20 Best New Bank Account Promotions & Offers – December 2016

With many financial institutions experiencing a decrease in profits, banks are vying for your business. This is good news for you, because instead of just offering standard perks like no fees or a free pen when you sign up for an account, some banks are raising the stakes with cold hard cash, giveaways, and great interest-bearing products.

December is a good month for bank promotions from both big and small banks. Banks are giving away a lot of bonuses to attract new customers and get them to open up accounts. The banks listed below have some pretty sweet deals that you should take advantage of if you are in the market for a new bank.

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Save $1,000+ This Winter by Protecting Your Roof From Ice Dams

Preventing and removing ice dams is critical. Damage to your home’s roof from excess snow and ice buildup can ruin your winter season. Even if you’ve winterized your home, an ice dam may still form on the edges of your roof – and it can be a nightmare waiting to happen.

Ice dams can form slowly and unexpectedly – unless you know what to look for. If left unchecked, melting ice water will find its way into your home, costing you thousands in repair bills.

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How to Find the Best Deals at Estate Sales & Auctions – How They Work

Regardless of where you live, there’s a good chance that somewhere nearby, an estate sale is taking place. That means there are likely great bargains available.

Estate sales and estate auctions are some of the best places to find great deals on used (and sometimes new) furniture, kitchenware, appliances, art, collectibles, tools, household goods, vehicles, jewelry, and even homes. And though there are tremendous deals to be had, that doesn’t mean everything is a bargain. If you want to find the best deals at an estate sale or an estate auction, you must take the time to better understand what they are and how they work.

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Cyber Monday Online Shopping Guide 2016 – Best Websites & Deals

Black Friday is traditionally the best day of the holiday shopping season to find great in-store deals on the year’s hottest consumer products. Retailers and customers have celebrated Black Friday for decades, and the rise of the Internet has brought much Black Friday shopping online.

Cyber Monday (which falls on the Monday after Black Friday) like Small Business Saturday is a newer tradition. It’s exclusively tailored to online shoppers, and has quickly become the biggest online shopping day of the holiday season.

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Black Friday Shopping Guide 2016 – Best Deals & Sales

Black Friday is the most popular retail holiday of the year. If you plan on shopping this season, this guide will show you where to go and how to get the best deals.

According to the National Retail Federation, roughly 55% of all holiday shoppers (151 million people) visited retail stores or shopped online on Thanksgiving weekend in 2015. Nearly 73% of those shoppers visited stores on Black Friday itself. Collectively, they spent about $230 per person.

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5 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Gifts for Your Friends & Family

Budgets and diets have one thing in common: both tend to be broken during the holidays. Even people who have been careful with their money all year long tend to go a little crazy once the Christmas lights go up.

According to the National Retail Foundation (NRF), in 2016 the average American expects to spend $935.58 during the holiday season. That figure includes food, decorations, flowers, greeting cards, holiday treats and, of course, gifts. NRF survey respondents said they planned to spend $588.90 on gifts for others – roughly 63% of their total holiday spending.

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What’s the Best Way to Travel During the Holidays? – Cost & Time Considerations

As the old song says, there’s no place like home for the holidays. But judging by the statistics, for millions of Americans, “home” means somewhere other than the place they live year-round.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, across the country, the number of long-distance trips – at least 50 miles each way – increases by 54% over Thanksgiving weekend, and by 23% from Christmas through New Year’s Day. Most of that increase comes from people traveling to visit friends and family.

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Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express – Review

The Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express is an airline credit card for frequent Delta flyers who like to travel in comfort and style. The rewards scheme is similar to the Gold Delta SkyMiles Business Card, with the important addition of a loyalty component that accelerates heavy spenders’ progress toward Delta’s coveted Medallion status tiers.

Used properly, the Medallion benefit can be incredibly valuable, and arguably alone makes Platinum Delta SkyMiles worthwhile. Aside from the rewards program, this card has a host of generous perks and benefits that collectively outshine those of many competing cards.

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15 Shopping Tips at Flea Markets & Swap Meets – What to Do & What to Avoid

If you’re looking to save money while shopping, flea markets and swap meets are for you. Read this guide if you want the best chance of finding bargains, saving money, and avoiding pitfalls.

What Are Flea Markets and Swap Meets?

The appropriate term varies from place to place – in the western states, swap meet is more common, while flea market is the preferred name on the eastern side of the country. Both terms, however, refer to the same thing: a large indoor or open-air market where dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of vendors and bargain hunters gather to buy, sell, and barter dizzying varieties of gently used goods.

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Business Green Rewards Card from American Express OPEN – Review

The Business Green Rewards Card from American Express OPEN is a small business charge card with a $95 annual fee and a rewards program that rewards general spending. Most Green Rewards Card purchases earn 1 Membership Rewards point per $1 spent. Travel booked through American Express Travel is the exception, as those purchases earn 2 points per $1 spent.

As a charge card, Business Green Rewards doesn’t incur regular interest charges. However, you’re required to pay your balance in full before each statement’s due date. If you fail to pay in full for more than 2 consecutive cycles, American Express reserves the right to close your account.

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