Portion Distortion – How to Control Food Portion Sizes & Fix Obesity Statistics in America

burger fries drinkYou’ve just walked in to your favorite fast food place. You ordered your standard Value Meal #4: hamburger with cheese, french fries, and drink.

When your order comes out everything looks just as it should be, and you dig in. But if someone from the past had traveled in time from 1965 to eat lunch with you, their mouth would be on the floor after seeing the size of your meal. Why would they be freaking out?

Because the average fast food meal is several times the size it was even a few decades ago.

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Carnival of Money Stories #95: Bedtime Story Edition

3 little pigs wolfHello boys and girls, take a look out your bedroom window. Do you know what time it is? It’s bedtime. So brush your teeth and put on your pajamas. Climb under the covers of your warm bed, and I’ll tell you a bedtime story.

It’s called the Carnival of Money Stories, and its morals are even more valuable than those in classic childhood fables. (In fact, this story has even more lessons than anyone could normally share in one carnival. Sadly, I had to cut some pieces, and if yours is one of those, I’m sorry.)

I Dedicate Tonight’s Story To…

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What is FDIC Insurance? – Coverage, Limits & Rules for Banks

fdic emblem sealI remember noticing the letters “FDIC” stenciled on the bank door when I was a little kid. Everyone has seen the acronym at some point:  in television commercials, on web advertising or posted somewhere in the bank. The term became especially well known during the financial meltdown of 2008 when FDIC insurance became a major topic.

I never really paid attention to whether or not a bank was carrying FDIC insurance until I started researching banks offering high interest rates on online savings accounts (e.g. ING Direct and Ally Bank). Many banks offered rates in excess of 5% back in 2005 to 2007 . However, I needed to be sure that if I chose to put money in an online account,  it would still be safe.

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What Is Short Selling Explained – Definition, Rules & How to Short a Stock

short selling graphYou don’t have to be a high-level investor to know the basic rule of investing in the stock market: buy low and sell high. But while the rule sounds simple, it’s not always easy or even possible, like when a stock is trading at an all-time high.

If you’re an inexperienced investor, you’ll kick yourself at this point and wonder why you didn’t load up on shares back when they were trading for a fraction of their current price. But you’re not out of luck. Savvy investors have another tool for profiting from high security prices. The key is understanding the difference between buying (long) and selling (short) stocks.

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4 Cheap Romantic Ideas for Her – So You Can Save Up For That Engagement Ring

cheap romantic ideasFor all the guys out there – in the beginning of the relationship, you likely wooed your woman with fancy dinners, bottles of the best wine, and expensive floral bouquets.

But now that you’re saving up to buy an engagement ring, the most romantic thing you’ve done lately is get the door when the pizza delivery guy knocks. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to.

You can still be romantic when you’re strapped for cash. Check out these four winning ways to woo your woman while still stashing some scones in the bank and saving for an engagement ring she’ll love.

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8 Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Security Settings While Looking For a Job

facebook mouse clickMore and more employers are using Facebook as a tool in vetting potential candidates for employment. With the rise of social networking sites, we all have some kind of online presence that may reveal experiences that a potential employer would frown upon. You know what I’m talking about: the keg stand during college, a bachelorette party, maybe even comments from friends or relatives that may be embarrassing and childish.

The fact is, you don’t know what your future employer’s religious background, home life, or sensibilities are and it’s in your best interest to scale back your Facebook profile to the least offensive level as possible. There are opportunities to find jobs using social media tools so make sure you give yourself the best chance to succeed.

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Victor Pest Control – Ultrasonic & Electronic Rodent Control and Mouse Traps

This post brought to you by Victor Pest. All opinions are 100% mine.

victor pest logoA few months back,  I had an unwanted house guest. No, I’m not talking about my mother-in-law, I’m talking about a rodent in my home.

After seeing droppings several times, witnessing our plants and food get mysteriously munched on during the night, and going on several critter hunts with my wife to no avail, I called a professional. Almost $400 later, the problem was solved.

However, if I had known about do-it-yourself pest removal products, such as the ones from Victor Pest, I could have saved a bundle.

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Personal Finance Round-Up: Is Retirement a Moving Target?

money moving targetDo you remember when you were young and every simple thing was amazing?

Going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant (even if it was just Sizzler) was an adventure. You got to eat new, exotic food that someone would bring out and set right in front of you, and the whole experience was exciting. When you got five bucks in a birthday card from Grandma, you were  rich. You’d march down to the convenience store, pick up enough candy to last for weeks, and be as happy as can be.

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The 2 Real Reasons for Your Debt Problems and How to Fix Them

money bandageDo you try to cure the common cold by using the best nose tissues money can buy? Of course not. Though tissues help with symptoms, to avoid a cold, you have to go after the root cause: exposure to the flu virus.

In the same way, when dealing with problems related to money, the root cause is more important than the symptoms of financial dysfunction. However, the biggest issue with a root cause is that while it may sound simple and basic, addressing it can be very difficult.

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Investing for the Long Term – Investment Strategy & Allocation By Age

stages of lifeFinancial planning is considered by many to be a critical operation that facilitates secure investment and financial goals for both the short and long term. Some even elevate financial planning skills to an art form with elegance and style.

But whatever label is applied to securing a financial goal, the planning process is constant and spans many decades. The goals of an investor will change with increasing age and family composition. For example, the age at which an investor starts provides significant clues to their financial potential as well as their ability to handle investment risk.

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