freelancer is a great way to explore your personal creativity, pursue new professional relationships, boost your self-confidence, and build your soft skills.

Freelancing is also a great way to create professional headaches. Freelancers are independent contractors, meaning their client relationships are fundamentally different – and, in many ways, less secure – than traditional employer-employee relationships.

Every contractor-client relationship presents risks for both parties. However, you can greatly reduce the most serious risks associated with freelancing – including nonpayment and legal action – by negotiating and assenting to formal, written contracts for every project you take on.

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How to Save on Home Air Conditioning & Energy Costs in the Summer

Summertime has a lot going for it: pool parties, backyard cookouts, baseball games, and Fourth of July fireworks. However, the one thing that’s not so great about summer is the heat. On a blazing July day with the temperature in the 90s (and, if you live on the East Coast like I do, soaking humidity on top of that), it can be tempting to stay indoors all day with the air conditioner cranked up.

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How to Prepare Make-Ahead Freezer Meals – Tips & Recipes

In some circles, being insanely busy is a badge of honor. It’s assumed that people who run nonstop to just barely meet their personal and professional obligations are more successful than people whose lives, while full, aren’t quite so frenetic.

Whether you accept that overscheduling is a necessary condition of productivity and material success, it’s not controversial to say that most working-age Americans are very busy, especially with kids in the mix. And, by necessity, very busy people sometimes need to make painful trade-offs.

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Different Pricing Strategies in Business Marketing You Need to Know

A great business idea alone doesn’t guarantee success. To sell your product effectively, you’ve got to price it well. That means fully understanding the costs you incur to run your business, as well as the going market rate for the product or service you’re selling.

There are a variety of pricing models to choose from – flat rate, hourly charges, tiered pricing, and bundles – that may or may not be attractive to your customer and effective for your bottom line. Pricing your product right could mean earning optimal profits and repeat customers. Price it wrong, however, and you could alienate buyers – or even go out of business.

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9 Cheap Beach Destinations for Your Next Family Vacation (U.S. & Latin America)

Whether you’re an opportunistic beachgoer or simply can’t live without sun, surf, and sand, these affordable beach destinations are all great candidates for your next getaway. Unlike many seaside locales, they boast ample amounts of cheap lodging, convenient transportation connections to the outside world, family-friendly amenities, and secluded spots that provide respite from potentially overwhelming crowds.

And if you love your chosen destination so much you never want to leave, you might not have to – most have ample waterfront (or near-waterfront) real estate, much of it affordable, and relatively low costs of living.

Affordable Beach Destinations for Your Next Getaway

1. Rehoboth and Bethany Beach, Delaware

rehoboth beach delaware

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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8 Rules for Regifting Unwanted Gifts – Etiquette

I remember sitting with my new husband as we opened gifts that guests had thoughtfully given as wedding presents. Among the usual suspects of cookware, home decor, and the occasional check was a package that was extremely heavy. Upon opening it, I found an intricately designed, all-glass picture frame. It was beautiful, but it wasn’t us, and didn’t match anything else in our new apartment. A few months later, I regifted the frame to my husband’s grandmother, and 12 years later it is still proudly displayed in her curio cabinet – she loves it and is none the wiser.

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