What is iTunes U? Free College Courses From Top Universities

itunes uI don’t know about you, but I’m a big time trivia nerd. I suppose that comes from my dad, who has been playing trivia with his buddies for as long as I can remember.

Because of my quest for knowledge, I am always looking for ways to educate myself, whether it’s through traditional methods like going to college and reading books or more random ways like perusing the back of a cereal box at breakfast. Formal schooling is great for conventional learning, especially if you’re looking to find a job in one of the best career fields for the future, but education programs and books (even used college text books) can get very pricey.

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What is Dynamic Pricing? How to Avoid Paying Higher Prices While Shopping Online

price tagsAmericans aren’t just strapped for money. They’re strapped for time. In this down economy, many people are getting a second job or starting a small business to earn some extra cash and make ends meet. This usually leaves very little time for holiday shopping and could be one of the reasons why e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 11% this holiday shopping season while in-store sales are only predicted to  increase 3%.

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5 Ways to Say No to Friends and Stay Within Your Budget

say no guyIt has always been a challenge for me to stick to my budget in December. Not because of Christmas and presents and holiday travel, but because everyone I know seems to want to get together this time of year. And when people want to get together, it usually means spending money to go out to eat.

I’m planning on traveling to visit my family in Florida, and I already have dinner plans for several nights in my 10-day trip. As much as I hate to do it, if I want to stay on budget, I simply cannot accept any more invitations to meet up for dinner this month.

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The Best Homemade Chili Recipe – Easy, Healthy & Cheap – Under $15 For the Whole Family

chili bowlA lot of people underestimate the number of guys who can cook and do it well.  Popular reality TV shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef have helped change that image a bit for the better, but I think the general consensus is still that guys can’t cook. I admit that I’m not the best myself, but I do have a small portfolio of fantastic dishes that I’ve managed to create on my own. My wife and I usually split the cooking duties throughout the week.  If one person cooks, the other cleans up.  We sometimes fight to cook, because both of us would rather cook than clean! I’ve got in quite a bit of practice as a result.

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How to Develop Your Personal Investment Portfolio Asset Allocation and Strategy

As you may know, asset allocation is the number one factor to consider when structuring a successful investment portfolio. The goal of most investors should be to build a diversified portfolio that will allow them to weather the ups and downs of the market.

However, you cannot properly construct your portfolio until you know exactly what kind of investor you are. This requires looking at a number of different factors and answering some important questions so that you can find the optimal mix for your investment portfolio.

Below are the 3 most important factors that you need to consider in order to properly structure your portfolio:

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Last-Minute Holiday Travel Tips & Safety Guide For Your Family

car driving in snowAlong with the joy and festivities of the Christmas season comes much holiday stress, especially when holiday travel is involved. Whether you’re flying, driving, or traveling by bus or train, there is a lot of prep work that goes into your trip. And on top of that, there’s the worry of leaving your home unattended while you are away and the concern for your safety while you’re traveling.

To make your holiday travel preparations smoother and less stressful, use this checklist to ensure that you have made all the necessary arrangements for yourself, your home, and your family before taking off. That way you can have a pleasant, less nerve-racking trip.

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How to Shop for One-Time Purchases – Buy High-Quality Products That Last a Lifetime

man shopping with credit cardIn this post, I’ll be talking about how you can save money on the various one-time purchases that you’ll need to make throughout your life. So what exactly do I mean by a one-time purchase? This is obviously any item that you’ll likely only have to buy once, but I’m not referring to homes, cars, or other large purchases which you may be thinking of. Instead, I’m referring to smaller, simpler items that usually last you a lifetime for whatever reason.

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Real vs. Fake Artificial Christmas Tree Types (Facts & Comparison) – Which Should You Buy?

Did you know that the first artifical Christmas trees were actually made in the early 1930’s by a company called Addis Brush? They were in the business of making toilet scrubbers and brushes. So, the first fake trees were really nothing more than gigantic, green toilet bowl scrubbers. Imagine that! It’s pretty funny to think about now.

Since their invention, artificial trees have continued to gain widespread popularity. In 2007 alone, almost 18 million were sold here in the U.S. That should hardly be surprising especially in tough economic times. It’s commonly believed that buying an artificial Christmas tree saves money. You invest the money once, and use the tree year after year. Plus, you help the environment by saving a tree from being cut down.

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Teaching Kids About Money – Should You Be Honest About A Difficult Financial Situation?

teaching kids about moneyMany families are being hit hard by the recent economic recession, and will likely celebrate Christmas a little less extravagantly than usual as a result. This might mean making cheap homemade Christmas decorations and ornaments or buying dollar store items, using more frugal Christmas holiday gift ideas, and starting Christmas shopping early to save money and reduce holiday stress.

You may be able to relate. Perhaps your kids are expecting the normal mounds of presents on Christmas day, but this year, it’s just not in the budget.

So what are you to do? Certainly you can’t disappoint the kids, but at the same time you can’t afford to live beyond your means either.

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When to Sell Stocks – 6 Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Shares

Wall St. Sign in New York City You bought some stock on a whim a few years go. Maybe it was doing great for a while, or maybe it has been yo-yoing. Maybe you are so sick of looking at the stock that you think it is time to sell.

Before you pull the trigger on that sell order, there are a few things you should consider. Run down the 6 items on this checklist to see if you really should sell those shares of stock, or if you should consider holding onto them for a little while longer.

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